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For song Kajra Mohabbat Wala of album: Kismet2013-04-26 21:12:32
Fast paced yet melodious and graceful singing! "Dancing Voice" Witnessing yet another end of an era in music world. May God rest Begum's Soul in Peace.

For song Zuban Kholein of album: Teri Hee Parchhayian2013-03-23 19:46:01
Need to guzzle this gazhal sloooooowly. Heady! unplumbed depth of SM's singing .

For song Saranga Sri Ranga of album: Kanna Manivanna2013-03-23 10:53:10
Enai maranden, naan unai thane sharan endru thazhpaninden ! Aha

For song Asen Mee Nasen Mee of album: Chaitra Yamini Shanta Shelke2013-03-20 22:58:16
Rahen na rahen hum hogi yeh geet :)

For song Duniya Ke Log of album: Dream Girl2013-03-18 19:49:03
Bade na hote kaash sare bachche hote ! :)

For song Abhishekam Abhishekam of album: Dream Girl2013-03-17 12:18:39
Drenched in devotion. Thank you

For song Shiva Sambho of album: Sampradaya Bhajanamrutham (vol 3)2013-03-10 17:12:13
Fervent and melodious singing

For song Vizhiyal Vizhiyal of album: Oruvarmeethu Oruvarsaindhu2013-03-07 18:37:38
Good writing and good singing by The Various :))

For song Tulasi Dalamulache of album: Rudra Veena2013-03-07 11:11:10
Tyagaraja Swami + Dasettan + Raja Sir = holy + Rapturous + Perfect

For song Muralidara of album: Aruna Sayeeram 22013-03-06 07:57:27
mohanamana isai alankaram.

For song Pudichirukku of album: Nenjirkkum Varai (new)2013-03-05 17:29:25
Yes BJ payithiam :)

For song Oli Padaitha Kanninai of album: Nenjirkkum Varai (new)2013-03-02 09:22:54
Oli padaitha kanninai vaa vaa vaa
urudhi konda nenjinaai vaa vaa vaa

kali padaitha mozhinaai vaa vaa vaa
karunai konda tholinaai vaa vaa vaa

thelivu petra madhiyinaai vaa vaa vaa
sirumai kandu ponguvaai vaa vaa vaa

elimai kandirangu vaa vaa vaa vaa
yeru pol nadaiyinaai vaa vaa vaa

ilaya bharadhathinaai vaa vaa vaa
edirila balathinaai vaa vaa vaa

oli izhandha naatile nindredrum
udhaya nyayiroppave vaa vaa vaa

kalai izhandha naatile un pole
thalai sirakka vandhanai vaa vaa vaa

vilayum manmbu yavayum kathan pOl
vizhi illa vilakkuor vaa vaa vaa

For song Mrigtrishna of album: Shubha Mudgal - The Awakening - The Sufi Expressions2012-11-25 08:48:46
All of us governed by "Trishna"

For song Azhalinte Azhangalil of album: Ayalum Njanum Thammil2012-11-23 22:50:41
It is always "PAIN" that brings out the best out of every one ! Crying out from the depth of his soul . Great song Thank U

For song Hey Dayaluva of album: Sangamam2012-11-18 10:46:56
sakala jaanashee maaje anthare stiti maga tujhan prathi kaya vinanthi?

For song Warriors In Peace (english Ver of album: Warriors Of Heaven And Earth (between Heaven And Earth)2012-11-11 19:35:16
Lost in visions of the past
memories they seldom last
SILENCE is all that remains the same .

For song Dil Jo Na Keh Saka of album: Bheegee Raat2012-11-07 20:21:39
The lyrics grow tentacles bind you and strike a chord in you.Each song becomes a celebration of life when sung by Rafi Saab
Such mein " jhankari si thar thari hai than mein"

For song Mythileepathe of album: Sreeramarama2012-10-30 11:54:30
Mokamakkuma swarna mane kollane ende manasam Rama shantham akkane !
Ashta raagangal rakshasaithgal kashtam en manam mikkam thalusham akkave enne kathu kollane ! simple ardent prayer

For song Guruvaayuru of album: Unnikkannan2012-10-30 10:38:47
Ennalum naan ariyunnu kannan enayan ennayan ishtam wah

For song Vaa Saki Vaa of album: Arasiyal2012-10-23 21:28:57
Melodious use of Homonyms !! Beauty

For song Gustakh Dil of album: English Vinglish2012-10-21 22:18:48
obsessively complex 'Gustakh Dil.' lovely song tnx Su

For song Isaiyin Meedhuthan of album: Thozhi2012-10-14 21:04:59
'Kanada'? kalakkal

For song Uyirin Uyire of album: Thandavam2012-09-27 17:52:54
Inspite of being one of the Thiraiisai ulagin pudhumugums' Saindhavi has sung the song with total PANACHE that the lyrics of Muthu Kumar deserve! Captivating song.

For song Sri Nama Ramayanam of album: Hanuman Chalisa2012-09-22 11:08:19
Samasthaloko uddharaka Ram.Absolutely Divine.

For album: Ponnunnikkannan - Guruvayoorappan Songs2012-09-15 14:59:21
Highly heterogeneous and varied composing unlike the normal albums of devotional songs which are often identical.

For song Manmohini Morey of album: Yuvvraj2012-09-13 21:42:03
Vijay is one of the most versatile singers of this generation. Must hear him rendering "Kanakadara Stotram". my constant companion while commuting. Thanks for the dedication 5 stars are way too less **************************************

For song Nibrta Nikunjagrham of album: Rade Krisna Vol I2012-08-23 22:41:07
Voice like the chime of tiny bells :) very melodious and soothing.

For song Kallikkaattil Ii of album: Thenmarku Paruvakaru2012-08-21 20:06:57
A mother first and a woman later. Bears all the hardship to ease the sufferings of her children. "Kallum Mullum kalukku methai" on this journey for her :)
An homage to the unsung stars of the real world . Thanks for the dedication.
Remembered the poem from the English Text Similar in essence yet different!





(Translated from Kannada poem by P Lankesh

For song O Rangasayi Kambhoji (r Vedavalli) of album: Thenmarku Paruvakaru2012-08-21 19:42:38

For song O Ranga Sai - Kambodhi - Adi of album: Kshetra Maala2012-08-17 12:01:22
"A Jewel" among all the kritis. Tyagaraja Swami must have been totally humbled by the special grace showered on him by the Lord. Excellently rendered reflecting deep gratitude . Thanks for the dedication.

For song Manjupole of album: Dhosth2012-08-06 22:19:22
Sweet, tender and gentle! Oru sukhmana tharattu pole :) Tnx

For song Minnal Oru Kodi of album: Vip2012-07-22 17:06:41
Lived through an emotional storm! Starting softly and reaching an high octave wow what a song!

For song Azhaikiraan of album: Shree Raghavendra2012-06-21 09:15:51
Guruve saranam. Arresting performance. One of the songs that stop us from listening to any other song... Tnx.

For song Paramasivan Kalthill of album: Kannadasan Hits - 42012-06-19 22:20:09
Arthapoorvamana pattu dhan !! "Double Entendre" :)

For song Pachilachartham of album: Karayilekku Oru Kadal Dooram2012-06-19 12:14:52
Divyam. Singularly sweet lyrics and melodious voice exquisitely crafted into a masterpiece by the composer! Thank you

For song Uchchi Muthal Patham of album: Senkottai2012-06-13 21:19:57
Sweet Duet

For song Closer Than Ever of album: Bombay Dreams2012-06-12 12:35:55
Drawn in inexplicably and forced to dream !! Like Hans Andersen Fairytale !

For song Manavyala of album: Divine Moods2012-06-12 11:45:44
ghanuDaina rAmacandruni karuNAnta rangamu delisina nA :) Lucky

For song Chinnanchiru Pen Pole of album: Dream Journey Iv (kadi Gopalnath)2012-06-08 21:47:35
cinnam ciru peN pOlE sitraDigaL uDukkum shivagangai kuLattarugE shrI durgai shirittiruppAL
peN avaLin kaN azhagai pEshi muDiyAdu perazhagukkIDAda vEronrum kiDaiyAdu
minnalai pOl mEni annai shivakAmi inbamellAm taruvAL eNNam ellAm uraivAL
pinnal jaDai pOTTu iccippu shUDiDuvAL pittanakku iNaiyAga nartanam ADiDuvAL

For song Kani Nilam of album: Bharathiyar Songs (s.sowmya)2012-06-08 21:18:19
The ambiance of the place just hits you. Beautiful. Sheer poetry.

For song Chinna Pura Ondru of album: Tamil Super Hit Songs - 12012-06-04 20:29:09
Noorandugal Thangal vazha Vazhthukkal SPB sir

For song Aaja Ri Aa Nindiya Tu Aa of album: Do Bigha Zamin2012-06-02 23:32:01
संसार की रानी है तू रा जा है मेरा लाडला
दुनिया है मेरी गोद में सोया हुआ सपना मेरा Wah beautiful song

For song Puthiya Ragam (solo) of album: Aananda Poonkatru2012-05-26 19:44:30
Iniya padal

For song Vaan Megam of album: Yuvan2012-05-21 23:00:00
Good song. one has to hear it a couple of times to develope a taste for it! Too many variations (instruments) marring the melody of the song

For song Ninainthu Ninainthu of album: Sadaram2012-05-07 11:31:13
Incredible. Can anyone ever sing it like he has? You get caught up in the emotional turbulence that his voice builds up. Superb

For song Poovae Ilaya of album: Kozhi Koovuthu2012-05-06 19:07:59
"Enadhu manam padaganade" neeril adaum padagai polave padum MV sir beautiful song!

For song Velli Velli of album: Asathal2012-05-06 14:05:28
lovely. The best 'poo' song . Thanks Hummaa

For song Aga Karunakara of album: Gajalele Abhang2012-05-06 07:26:06
A melodious call from the depth of the soul

For song Om Namo Narayana of album: Ganamrutham2012-05-05 10:25:49
Amaidhiyum mana niraivayum tharum padal. Very well sung by Arun Sir.

For song Yeh Kaun Aaya of album: Lata Mangeshkar - Love Songs - 12012-05-01 22:39:31
sweetest melody Thanks Hummaa

For song Mera Dil Yeh Pukara - Nagin of album: Woh Jab Yaad Aaye - Revival2012-05-01 21:51:36
what a beautiful mistake Hummaa :) I like it

For song Sri Ranga Karanga of album: Mahanadhi2012-04-30 22:35:05
mamarum yavum Ranganin per solli samaram veesum enna azhagana karpanai !

For song Mrogindi Veena of album: Zameendarugari Ammayi2012-04-30 20:18:38
Divya ragam made into a Divya ganam by "Ati Divya " voice of Susheelamma

For song Manwa of album: Kashmakash2012-04-30 18:22:08
woh jo tha tha ki nahin tha wah Gulzar saab and surili singing by Shreya

For song Subha Hone Na De of album: Desi Boyz2012-04-30 17:58:33
Good metallic twang to the voice.

For song Gun Gun Guna of album: Agneepath2012-04-30 17:48:54
Black mein kareedenge kushion ka pitara re :)

For song Jeevandata Jagatpita Tum of album: Sharafat2012-04-29 07:32:16

For song Smetimes When We Touch of album: If We Fall In Love Tonight2012-04-28 22:16:22
I'm just another writer
still trapped within my truth
A hesitant prize fighter
still trapped within my youth
Thanks preetha what lyrics! brutally honest

For song Rasathi Unna Kanatha of album: Vaidhegi Kathirunthal2012-04-27 23:15:28
yaarodu ingu enakku enna pechu nee thane kanne naan vangum moochu!
Simply great lyrics and the voice of P J has made it more moving. Thank u

For song Unakkaga Thanee Intha Uyir of album: Tamizh M A2012-04-26 18:13:51
Mudiyamal neelum naal endrum illai. Rare song

For song Malargalea of album: Pudukkottaielerunthu Saravanan2012-04-25 17:39:13
Neeroadu oru kaathal
Kadal alayil kaal nanaye nadappaen
Aanaalum enai paarke
Manal veliyil naal muzhuthum kideppaen
Pudhiye pala paravai kootam vaanil,
Parandhu poaghirathey
Siraghu sile uthirthu neeyum vaa vaa
Endrethaan azhaikkirathey
Mughathukku oppanaikal thaevai illaye
Mugham kaatum kannaadikku velayillaye
Asadukal vazhinthide aalkal illaye
Kaalam neram kadantha njaane nilai

For song Malaradho Malaradho of album: Kaettavarellam Padalaam2012-04-25 16:46:27
kehna hai kehna hai !

For song Maalai Varum Neram of album: Guru Shishya Parambara2012-04-24 21:57:25
Endan navinal padidum elimai pudumai .....elimayum inimayum niranda padal

For song Kannan Varugindra Neram of album: Swagatham Krishna2012-04-24 20:13:57
Ullathai kollai kollum chinthu. Enchanted

For song Ya Ya Ya Yadava of album: Hits Of K S Chitra - Vol - 12012-04-23 22:32:19
eee vakkugal then thulligal. Most melodious song .Tnx Mini.

For song Yeh Parbaton Ke Daire(revival) of album: Dil Pukare Aa Re Aa Re2012-04-23 21:10:51
Hills and the evening mist always weave a magic spell :) and adding to the magic are LM and Rafi saab.

For album: Aaja Re Pardesi2012-04-23 20:11:14
Bit 'morose' for my liking nevertheless a collection of melodious songs!

For song Tu Jo Mere Sur Men Sur Milaye of album: Chitchor2012-04-19 20:14:49
Doobe rahen PILU mein

For song Jayiye Aap Kahaan Jaayenge of album: Mere Sanam2012-04-19 18:58:49
Sweet singing in Pilu.

For song Nadiya Kinare of album: Abhimaan2012-04-19 17:52:12
Melodious. Raag: Pilu.

For song Neerpalunkumzhi of album: Orange2012-04-18 22:45:45
lovely thanks Mini.

For song Mazhaiyae of album: Orange2012-04-17 17:39:05
Lovely! Akasathile minnal aruva vettu! Vaanil eniya kattu!

For song Mazhyai Sila Neram of album: Moongil Nila2012-04-17 16:58:57
What a find! Thanks Hummaa uyirin kuralai olikka nee maruthayyo....beautiful

For song Pinju Mazhai Saral (children) of album: Varnajalam2012-04-17 16:33:23
Super Saaral.

For song Mazhai Mazhai of album: Chitirrem Pesuthadi2012-04-17 16:21:59
Great song! Good singing.

For song Dhanvantri Maha Mantra Japam of album: Devotional For Good Health And Long Life2012-04-15 07:15:03
Shri Maha Vishnave Namaha. Thank you Preetha for this extremely soothing prayer

For song For The First Time of album: If We Fall In Love Tonight2012-04-14 10:08:21
speechless tnx

For song Nenjukullea of album: Ithathanai Naalai Engirundhai2012-04-14 10:01:55
Great beats rhythmic and musical at the same time. Inimayum azhagum kalandadai pol. Tnx

For song Enn Piriyamanavale of album: Aasai Kuilee2012-04-14 09:55:39
A true masterpiece indeed from the not 'so known' composer. But the singers really have a hand in making this a memorable song. Thank U

For song Un Kannai Partha Piragu of album: Yuvan Yuvathi2012-04-14 09:48:00
Wow! Thanks

For song Kuthu Vilakkeriya of album: Thiruppavai2012-03-02 20:19:38
Beautiful Sahana Raga ?

For song Muthumazha of album: Big B2012-02-15 23:37:38
Thank u deepa

For song Mozhikalum of album: Padmasree Bharath Dr Saroj Kumar2012-02-15 23:26:38
An A for all the 3 composing, singing, and lyrics .thanks

For song Namakame of album: Komaram Puli2012-02-15 20:25:42
Lovely song and yes fills one with peace and serenity....thanks for drawing my attention to it Sweets :)

For song Arikilillenkilum of album: Novel2012-02-14 20:30:18
Madhuram Madhuram

For song Angel of album: Hot Shot2012-02-14 19:47:02
:) what a way to go !! lovely appreciation..makes it all worthwhile :) tnx sweets

For song Anubhoothi of album: Uthram Nakshathram2012-02-14 19:21:24
madhuram en maunavum paadi ! beauty

For song Sambho Mahadeva M S Subbulakshmi of album: Sri Raghukala2012-02-13 10:20:57
Ariyen chinnachiriyen unakku thandanitten...aparadangal muzhudum shamithu arulvai.....pethai agilum un padam paniyum en vinai thera lovely prayer

For song Andhere Mein Jo Baithe Hai of album: Sambandh2012-02-12 20:55:33
khafan se dhanku ke baite hum sapnoki lashonko excruciating pain..... what words!!

For song Vilayaattaa Padagotty of album: Dhoni2012-02-09 21:26:23
Ennanalum erpaduthan vazhkai amma! mudivilla mudivukkedu mudivu?
Outstanding lyrics by NAM Super singing by Hari ji

For song Trumpets of album: Flipsyde - We The People2012-02-08 22:00:28
I know that you'll never be the same again
We can just roll on down this road my friend
I know that you'll never be just never be alone
I know that you'll be there when I will say goodbye

For song Keep Your Head Up of album: Michael Jackson - Michael2012-02-08 21:47:23
Keeping your head up to the sky!
Keeping your mind stay alive,
Keeping your wings so we can fly,

For song Beautiful Ft. Colby O'donis And Kardinal Offishall of album: Freedom - Akon2012-02-08 21:31:12
Has not lost it's charm one bit.....

For song Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho of album: The Essential - Vol - 4 - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan2012-02-08 21:07:51
The best it is ! Thanks DD

For song Ek Ladki Meri Jaisi of album: Gumrah2012-02-01 13:07:01
Yeh mat socho kal kya hoga jo bhi hoga achca hoga :)

For song Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo of album: Dum2012-01-31 22:09:26

For song En Manadhai of album: Kalloori Vaasal - Handpicked Single2012-01-31 21:59:36
Manadhai kollai adikkum padal!! One of my fav..Tnx

For song Unnai Ninaithadhume of album: Aadu Puli2012-01-31 21:37:50
Lovable song!!! Thanks

For song (everything I Do) I Do It For of album: At Last...the Duets Album2012-01-31 21:17:14
Thank u Destiny Good Song

For song Poo Ondru Vendum of album: Entrentrum2012-01-31 12:12:23
Ini endrum endrendrum nalamaga vazha vazhthugiren :) Superb!!

For song Neeya Yennai of album: Ethirmarai2012-01-31 12:00:15
M: Neeyaa ennai marappadhu
naanaa unnai izhappadhu
neerai nadhi marakkalaam
naanaa unnai marappadhu
jenmangal poanaalum ennam maaraamal
theeyitt paarthaalum nejam vegaadhendraal
eppoadhum ninaivundu inbam inbam endraal
adi ippoadhu maradhikkul senraaye..
ae sollaadha vaarthai naan engeppesa
illaadha paadal naan engey paada
sollaayadi………. (Neeyaa)

F: Dheivangal maarum maarum
loagangal maarum maarum

M: Ninaivondru thaan maaraadhathu
murkkaalam illaiyendraal
tharkaalam suvaiye endru

F: Nambikkai thaan vaazhvenbadhu

M: Neekkonda ninaivugalo
sollaamal nindruvidum
naan konda ninaivugalo
kollaamal kondruvidum
udal engal sagadhiyiley manam mattum moozhgudho
karaiyoadu kaippisaindhu kanavan thaan kadharuvadho
kanavanthaan kadharuvadho (Sollaadha)

M: Mazhai nindru saalai Oram
maram sottum thuligal paarththu

F: Mayangugindrom marandhidumaa
oodal konda ilam thirai
udal soottil kulippaayaanen

M: Unarchi vellam marandhidumaa
iravaadha palliyaraiyil theeraadha sarasangal
iravaadha ninaivalaigal ippoadhu marandhidumaa
en poaley ninaivugalil eppoadhum vaazhndhuvidu
illai un maradhiyinai ennoadum vaazhavidu (Ae sollaadha)

For song Naan Varaindhu Vaitha of album: Jeyam Kondan2012-01-31 11:55:51
Naan izhuthu vitta moochile ISAI kasindade..... :)

For song Thillana Paattukari of album: Kondaan Koduthan2012-01-31 11:21:58
Nalla pattu miga nall karuthhu!! :))

For song Enakku Pidittha Paadal of album: Julie Ganapathy2012-01-31 10:56:24
Lyrics by: Na. Muthukumar! Very Good singing!!

For song Thiranthidu Vaane of album: Puzhal2012-01-29 21:14:24

For song Kadhal Oru of album: Marina2012-01-25 22:53:22
Kadhal oru thollai tharum rakshasiyin ninaiva ? what next? :))

For song Arivar Yaar Arivar - Mukhari of album: Sanjay Subrahmanyam - Lilting Melodies2012-01-23 08:10:44
siriyen saida pizhai thannai puriyade Raghava......Exquisite singing

For song Ezhuthudiraren of album: Kalki2012-01-22 15:55:56
Peramale perum sugam neeye. life without "Karpanai ulagam " will be really painful. Beautiful and heartrending..

For song Omkar Swarupa of album: Omkar Swarupa (marathi Abhang)2012-01-10 10:55:52
Anathachya natha!! Beautiful! Very beautifully sung

For song Sham Dhale Khidki Tale of album: Albela2012-01-08 19:26:42
Aisee mitas ab kahan! :) Meeti Sham !!

For song Shivoham of album: Sacred Chants Of Shiva2012-01-08 07:25:57
U made my day Su God Bless!

For song Engirindho Ilankuyilin of album: Brahma2012-01-07 18:26:26

For song Nee Iralu Jotheyalli of album: Golden Hour S P Balasubramanyam And S Janaki All Time Hit Duets2012-01-07 17:42:16
Superb Song.....SPB sir's voice spills love!!!

For song Naguva Nayana of album: Golden Hour S P Balasubramanyam And S Janaki All Time Hit Duets2012-01-07 17:31:34
Beauty! Madhura mouna......maathethake? ! No wonder a song by the melody king!

For song Hodare Hogu of album: Aaha Mysooru Malliage (romantic Duets Of P B Sreenivos)2012-01-07 17:21:26
:) OOO yarro vathi... yaaro kumar ..too good

For song Mandhiram Idhu of album: Avarampoo2012-01-07 16:48:09
Thank you Preetha.kattunden inda mandira pattil.....Karaharapriya?

For song Adukku Malli of album: Avarampoo2012-01-07 16:35:30
Nice Song thank you

For song Vizhikalin Arugil of album: Azhagiya Theeye2012-01-06 17:58:32
lovely resonating voice...unique without being nasal. A fine blend of lyrics and composing. Thank you .

For song Sajna Re of album: Couples Retreat2012-01-06 11:58:32
Subliminal.Too good!

For song Munbe Vaa of album: Sillunu Oru Kadhal2012-01-06 11:16:17
kulu kulunu oru padal

For song Gangeye Avana of album: Jogayya2012-01-04 21:02:22
Exuberant singing by SM and vigorous music..........Kanditha kunithera!!

For song Ab Ke Baras of album: Kaash2012-01-03 14:22:29
Yes u r right! Depressing and certainly not the right choice for the beginning of the year!!! Hear it for Hari ji :)

For song Ullam Enbathu of album: Parthal Pasi Theerum2012-01-02 22:31:36
Nanbanum pagai pol theriyum adhu nat pada natpadu puriyum! wow

For song Thillana of album: Vandanam2012-01-02 22:05:09
Thank u Ananth Sir - lovely

For song Karavaigal Pinsendru of album: Thiruppavai Thiruvempavai Thiruppalliyeluchi (veeramani Kannan&meerakrishna)2011-12-31 11:34:55
Karavai pin sendru ganathai serndu unbom!!!! what a thought!

For song Intha Veenaikku Theriyadhu of album: Rayil Sneham - Hit Single From The Tv Serial2011-12-28 21:56:24
udhirapogum pookkal kooda uyir vazhndida than thudikkiradu !

For song Giripai of album: Samaja Varagamana2011-12-28 21:44:48
Melodious Sahana Raagam

For song Vandanamu of album: Vandhanamu2011-12-28 20:48:24
Blissfull !

For song Adivo Alladivo Srihari Vaasamu of album: Annamayya2011-12-28 10:00:57
Venkataramana sankataharana ! Great! Thanks a ton Su . Wonderful way to begin my DAY

For song Maiya Mori of album: Amrit Varsha 2 - Get Drenched In Devotion2011-12-20 22:35:12
lovely ! Thanks sweets!

For song Khoya Kya of album: Kashmakash2011-12-20 22:04:03
Beeta beeta beech chuka hai! wah.behtareen!

For song Zindagi Do Pal of album: Kites2011-12-20 21:52:06
Ek chota sa vaada is umruse sacha hai sanam beauty thanks Sweets

For song Aap Aye To Khayal of album: Gumrah2011-12-18 13:57:38
SL ji ke khayal aur MK ki madhur awaaz wah ji !

For song Mangambudhi of album: Talapakka Sri Annamacharya Kritis2011-12-18 13:54:10
Yes this kriti is rendered in Raga Dharmavati

For song Chakkani of album: Talapakka Sri Annamacharya Kritis2011-12-18 13:09:07
Chakkani talliki changu bhala thana
Chekkera moviki changu bhala............2....

Kulikedi muripepu kummarimpu thana
Salupu choopulaku changu bhala
Palukula solapula pathi tho kasiredi
Chelamula alukaku changu bhala.............chakkani talliki......

Kinnera tho pathi kelana niluchu thana
Channu merugulaku changu bhala
Unnathi pathi pai noragi niluchu thana
Sannapu nadimiki changu bhala...............chakkani talliki..........

Jandepu muthyapu sarula haaramula
Chandana gandhi ki changubhala
Vindhayi venkata vibhu penachina thana
Sandhi dandalaku changu bhala...............chakkani talliki.............

For song Thendral Enum Thereri of album: Pasakiligal2011-12-16 11:11:36
One of the best performances by Madhu ji in a very rare raaga 'Nasika Bhooshani'.(he tells so in the song itself.)

For song Airaneechya Deva Tula of album: Swaralata2011-12-14 07:31:46
The simplicity in this devotional song is extremely enchanting... could play this one song for the whole day! Maya tujhi amhavar rahude!

For song Murli Wale Murli Baja of album: Dillagi (old)2011-11-26 11:01:58
Simply Sweetest Suraiyaji !! Sunnu sunnu nache jiya!!

For song Bol Radha Shyam Diwani of album: Tumhare Liye2011-11-26 09:57:08
Man ka naata man ka bandhan kitna pyara kitna pavan..........Beautiful Composition excellent singing .

For song Sippi Irukkuthu of album: Golden Hour S P Balasubramanyam All Time Hits Duets2011-11-24 20:19:58
Varumaiyin niram sivappu endra padathilirundu oru arumayana padal.........
Beautiful lyrics and superlative singing by the singers

For song Machchanai of album: Golden Hour Janaki2011-11-24 19:52:40
Syrupy :)

For song Oru Naalum Unai Maravaaga of album: Golden Hour Janaki2011-11-24 19:47:02
Wrong song again! :(

For song Mounamana Nerem of album: Golden Hour Janaki2011-11-24 19:28:51
Wrong song

For song Kaathal Oru of album: Hits Of S.janaki2011-11-24 19:12:51
A meaningful qawwali

For song Nila Kaayum of album: Hits Of S.janaki2011-11-24 18:46:14
Wrong song nevertheless a sweet one This is " malargalil aadum" a solo by Janaki Amma

For song Annakkili Unnai Thaeduthu of album: Hits Of S.janaki2011-11-24 18:05:31
Wrong song! but a good one on Butterfly by SPB sir and Ashadi

For song Oru Vaarthai Sonnaal of album: Kaettavarellam Padalaam2011-11-23 21:51:06
mere samne wali kidki mein :) in slow motion.

For song Ore Oru Varthe Pesu Unnevazhthuven of album: Thenkasi Pakkathule2011-11-23 21:38:31
Good song . Thank u

For song Brochevaarevaruraa ( Western) of album: Sankarabharanam2011-11-23 21:30:28
Adhirshtame!! ta ta ta!!

For song Ye Teeruga Nanu of album: Sankarabharanam2011-11-23 21:07:29

For song Shankaraa Naadasareeraparaa of album: Sankarabharanam2011-11-23 21:04:46
Amen to everything u have said Su! :) love this album

For song Omkaara Naadaanu of album: Sankarabharanam2011-11-23 20:55:31
Bravo! What a singing pair!

For song Entha Maathramuna of album: Swara Raaga Sudha -telugu2011-11-23 12:56:55
Blessed to receive this dedication! Thank u Sir

For song Amaithiyana Nadiyinile of album: Parakkum Pandhu Parakkum2011-05-15 16:32:47
அன்பு மொழி கேட்டுவிட்டால் துன்பநிலை மாறிவிடும்..... the whole song in a nutshelll

For song Din Hai Bahar Ke of album: Waqt2011-05-11 12:51:32

For song Nache Man Mora Magan of album: Meri Surat Teri Ankhen2011-05-08 16:34:50
Geetho ke bahaane chupi baat otopeh aayi :)) music universal language!!!

For song Poopoovai of album: Bala2011-05-08 06:31:46
A Bouquet of Love.........Binding and everlasting family ties

For song Deewana Mujhsa Nahin of album: Teesri Manzil2011-05-03 16:38:44
Diwani mijhsa gane ki !! :))

For song Kanmani Anbodu of album: Guna2011-05-02 12:59:05
Pramadam pramadam!!!

For song Thendram Vandhu Ennai Thodum of album: Thendrale Ennai Thodu2011-04-27 16:30:55
what a song! Hamsanadam raga....TREAT

For song Phir Tumhari Yaad Aai Ae Sanam of album: Rustam Sohrab2011-04-25 16:43:04
Adulation Extreme !! :)

For song Intha Veenaikku Theriyadhu of album: Rayil Sneham - Hit Single From The Tv Serial2011-04-24 06:42:01
Ullam enbadhu seriyaga irundal ulagam muzhudum inikkiradhu!!!! lovely!

For song Rukhe Naina of album: Maqbool2011-04-24 05:31:36
True sleep r weep syndrome .lovely song tnx sweets

For song Usure Pogudhey of album: Raavanan2011-02-07 07:18:25
Exceptional singing ..........vidhivilakillada vidhiyum illa!! muthana varthaigal from vairamuthu sir

For song Yello Machi of album: Anbe Sivam2011-02-05 11:26:43
very tuneful!!

For song Kiske Seene Par Sar of album: Anjaan Raahen2011-02-04 08:28:22
Pure Village Belle stuff !! Has AP written all over!!

For song Bheeni Bheeni Hai Meethi Meethi Hai of album: Nausherwan E Adil2011-02-04 06:26:36
Lingering sweetness! What a song! Know that Lataji not only changes her voice to suit the person she is singing for but also to suit the lyrics.........
The words just seem to roll out of her fully savored!!

For song Hum Tum Yeh Bahar Dekho Rang Laya of album: Amber2011-02-03 11:37:57
Dil gaye re malhar!! Beauty

For song Adha Hai Chandrama of album: Navrang2011-02-03 10:50:06
The performing pair and the singing pair certainly complemented each other!
What a performance by Gopi Krishna ji!

For song Ek Manzil Rahi Do of album: Sanjog2011-02-03 10:16:49
What a song!

For song Yesunathar Pesinal of album: Thaaye Unakkaaga2011-02-02 16:26:08
Grt! Lovely lyrics...............

For song Lean On Me of album: Greatest Hits - 1985-19952011-02-02 15:38:55
Lovely......Most certainly. we all need somone to lean on!
Thanks for the offer! Friend!!!

For song Yeh Reshmi Zulfen of album: Do Raaste2011-01-30 12:57:50
Yeh sharbati Awaaz.of Rafi saab!! Wah!! Totally addictive

For song Naalai Kaalai of album: Unnai Thedi2011-01-28 16:55:00

For song Pudichirukku of album: Nenjirkkum Varai (new)2011-01-28 16:50:14
BJ enna paadinalum pidichurikku!!!!

For song Lonely of album: Best Of Akon2011-01-28 06:24:33
Ayyo Pavam!!

For song Frozen of album: Madonna - Ray Of Light2011-01-28 06:21:21
How can life be what you want it to be?! Boy great lyrics and greater singing!!
Thanks Buddy!

For song Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon of album: Son Of India2011-01-26 07:12:19
Transported to my school days!! Thank you DD

For song Jahan Dal Dal Pe Sone Ki Chidiya of album: Sikander E Azam2011-01-26 06:06:04
What a tribute to Bharat Ma!! The land of PLENTY
Yet another Master piece

For song Tum Darshan Hum Naina of album: Isi Life Mein2011-01-25 10:14:56
Ati Uttam.what a treasure!! and freshly minted too!! Thanks DD

For song Kajra Laga Ke Bindiya Saja Ke of album: Jal Bin Machhli Nritya Bin Bijli2011-01-25 05:26:11

For song Kaise Rahoon Chup of album: Intaqam2011-01-25 04:50:12
Scintillating performance by Lataji!!

For song Jab Tak Rahe Tan Mein Jiya of album: Samadhi2011-01-25 04:39:30
Surili wadha!!!

For song Bana Ke Kyon Bigada Re of album: Zanjeer2011-01-25 04:33:08

For song Bahusha Vo Chanchalaa of album: Varudu2011-01-23 05:29:12
Singularly sweet! Sonu and Shreya Rock! Thanks Honey!

For song Sarigamapadanee of album: Jhumaandi Naadam2011-01-23 05:15:10
Sukha sancharam. by SPB sir! Tks friend

For song Vinnanule Priya of album: Dr C Narayana Reddy - Golden Memoirs2011-01-21 16:26:55
Thanks Hasini Very melodious and guess it is romantic too!!! :)) Strictly going by the word Priya :))

For song Keep Your Head Up of album: Michael Jackson - Michael2011-01-19 14:24:18

For song Surya Namaskar Mantras of album: Surya Upasana2011-01-16 02:36:45
Melodiously Divine :)

For song Krishnamukundha of album: The Human Touch2011-01-15 14:12:17
Viralgal pesugindrana......Superb

For song Karpaga Valli of album: Nadhaswara Isaiyil Bhakthi Padalgal2011-01-15 06:24:35

For song Enthedi Enthedi of album: Shikkar2011-01-13 10:26:01
Fast paced rhythmic song.Tnx @mbik@

For song Toomani Maadaththu of album: Thiruppavai2011-01-13 10:23:03

For song Tirupati Girivaasa of album: Sree Krishna Devarya2011-01-13 05:22:04

For song Nee Illai Naan Illai of album: Bayam Ariyan2011-01-11 06:36:03
Mediocre song with streaks of brilliance!!

For song Naan Oru of album: Oruthalai Raagam2011-01-11 05:57:16
mudivai matti ezhuthanum.......simple :) Tnx Avs sir good song!

For song Saranga Teri Yaad Mein of album: Saranga2011-01-11 05:52:21
Madhuru tumhare milan bina din kate nahin rhain wah............Thanks Hasini....this GG really enjoyed the dedication!!

For song Sab Mein Shamil Ho Magar of album: Bahu Beti2011-01-11 05:39:51
Jaise Tehra hua pani!!! Beautiful Lyrics.........

For song Amara Jeevitham of album: Sri Krishna Ganam2011-01-10 16:46:02
Divine.Tnx frnd

For song Govullu Thellana of album: Sapthapadhi (tlg)2011-01-08 15:30:06
You were right! It all makes sense now..........Enlightened!! :)) Thanks Hasini

For song Markazhi Maatham of album: Iyyappa2011-01-08 15:27:44
Thanks Ambika.......

For song Darsan Payi of album: Soothradharan2011-01-08 15:22:02
Excellent Singing.Totally devoid of accent!!

For song Haal Chaal Thik Thak Hai of album: Mere Apne2011-01-08 13:13:26
Irony and sarcasm....Given by Gulzarji and served Kishorda style!!!

For song Narasimha Maamava (arabhi) Sri Shreekantham Nagendra Shastry of album: Mere Apne2011-01-08 11:18:04
Thank you Rathiji!

For song Paalootti (therodum Engal) of album: Bagappirivinai2011-01-07 15:55:57
Aha!!! What a find! Anandam........:))

For song Nagari Nagari Dware Dware (revival) of album: Neend Na Mujhko Aaye2011-01-07 06:19:57
Melodious Quest!

For song Jhoomti Chali Hawa (revival) of album: Neend Na Mujhko Aaye2011-01-07 06:15:53
Beautifully desolate!

For song O Neend Na Mujhko Aaye of album: Neend Na Mujhko Aaye2011-01-07 06:10:53
Fantastic! Thanks Dil

For song Numb of album: Live In Texas2011-01-07 03:37:49
All I want to do Is be more like me and be less like you.Whew!!!

For song Iyarkkai Ennum of album: Payanam (a Journey) S P Balasubramanyam Vol 12011-01-06 07:58:36
PS amma and SP sir MAGIC!!!

For song Paadumbodhu Naan of album: Legends Padmasree S P Balasubramanyam Vol 12011-01-06 07:19:13
Ellaigal illa ulagam en dihayamum adhupol ulavum.......great.........Beautiful concept!!!

For song O Dodi Vandenkanna of album: A Rare Classic Collection2011-01-05 14:05:13
Thanks Friend

For song Kallaarkum Katravarkkum of album: M S S - Nada Suda Rasa - Vol.32011-01-05 06:26:19
Aha .Narargalukkum surargalukkum nalam kodukkum nalame.........Beautiful

For song Unnai Nambi of album: Chittukkuruvi2011-01-04 10:40:44

For song Zara Nazron Se Kah Do Ji of album: Bees Saal Baad2011-01-04 07:19:39
Nazar bharke tum jise dekho woh kudd hi mar jaye! kya baat hai

For song Sajana Kahe Bhool Gaye of album: Chand Mere Aja2011-01-04 07:12:02
Melodious MISERY !!

For song Jaane Ja Jane Ja of album: Zeher2011-01-03 12:45:27
lovely lyrics

For song Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai of album: Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai2010-12-29 12:50:03
Beautiful melody

For song Ek Baat Kahoon Gar Mano Tum of album: Golmaal2010-12-27 15:28:38

For song Kalaimagal Thunai Kondu (mannavan Vanthanadi) of album: Thiruvarutselvar2010-12-27 14:10:54
This song is from Vasantha Malligai !!

For song Sunta Hai Mera Khuda of album: Hits For You2010-12-27 06:54:25
Tnx for a lovely song

For song Vinnodum Mugilodum of album: Pudhaiyal2010-12-26 13:24:15

For song Hari Hari Rama of album: Brova Baramma Vol - 22010-12-26 04:30:44
Lovely.Thank you AVS

For song Govinda Shtakam of album: Selection From Balaji Pancharatnamala - 12010-12-25 05:47:15
Govindam Parmanandam.

For song Cheliakkiligalam of album: Enga Mama2010-12-24 08:44:00
Enda manadil pasam undo andha manade amma amma....grt lyrics......
Very well sung.Thanks BB

For song Geet Tere Saaz Ka of album: Intaqam2010-12-24 07:53:04
Lovely..........Grt singing by Lataji!

For song San Sanana of album: Asoka2010-12-22 16:12:15
AAkash hai prem kavi mein uski likhi kavitha! Grt....lovely lyrics

For song Hum To Dil Se Haare of album: Josh2010-12-22 15:59:57
Too Good!!

For song Jhoom Jhoom Ke Nacho Aaj of album: Andaz2010-12-22 14:10:01

For song Tu Kahe Agar of album: Andaz2010-12-22 08:30:13
What a song! Wonderful of the best from Mukesh ji

For song Saathi Re Tujh Bin Jiya Udas Re of album: Poonam Ki Raat2010-12-22 07:57:03
Hauntingly melodious...yearning revealed in every note by Lata ji

For song Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai - Shree Sai Naam Smaran of album: Ii Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai Ii Shree Sai Naamsmaran2010-12-22 04:25:31
Pure Bliss!

For song Tumko Sirf Tumko of album: Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi2010-12-21 12:04:42
What a song......Magical!!........soothing! Tnx

For song Never Again of album: Loaded With Superstars Loaded With Hits2010-12-21 11:43:20
Ignorance is bliss!! Lethal lyrics

For song Girlfriend of album: Loaded With Superstars Loaded With Hits2010-12-21 11:33:56
Thanks Dil

For song Paadhrenu Thedi of album: Onv Kurup Hits Vol .ii2010-12-20 08:29:18
Wonderful offering at the lotus feet of the Lord by the singer and the lyricist........Grt song.Tnx DD

For song Kanakojwala of album: Haripriya2010-12-20 06:33:39
Invocates hypnotizing images of the Lord........ Tnx Ambika

For song Yeh Mere Andhere Ujale Na Hote of album: Prem Patra2010-12-19 16:51:22
Charming lyrics......lovely song...

For song Chandni Re Jhoom of album: Nauker2010-12-19 13:27:42
Beautiful Lullaby in honeyed tones!! Thanks Ojha saab

For song Bewafa of album: Euphoria Redhoom2010-12-19 13:12:45
Very different voice......ideal for the mix of this kind......Rocking

For song Sha Nananana of album: Euphoria Redhoom2010-12-19 13:05:11
LOVELY!! ************************

For song Gum-e-rooh of album: Euphoria Phir Dhoom2010-12-19 13:02:04
Truly Euphoric.........

For song Maaeri of album: Euphoria Phir Dhoom2010-12-19 12:56:57

For song Zuban Pe Dard Bhari Dastan of album: Maryada2010-12-19 07:07:03

For song Chahe Raho Door Chahe Raho Paas of album: Do Chor2010-12-19 06:55:28
Cute Song....

For song Zindagi Imtihaan Leti Hai of album: Naseeb2010-12-19 05:09:23
Time tested song!!.......lovely!!

For song Mangalam of album: Mali2010-12-19 03:48:37
Exquisite.Raaga Saurashtram!!

For song Om Namah Shivaye of album: Mashaal2010-12-19 03:31:51
Imploring for divine mediation! Beautiful.. Thanks DD!

For song Nothing Is Impossible of album: Zakhmee2010-12-18 12:26:50
ha ha........grt mood lifter!!!

For song Mere Khayalon Ki Malika of album: Josh2010-12-17 08:07:56
Tnx Dil

For song Annul Maelae of album: Vaaranam Aayiram2010-12-16 16:57:17

For song Megam Vandhu Pogum of album: Mandhira Punnagai2010-12-16 15:48:18
Sweet Melody!!

For song Sri Chakra Raja Simhasaneswari of album: Maharajapuram Santhanam Vol 22010-12-14 05:46:02

For song Kadavul Oru Naal of album: Shanthi Nilayam2010-12-13 16:14:43
Endan sondam ennum ennam en vandadu?........lovely

For song Nao Kagaz Ki Gehra Hai Paani (happy) of album: Duniyadari2010-12-13 06:42:50
Lovely!!! Thank you Rocky!

For song Jeenewale Jeena Hai To of album: Swami Dada2010-12-13 06:14:36
Great song........thanks for the jeene ke dhun Ojha saab.....

For song Chand Roz Aur Meri Jaan of album: Sitamgar2010-12-10 16:15:14
Eminently consoling........Beautiful Song.........
Hope keeps the world going...........Tnx

For song Sitthagathi Pookkale of album: Legends Padmasree S P Balasubramanyam Vol 42010-12-10 06:09:13

For song Aalappol Velappol of album: Legends Padmasree S P Balasubramanyam Vol 42010-12-10 06:02:57
Charmingly melodious...........

For song Oh Butterfly of album: Legends Padmasree S P Balasubramanyam Vol 42010-12-10 05:51:52

For song Nenjukulle of album: Legends Padmasree S P Balasubramanyam Vol 42010-12-10 05:48:28
Enchanted~~ Tnx Hummaa.......Took a lot of time tracking it down though!

For song Ennavendrusolvadamma of album: Legends Padmasree S P Balasubramanyam Vol 42010-12-10 05:41:38

For song Chinna Chinna of album: Legends Padmasree S P Balasubramanyam Vol 42010-12-10 05:25:00
Beautiful padal..........

For song Poongaatru Veesum of album: Legends Padmasree S P Balasubramanyam Vol 42010-12-09 11:47:27
Bhoomiyil naanum nerinil kanaum sorgame veedudan........aha

For song Chittukkuruvikkenna of album: Savaale Saamaali2010-12-09 11:41:06
parandu sella ninaithu vitten enakkum siragillaye!! beautiful!...

For song Kann Pona Pokkile of album: Panam Padaitthavan2010-12-09 08:52:39
Thirundada ullangal irunduenna labam :)

For song Ennuir Thoizhi of album: Kangalal Kaidusei2010-12-08 16:42:07
Lovely song it is! Tnx friend!!

For song Kabhi Kabhi Aditi of album: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na2010-12-08 12:15:30
The best!! Tnx BB

For song Endru Unnai Kandeno of album: Idhayame Idhayame2010-12-07 07:20:21
Un uravin sangili uyirai kattudadi......Great lyrics.Tnx

For song Kamal Kavidhai of album: Manmadhan Ambu2010-12-07 06:41:16
LOL!!.........Truly Sakala kala vallavan?!

For song Nenjil Nenjil of album: Engeyum Kadhal2010-12-07 06:28:28
Lovely and Light!! Tnx BB

For song So Gaya Sara Zamana of album: Miss Mary2010-12-05 10:14:24

For song Jo Achyuthananda Jo Jo Mukunda of album: Connoisseurs Delight2010-12-03 16:42:46
Gem! Thanks BB! This will feature daily in my playlist!!

For song Choron Ka Sare Nazar Aate Hai Chor of album: Naya Zamana2010-12-02 10:01:49
Situational yet compelling lyrics! 5*

For song Musafir Hoon Yaro of album: Together Experience The Magic Of Music - R D Burman2010-12-02 08:32:28
Beautiful song......

For song Vakrathunda Mahakaya (prarthana) of album: Ganesh - He Listens. He Sees. He Cares.2010-12-02 03:54:31
Thanks DD

For song Tungatira Virajam of album: Master Piece Vol Iii (maharajapuram Santhanam)2010-12-02 03:27:45
Aha..what a rendition!!!..Mangalakara ganam...........

For song Salangai Katti of album: Daily Bhajans 22010-12-01 10:55:00

For song Achyutam Kaeshavam of album: Daily Bhajans 22010-12-01 10:49:20

For song Mann Mohana of album: Jodhaa Akbar2010-12-01 10:02:27

For song Pallandu of album: Aalwar2010-12-01 09:16:32
Superb.........Thanks BB

For song Rooth Na Jana of album: 1942 A Love Story2010-11-29 15:48:37

For song Atma Rama of album: Daily Bhajans2010-11-29 08:24:16
Excellent..........Thanks a ton DD!!

For song Ja Re Jadugar of album: Bhabhi2010-11-27 16:42:58
Agreed Ojha saab Lataji is a living Jadugarni casting a spell on everyone who hears her.......thanks for the dedication!

For song Shyama O Shyama Rama O Rama of album: Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye2010-11-27 15:24:47
mere pir thosey chupi tho nahin......

For song Onnukkonnu of album: Nandhalala2010-11-26 16:02:51
Unparalleled ....He is the best! ..Tnx Buddy!

For song Thaen Thaen of album: Kuruvi2010-11-26 07:27:32
Exceptional singing by Shreya....

For song Sri Rangapura Vihara of album: Selected Krithis Of M.s.subbulakshmi Cd-12010-11-26 06:16:57
Thanks BB.......popular and powerful rendering it is!!

For song Daaririya Dukha Dana Stuthi of album: Divine Melodies2010-11-26 05:05:19
Divine.......Thanks DD
The singer is SPB Sir I think........and not Mano ji

For song Door Koi Gaaye of album: Baiju Bawra2010-11-25 15:33:17

For song Mere Hathon Men Nau Nau Churiyan of album: Chandni2010-11-24 15:58:36

For song Main Bairagi Nachoon Gaoon of album: Bairaag2010-11-24 13:27:29
Grand !!

For song Dil To Hai Dil of album: Muqaddar Ka Sikandar2010-11-23 15:25:57

For song Ankhon Mein Kajal Hai of album: Doosara Aadmi2010-11-23 14:59:17

For song Ajhun Na Aye Balamwa of album: Sanjh Aur Savera2010-11-23 11:39:44
Thank you Masudji!

For song Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana of album: Dooriyan2010-11-22 08:27:26
LOVELY! Finally tracked it down!!

For song Mere Lal Aaj Tera Janam Din Hai of album: Subah O Sham2010-11-22 07:47:58
Sweet !!

For song Ae Malik Tere Bande Hum of album: Do Aankhen Bara Haath2010-11-21 04:09:19
Thanks DD

For song Surya Namaskaar Mantra of album: Surya Upasana2010-11-21 03:58:41

For song Santhosham of album: Youth2010-11-20 15:56:13
Full of optimism!! veppam poovilum oru thuli thean ulladhadi...
Thanks BB

For song Kodiyilae Malliapoo of album: Kadolara Kavithaigal2010-11-20 15:48:18
Anbulla nenjathukku ayusu nooru.....!! Very pleasing song !

For song Manasa of album: Munna (tlg)2010-11-20 06:08:39
Thanks VKG ji!! and Hasiniiiiiiiii

For song Dohe of album: Kabir - Jagjit Singh2010-11-19 06:31:22
Two short succinct lines that speak volumes...........Thanks DD ..

For song Mujhe Yeh Phool Na De of album: Gazal2010-11-18 16:09:40
Great lyrics......endorsing the belief that everything is in the eye of the beholder!!!

For song Na Poochho Koi Hamen of album: Amanush2010-11-18 06:43:43

For song Mujhko Yeh Zindagi Lagti Hai of album: Sailaab2010-11-18 06:36:18
Wonderful lyrics.....

For song Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya (revival) of album: Lo Aa Gayi Unki Yaad2010-11-18 05:36:51
Just Superb...........

For song Uyirum Neeye of album: Pavithra2010-11-17 09:40:20
Lovely song.Thank you Ananth Sir

For song Kisi Ki Muskurahaton Pe (anri Remix) of album: 50 Glorious Remix Years2010-11-17 09:30:07
WAH..........Thanks a lot Ojha Saab!!

For song Tere Dar Ko Chhod Ke-ramstuti of album: Hari Om Sharan - The Best Bhajans2010-11-17 05:40:23
Sublime........Tere jaise meet nahin............Hath pakadkar le chalo tokar kaoon mein.....Outstanding.......... Thanks DD

For song Vellai Pookkal of album: Kannathil Muthamittal2010-11-16 07:23:31
Lovely..............Thanks Buddy!

For song Mai Haricharan Ki - [bhajans] - M.s. Subbulakshmi of album: Bhajanmala2010-11-15 09:35:55
What a devout rendering.........Thank you DD .......u have made my day!!

For song Ankhiyon Ko Rahne De of album: Bobby2010-11-13 17:34:02
What a song!!!

For song Idhellam Dupe of album: Kandasamy2010-11-13 16:41:31
Nanban Daan Toppu!!!!

For song Parinhridayam of album: Nandanandanam (devotional Songs On Sree Krishna)2010-11-13 05:52:10
Lovely!! Thanks BB

For song Abhi Kya Sunoge of album: Satyakam2010-11-12 13:46:20

For song Seval Kodi of album: Billa-20072010-11-12 06:43:39
Youthful and vibrant worship!! Thanks BB

For song Alai Payuthey (flute By Siva) of album: The Rahman Experience - Bollywood & Beyond - Vol 2 (instrumental)2010-11-12 06:40:32
Good! Thanks Preetha

For song Rasakreedavarnanam of album: Sreeman Narayaneeyam2010-11-12 06:36:21
Divine Thanks Chithan Sir but Understood nothing!!

For song Prabhuji Tum Chandan Hum Pani of album: Sreeman Narayaneeyam2010-11-12 06:20:10
Melodiously symbolic......Thanks DD..........Would never have located this bhajan on my own!!

For song Nahin Samne Tu of album: Taal2010-11-11 06:28:42
ARR + Hari ji Wah Thanks Hasini :)

For song Ullam Uruguthaiyya of album: Taal2010-11-11 06:00:22
Daiveegam ....Thanks BB

For song Allah Hi Rahem of album: My Name Is Khan2010-11-11 04:56:09
Ultimate Love, The love for your creator, all pervading ,lighting up your life..
Tu hai ishq mera mere kuddah :) Thanks DD

For song Srithakamalakuhja of album: Ashtapadi Vol 2 (devotional Songs On Jayadeva)2010-11-11 04:04:53
Good effort by the artist! tks Avs Sir

For song Sawan Ke Jhoole Pade(part-ii) of album: Jurmana2010-11-10 07:51:50
Raag Pahadi..........extremely melodious!!

For song Ae Meri Ankhon Ke Pahle Sapne.. of album: Man Mandir2010-11-10 07:36:23

For song Nis Nis Din of album: Annadata2010-11-10 07:24:17
Melodious Beauty!!

For song Ek Tu Hi Bharosa of album: Pukar2010-11-10 07:07:08
Thanks Dil

For song Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta - Chapter - 9 of album: Bhajan Uphar - Lata Recites Bhagwat Geeta - Vol- 52010-11-10 06:43:55
Thanks DD

For song Vettaiyaadi of album: Sabari Geetham2010-11-10 06:19:16
Full Swing! Ada ada manam lesa pogum!! Thanks Chithan Sir! Flavour of karagattam too!!

For song En Mana Vaanil of album: Kaasi2010-11-09 16:36:31
Vazhkai enum medaithanil nadagangal noorayiram parkavanden naanum parvai indri....... Parvai illadavarin ennagalai pradipalikkum pattu................kalanginen....... Thanks BB

For song Manikuyile of album: Sujatha In A Romantic Mood2010-11-09 14:58:45
Superb.Extremely melodious.......Raga Punnagavarali?

For song Bahut Khoobsurat Hain Aankhen of album: Jagjit Singh - Muntazir2010-11-09 14:38:12
Bahut khoobsurat hai gazal aap ki!!! great .....Enchanting!! Tks Friend

For song Man Tarpat Hari Darsan Ko Aaj of album: Baiju Bawra2010-11-09 11:33:41
Pure and lovely rendition......excellent composition ..predominantly malkauns changing only at the end! A song to treasure.thanks DD

For song Oduva Nadhi Sagarava of album: Legends Of Dr.rajkumar Vol 12010-11-09 11:25:49
Lovely lyrics........

For song Sathiyam Ithu of album: Ithu Sathiyam2010-11-09 10:43:25
Yes rare and unusual song..........

For song Vaazhnthu Paarkkavendum of album: Santhi (tml)2010-11-09 10:36:37
Perfect!! Thamizhum vazha vendum manidan tharamum vazhavendum................

For song Yaar Tharuvaar of album: Mahakavi Kalidas2010-11-09 10:32:06
Puvi arasodu enakkum oru sariyasanam..:) Kaviyin pattai TMS sir nala dan ippadi pada mudiyum...........Kaliyayum kalidasanayum nam neril sandikka vaikkum padal.....TMS sir , Kannadasan ji and Shivaji sir all equally responsible for this feat!!

For song Tharaimel Pirakkavaitthan of album: Padagotti2010-11-09 10:18:17
Oru muzhmayana padal.............Masterpiece!!

For song Kanakku Paarthu of album: Legends Isai Gnani Ilaiyaraaja Vol. 22010-11-09 09:55:23
Budget Romance........:)

For song Maanallavo of album: Neethikkupin Paasam2010-11-09 09:48:20
Aha.......Isai Azhagu mozhiyil vandadu.......

For song Sidhi Vinayakam of album: Vatapi (vinayaka Krithis) Vol 12010-11-09 06:24:58
Intensely Exalting.........Gifted Artist!

For song Omkar Pradhan Roop Ganeshache of album: Astavinayak And Other Hits2010-11-09 04:41:19
Serene Song, Sweet Sumanji and Super Dedication .thanks DD

For song Excuse Me of album: Kandasamy2010-11-08 09:31:03
Funny it is Hasini ..Thanks........

For song Varadhan Pugazh of album: Muraleedhara2010-11-08 07:53:27
Beautiful......thank you Chithan Sir!!

For song Kaatru Veliyidai of album: Kappalotti Ya Thamizhan2010-11-08 07:42:40
Amazing.........Kudos to the entire team! for giving us a song without detracting the inherent beauty and sweetness of the song!

For song Kaun Thagva Nagariya Loot Layo of album: Avdhoota -bhajans By Kumar Gandharva2010-11-08 05:47:38
Thought provoking......Helps you to face realilty....scary and comforting at the same time..........Thanks DD

For song Kanada Raja Pandharicha of album: Marathi Chitrapatil Gajaleli Bhakti Geet2010-11-07 14:08:07

For song Ja Ja Ja Bewafa of album: Aar Paar2010-11-07 10:03:42
Bekhabar bas itna bata .pyaar mein jiyoon ya maroon!!...............beautiful lyrics

For song Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol of album: Jogan2010-11-07 09:53:35
Enchanting! Melodious song in Raag Jaunpuri

For song Kaaviri Penne of album: Poompuhar2010-11-07 06:26:24
Excellent! Lovely...Thanks Avs

For song Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon of album: Yes Boss2010-11-06 12:46:50
wrong title but lovely song!!

For song Time For Miracles of album: Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment2010-11-06 11:45:06
Great song!

For song Whatya Want From Me of album: Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment2010-11-06 11:36:16
Hey, slow it down, whataya want from me?
Whataya want from me?
Yeah, I'm afraid, whataya want from me?
Whataya want from me?

There might have been a time when I would give myself away
Oh, once upon a time, I didn't give a damn
But now, here we are, so whataya want from me?
Whataya want from me?

Just don't give up, I am workin' it out
Please don't give in, I won't let you down
It messed me up, need a second to breathe
Just keep coming around

Hey, whataya want from me?
Whataya want from me?
Whataya want from me?

Yeah, it's plain to see
That baby you're beautiful and it's nothing wrong with you
It's me, I'm a freak, yeah
But thanks for lovin' me 'cause you're doing it perfectly

Yeah, there might have been a time
When I would let you step away
I wouldn't even try
But I think you could save my life

Just don't give up, I am workin' it out
Please don't give in, I won't let you down
It messed me up, need a second to breathe
Just keep coming around

Hey, whataya want from me?
Whataya want from me?
Whataya want from me?
Whataya want from me?
Whataya want from me?

Just don't give up on me
I won't let you down
No, I won't let you down

And so just don't give up, I'm workin' it out
Please don't give in, I won't let you down
It messed me up, need a second to breathe
Just keep coming around

Hey, whataya want from me?

Just don't give up, I am workin' it out
Please don't give in, I won't let you down
It messed me up, need a second to breathe
Just keep coming around

Hey, whataya want from me?
Whataya want from me?
Whataya want from me?
Whataya want from me?
Whataya want from me?
Whataya want from me?
Thanks dil

For song Nagumomu of album: Melodious Moods Of P.unnikrishnan Vol 22010-11-06 07:18:22
Subham..............fitting finale..........

For song Nagumomu (t S Nandakumar) of album: Jewels Of Rhythm (vol 2)2010-11-06 07:14:34
Beautiful.....the plea to the Lord is reflected in the rendering.........Tks Avs

O Rama! Supreme among Raghus ! Missing your charming smile-lit face I languish here. Knowing my mental plight, cant you come and protect me ?

O One who holds Govardhana hill! Members of your retinue who have the duty of reminding you of your daily engagements cannot fail in their duty.

Does not Garuda execute your commands expeditiously ? Could he have excused himself saying that he was staying far from the earth in Vaikunta, your heavenly abode ? Exalted Lord! Ruler of the Universe! Whom else can I appeal to ? Please shun disregard. I cant bear it. Take me into your fold.

For song Sumiran Karle of album: Priyavadhana2010-11-05 14:38:24
2* Must listen to O.S Arun sir rendering this bhajan.

For song Hum Sabko Nek Raah Chalana of album: Dada2010-11-04 08:53:17
Melodious Plea..........Tnx DD

For song Dolayaam of album: Balaji Pancharatnamala Sri Annamacharya Samkirtanas Vol-12010-11-03 06:57:39

For song Venkatachala Nilayam of album: Bho Shambo2010-11-03 06:41:16
Great! Majestic Rendering..........

For song Yah Allah of album: Yah Allah2010-11-03 06:14:38
Simple effective prayer ....

For song Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out of album: Ultra Pop 2000-2009 A Decade Of Hits2010-11-02 18:29:26
Tailspin.......was it only the dogs which were let out? !! Tnx DD......

For song Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu of album: Howrah Bridge2010-11-02 17:59:11!!

For song Sakti Ganapatim of album: Golden Greats2010-11-02 14:59:47
Golden Treat!! Thanks Buddy!!

For song Yeh Kaun Chitrakar Hai of album: Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti2010-11-01 17:24:49
Homage to the Nature..........Praising the Lord!! Thanksgiving?

For song Nanbane of album: Nam Nattu Rajakkal2010-11-01 17:14:19
Melodious number!!! Don't worry Be Happy :)

For song Oru Mani Adithaal of album: Kaalamellam Kadhal Vaazhga2010-11-01 17:08:25
lovely song! Beautiful lyrics and excellent singing....

For song Ajhun Na Aye Balamwa of album: Sanjh Aur Savera2010-10-29 16:54:09
Could it be Sahana?.....will someone confirm the raaga pls? :)

For song Om Jai Jagdish Hare of album: Om Jai Jagdish Hare-aarti Sangrah2010-10-29 05:57:51
Heavenly.........Tnx DD

For song Kaise Samjhaoon Badi Nasamajh Ho of album: Suraj2010-10-28 08:34:48
Muquabala dat ke..........excellent singing : Raag Bhairavi

For song Main To Pyar Se of album: Saathi2010-10-28 08:30:28
Raag Bhairavi....meeti dhun!

For song Dekh Humen Awaz Na Dena of album: Amar Deep2010-10-28 08:08:13

For song Vadavarayai of album: Thamizhe Isaiyai2010-10-27 15:35:09
All... pls kindly overlook the typos.........

For song Pam Para of album: Jhootha Hi Sahi2010-10-27 12:33:02
Emotion packed.....lucid singing....thanks BB

For song Jaata Hai Tu Kahan of album: Yes Boss2010-10-27 11:57:36
Rhythmic CIRCUS!! :)) but provides comic relief after hearing songs with a touch tragedy in them!!

For song Chaand Taare Thod of album: Yes Boss2010-10-27 11:52:27
Beautiful song and the voice is better still!!!

For song Tere Nainon Ne Chori Kiya of album: Pyar Ki Jeet2010-10-27 11:06:11
Unparalleled.........Remember hearing her on Vividh Bharathi early mornings..........Thanks DD for the travel back in time..........

For song Katrin Mozhiye of album: Mozhi2010-10-27 10:12:25
Thanks a lot BB ..was wondering why no one ever sent this to me :)

For song Vadavarayai of album: Thamizhe Isaiyai2010-10-27 09:13:04
Excellent! This is an excerpt from the epic Silapathigaram(Aichiyar Kuravi) by Ilango Adigalar.....Thank you Friend ( Aasoori_Sridhar)
One must be truly blessed to hear it sung bu none other than.MS Amma

The first stanza describes the churning of the ocean for nectar
The second: Devas worshipping the one who stole butter and magically turned it into garland of Basil.(Thulasi)
The Third: Vamana Avatar humbling Mahabali
The Fourth: Gist of Rama Avatar....and extolling the greatness of Thirumaal
The Fifth: Here the poet talks about Balarama, (periyavan) Krishna (Kariyavan !) and wonders how one is blinded by his appearance.
The Sixth: A lisght reference to Bhoothani and the Mahabaratha war and finally ending it with :
nadandhaanai Eththaatha naavenna naavE naaraayaNaa ennaa naavenna naavE
What use is of the tongue which doesn't praise the person who was messenger as for 5? What use is of the tongue which doesn't chant his name?

For song Aan Milo Sajna of album: Gadar - Em Prem Katha2010-10-26 09:46:23
Magnetic......... . Thanks Latha....

For song Udhaya Udhaya of album: Udhaya2010-10-26 09:42:49
CHARMING.. .(Fascinating singing ......captivating lyrics...... and totally entrancing composing by ARR)
Tnx Buddy

For song Mudher Kanavae of album: Majunu2010-10-26 09:08:52
Fantastic Singing as usual!!!

For song Thode Badmash of album: Saawariya2010-10-26 08:31:19
Very Pleasing...........more so when told by shreyaji ... ... :)) Tnx Buddy!

For song Le Lo Salam Aaqa. of album: Le Lo Salam Aaqa-2010-10-25 17:45:23
Extremely calming and restful.......Can anyone translate please?

For song Theme 2 of album: Bombay (tamil)2010-10-25 17:35:24
ARR Special.............Beautiful .Thanks Buddy

For song Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi - 1 of album: Raja Hindustani2010-10-25 09:18:28
Sweet ........

For song Aisi Deewangi of album: Deewana2010-10-25 09:12:39

For song Sochenge Tumhe Pyar of album: Deewana2010-10-25 09:08:15

For song Kai Din Se Mujhe of album: Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se2010-10-25 08:52:54

For song Mere Huzoor of album: Greatest Hits - Mohd. Rafi2010-10-25 07:49:38
Truly great ...........

For song Bal Kand 2 of album: Tulsi Ramayan Vol 12010-10-25 07:17:41
Gold Nugget! Thank you friend.........Will treasure it always......

For song Daridriya Dhukhadahana Shiva Panchaakshari Stotram of album: Shiva Stuthi Vol - 12010-10-25 07:04:23

For song Siva Panchakshara Stotram of album: Devi Stothra Maala2010-10-25 06:54:22
Suprerior Recital.........Deeply Invocative...........

For song Sri Shivasutha of album: Mandolin U.srinivas Play Illaiyarajas Classics2010-10-25 06:36:02
Splendid, Brilliant!

For song Em Thandhai of album: Asal2010-10-24 17:41:58
Great Song! Thanks Buddy!

For song Woh Subah Kabhi To Aayegi of album: Phir Subah Hogi2010-10-24 17:33:56
HOPE! Keeps the world going! Thanks Friend

For song Kanbathil Ellam (duet) of album: Pooveli2010-10-24 17:29:40

For song Ragasiyamai of album: Dumm Dumm Dumm (tlm)2010-10-24 17:24:43

For song Indhiya Naadu of album: Bharatha Vilas2010-10-24 17:17:55
and Shivaji sir.......that is why it is more than the sum of its parts!! Brilliant it is !!
Thank you Chitan Sir!

For song Tu Jaane Na of album: Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani2010-10-24 13:16:34
Koyi jaane na

For song Nilavupattu of album: Kannukul Nilavu2010-10-24 12:51:46
Hari ji Special.......SUPERB

For song Kannile Neer Etharkku of album: Payanam 22010-10-24 12:08:08
Indeed extremely melodious but morose ):

For song Indha Mandgratthil of album: Payanam 22010-10-24 12:06:17
Lovely song.......Thanks Chithan cheta :) It still leaves composer as we will dedicate this melodious piece to him shall we!!

For song Rajamagal Rojamalar of album: Vanjikkottai Valiban2010-10-24 09:06:58
Sundaram it is in raag Hamsanandhi .Tnx Chithan Sir!

For song Sapnon Mein Aane Wale of album: Bansari Bala2010-10-24 08:55:54
Yeh kya hua? :)

For song Mere Khwabon Ka of album: Jism2010-10-24 08:10:13

For song Pahadee of album: Lets Enjoy2010-10-24 07:30:33

For song Nadhiyoram of album: Alexander2010-10-23 17:56:43
Another absorbing combination of voices, lyrics and composing......Tnx Buddy

For song Azhage Azhage (priyamanavale) of album: Priyamaanavalae2010-10-23 17:40:42

For song Penne Neyum Pennaa of album: Priyamana Thozhi2010-10-23 17:33:07

For song Aanandam (male) of album: Poove Unakkaga2010-10-23 17:29:59

For song Naan Paada of album: Uthirippookkal2010-10-23 10:46:13
Good. With a touch of COMIC to it. :) Thanks Latha

For song Woh Jo Hum Mein Tum Mein of album: Uthirippookkal2010-10-23 06:44:10
Tender Reminiscences !! A gazal worth its weight in gold.........Beautiful.........
No wonder Ghalibji was willing to trade his all for this single Gazal........

For song Kanchenjunga - Treasures Of Snow of album: Rahul Sharma - Mountain Trail2010-10-22 15:02:46
Superb..Refreshing as the snow...........

For song Ishwar Allah Tere Naam of album: Naya Raasta2010-10-22 14:51:44
Karam se hai sab ki pehchan..Beautiful....Thank you friend

For song Kanha Kanha Aan Padi Main Tere Dwar of album: Shagird2010-10-21 07:05:57
Lovely song .in Khamaj (Manjh) sunte takti nahin :)

For song Sham Dhale Jamuna Kinare of album: Pushpanjali2010-10-21 07:00:27
A treasure indeed! ! (Raag Khamaj) Brings back a lot of memories... Thanks friend

For song Piya Tose Naina Lage Re of album: Guide2010-10-21 06:51:16
Behad surili geet!! Raag Khamaj!!

For song Usko Nahin Dekha Humne Kabhi of album: Daadi Maa2010-10-21 06:44:31
mamta hi lutaye jiske meaningful......Raag Pahadi

For song Baharon Mera Jeevan Bhi Sanwaro of album: Aakhri Khat2010-10-21 06:40:26
Best it should be has the best talent going for it. Lataji, Khaiyyaam saab and Azmi saab too..............All served in Raag Pahadi :)

For song Tum Apna Ranj O Gham of album: Aakhri Khat2010-10-21 06:35:18
Beautiful** Raag Pahadi..........

For song Hai Hai Vennilave of album: Velli Nilave2010-10-20 13:32:42
Lovely thanks !

For song Vaanam Tharaiyil of album: Unnudan2010-10-19 17:26:20
superb singing

For song Kobama of album: Unnudan2010-10-19 17:08:16
What a song.With a combination like this Hari Sir, Devasir and Vairamuthu sir.......can any one be angry!! Kandippa illai :)

For song Jao Re Jogi of album: Amrapali2010-10-19 13:13:41
Raag Hamir

For song Shree Ganesh Sahasranamavali of album: Shree Ganesh Sahasranamavali2010-10-19 05:20:13
Divine .Thank you Anjana

For song Mere Dholna of album: Bhool Bhulaiya2010-10-18 12:11:22
wonderful....very melodious.........Thank you @mbik@

For song Thenralae Thenralae of album: Kadhal Desam2010-10-17 16:48:49
Beautiful .........

For song Kanchi Re Kanchi Re of album: Hare Rama Hare Krishna2010-10-17 11:59:44
Raag Pahadi

For song Neela Aasman So Gaya of album: Silsila2010-10-17 11:50:58
Thank you Suhasini....It is a very serene Raag Pahadi

For song Aaja Re O Mere Dilbar Aaja of album: Noorie2010-10-17 11:44:19
Raag Pahadi

For song Karvaten Badalte Rahe of album: Aap Ki Kasam2010-10-17 11:38:47
Raag Pahadi

For song Husn Pahadon Ka of album: Ram Teri Ganga Maili2010-10-17 11:33:22
Beauty.... Raag Pahadi

For song Paadi Parandha of album: Kizhakku Vasal2010-10-16 12:12:29

For song Annapoorne Visalakshi of album: Pooja Phalam2010-10-16 08:04:08

For song Pancha Shat Peeta Roopini of album: Classical Greats 12010-10-16 08:00:28

For song Ragam Thanam Pallavi of album: Musical Heritage Of South India2010-10-15 17:59:49
Brilliant ............. outstanding performance.....Thanks

For song Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna of album: The Legend Of Bhagat Singh2010-10-15 12:15:02
No it cannot!!! Unbeatable....Tnx Buddy

For song Varadha Nadhikkaraiyoram of album: Sangamam2010-10-15 11:28:17
Kanada un uruvam kannukkulle inikkum.........arputhamana karpanai
.miga arupudamana varthaigal....EXCELLENT

For song Marghazi Poove of album: May Madham2010-10-15 11:15:14
Nadai padai kadayil theneer!! wow......lovely song.find something new to appreciate every time u hear the song!!

For song Kali Ghata Chhaye Mora Jiya Tarsaye of album: Sujata2010-10-14 10:30:41
Nectar.... Jiya tarse Lataji ko sunnekileye....Raag Pilu

For song Banwari Re Jeene Ka Sahara of album: Ek Phool Char Kante2010-10-14 10:25:51
Perfect! song!.... Awesome melody in Raag Pilu

For song Pi Ke Ghar Aaj Pyari Dulhaniya Chali of album: Mother India2010-10-14 10:22:01
Bidaai.......... in Raag pilu..

For song Dhoondo Dhoondo Re Sajna of album: Ganga Jamuna2010-10-14 10:13:36
Sweet.... Raag Pilu

For song Jhoole Mein Pawan Ki Aai Bahar of album: Baiju Bawra2010-10-14 10:09:59
Pyar chalkati dhun......Raag Pilu...........

For song Ajhun Na Aye Balamwa of album: Sanjh Aur Savera2010-10-14 10:05:37
CLASS.......Raag Pilu

For song Dheere Se Aaja Ri Ankhiyan Mein of album: Albela2010-10-14 10:01:05
Soothing melody in raag Pilu

For song Kalaivani Arul Purivai (film Gangaavathar Banner K S S Pictures) of album: Albela2010-10-14 04:45:32
Exquisite singing... Thank you Chitan sir I was hunting for this song!
Fitting dedication during Navratri.

For song Sarasijanabha Sodari of album: Devipriya2010-10-14 04:30:32
Beautiful song very devoutly sung......easy to follow and appreciate........

For song Ammamma of album: Devipriya2010-10-14 04:23:14
Serene and simple

For song Paahimaam Girithanayae of album: Devipriya2010-10-14 04:05:11

For song En Kathai of album: Oruthalai Raagam2010-10-13 13:16:28

For song Mera Mann of album: Mann2010-10-13 12:06:31

For song Khushiyan Aur Gham of album: Mann2010-10-13 11:55:32
Superb song.....wonderful lyrics.....

For song Idhu Varai of album: Goa2010-10-13 07:32:04
Idhu nirandaram alla maarividum mananilai dan.....Good singing by both Andrea and Ajeesh.....Tnx Buddy

For song Thendralai Kandukolla of album: Nilave Mugam Kaattu2010-10-12 17:33:57
Tnx Buddy!

For song Suno Aisha of album: Aisha2010-10-12 15:22:12
Lajawaab :))

For song Tere Naina of album: My Name Is Khan2010-10-12 15:09:01

For song Call Me Dil of album: Jhootha Hi Sahi2010-10-12 15:04:36
call me jo naam thu mein wohi.........:)

For song Tera Saath Hai To of album: Pyaasa Sawan2010-10-10 12:23:55

For song Teri Maya Ka of album: Gopaal Krishna2010-10-10 12:15:58
Lovely.. Koyi hasen chahe roy, tujhe chahe wohi hoy......

For song Ae Kaash Main Dekh Sakti of album: Imaan Dharam2010-10-10 12:07:51
Dil ko cheerti hui Nagma

For song Bhaage Re Mann of album: Chameli2010-10-10 12:02:47
Captivating song.......

For song Aaj Jaane Ki Zid of album: Monsoon Wedding2010-10-10 07:23:20
What a plea!! Jaan jathi hai jab uttke jathe ho tum......wah.
Lovely Gazal thanks both of you Rathi and Latha :)
Great Translation Latha

For song Saarkkara Vasini of album: Devi Maya2010-10-10 07:07:55
Thank you @mbik@

For song Vaakacharthu of album: Sree Guruvayupuresa Suprabhatham, Sree Guruvayoorappan Suprabhatham,vaakacharthu2010-10-10 06:59:29
Superb Thank you Rathi

For song Lalita Sahasranamam of album: Sri Lalita Sahasranamam Ashtotram And Trisathi2010-10-09 18:11:46
Resonating ....and Reverberating through your entire being.......

For song Mahalakshmi Ashtakam (t S Tanganathan) of album: Venkatesa Suprabhatam Vishnu Sahasranaman2010-10-09 18:04:34

For song Nalinakanthimathim of album: Maharajapuram Santhanam Vol 22010-10-08 13:16:25
Classic..........Thanks @mbik@

For song Navarathiri Naayagiye of album: Maharajapuram Santhanam Vol 22010-10-08 06:59:29

For song Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam of album: Sree Lalitha Sahasranama Stothram Ashtothram2010-10-08 06:34:26
Punya Sravana keertana.........Totally humbling experience.......Very beautifully rendered by the sisters,,,,,,,

For song Maanikka Veenai of album: Sree Lalitha Sahasranama Stothram Ashtothram2010-10-08 06:21:32

For song Aap Ki Khatir of album: Mere Huzoor2010-10-07 17:34:06
Most appealing song.......

For song Woh Khushi Mili Hai of album: Mere Huzoor2010-10-07 17:23:04
Hit the jackpot today!!! woh geet mili hai mujhko mein kushi se mar na jaoon! CLASS!!

For song Kahan Tak Yeh Man Ko Andhere of album: Baton Baton Mein2010-10-07 16:56:31
HOPE!! Essence of Life.........

For song Ik Rasta Hai Zindagi of album: Kaala Patthar2010-10-07 16:50:16
Good is a road/ comes to naught if you stop.. ! so keep going! Lovely.......

For song Kadhal Vanthathum of album: Poovellam Unn Vaasam2010-10-06 16:35:49
Lovely....!!! Nalla Aaraichithan.......... :))

For song Hriday Mein Ram Man Mein Ram of album: Mohe Ram 6946 Laagi - Kavita Krishnamurty Subraman2010-10-06 14:51:57
Thank you $oniy@

For song Ennirandhu 16 Vayathu of album: Annai Illam2010-10-06 11:48:05
Excellent Singing........You have said it all V. Rama krishnan !

For song Madhura Nagaril of album: Paar Magale Paar2010-10-06 11:31:18

For song Rang Aur Noor Ki Barat of album: Gazal2010-10-06 07:16:01
Downhearted and crest fallen yet wishing her well......What a rendering by Rafi ji. Pulls at one's heartstrings.......

For song Avalukkum Thamizh Endruper of album: Iru Maanganipol Makkal Kalaingar2010-10-05 10:41:01
Highest accolade a woman could receive.........superb song wonderful singing..........

For song Mere Dil Se Ye of album: Zehreela Insaan2010-10-05 06:15:24
Camaraderie and affection.......light yet deep..potent stuff!!

For song Sindhanai Sei Maname of album: Ambikapathi2010-10-04 17:09:35
Enna kural valam.......... enakku migavum piditha pattu. Kalyani Raagam

For song Mullaimalar Mellae of album: Mullaimalar Melae2010-10-04 17:02:39

For song Darpan Ko Dekha Tune of album: Upaasna2010-10-04 15:31:20

For song Ham The Jinke Sahare of album: Safar2010-10-04 15:23:11
Dismal ..dispirited

For song Kisi Raah Mein Kisi Mod Par(revival) of album: Dil Pukare Aa Re Aa Re2010-10-04 15:14:10
Pact lovingly signed!

For song Aane Se Uske Aaye Bahar of album: Jeene Ki Raah2010-10-04 14:42:26
What a song!!wah maja aagayi :)) In love with nature

For song Chupke Chupke Chal Re Purbaiya of album: Chupke Chupke2010-10-03 11:31:54
Classic!! Refined singing!

For song Bhool Ja Bhool Ja of album: Saathi2010-10-03 08:07:18

For song Kallile Kalai Vannam of album: Kumudam2010-10-03 07:50:39
Magnetic......Kadal vattri ponalum pogum konda kadamayum asayum maradhu..........aha

For song Sapnon Ke Ghar Ki of album: Daddy2010-10-03 07:32:57
Relaxing and restful........Thanks Latha

For song Bhor Bhaye Panghat Pe of album: Satyam Shivam Sundaram2010-10-02 16:10:27
Raag Bhairavi.. .out of this world

For song Ae Dil Ab Kahin Le Ja of album: Bluff Master2010-10-02 15:37:54
Solemn .Solitude......Raag Bhairavi

For song Insaaf Ka Mandir Hai Yeh of album: Amar2010-10-02 14:32:33
Raag Bhairavi Beautiful song.......

For song Aval Appadi Ondrum Azhagillai of album: Angaadi Theru2010-10-02 11:33:20
Exemplary use of Oxymoron...... or call it backhanded compliments :) Just superb........What a song!

For song Surma Mera Nirala of album: Kabhi Andhera Kabhi Ujala2010-10-02 11:15:16
Light and fast it is! Great sales promotion too!! thanks Latha ! :)

For song Yarukku Mappillai of album: Parthal Pasi Theerum2010-10-02 10:18:30
Another bold and beautiful creation!!

For song Kodi Asainthathum (revival) of album: Parthal Pasi Theerum2010-10-02 10:13:29
Still remains one of unsolved mysteries of the universe :) Let me know if you find the answer Geethanjali!!

For song Jahan Prem Ka Pawan of album: Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye2010-10-01 07:16:46
Splendid Rendition~~

For song Chhute Nahin Chhute Na of album: Daayraa2010-10-01 07:11:03
Rare indeed! Aur Gulzar saab ki likhi hui..sone pe suhaga!

For song Sun Le Dua Yeh Aasman (theme Slow Version) of album: We Are Family2010-10-01 07:00:49
Exceedingly tender and lovable......

For song Soundarya Lahari of album: Soundarya Lahari2010-10-01 06:06:51
Rapturous! Engulfed in waves of happiness, peace and contentment.

For song Mang Ke Saath Tumhara of album: Naya Daur2010-09-30 08:46:46
Delightful.An extremely pleasing song!

For song Maiya Yashoda (jamuna Mix) of album: Jhootha Hi Sahi2010-09-29 05:49:07
"Natkat" reflected in the voice too.......Superb!! Thanks Buddy

For song Jane Kya Tune Kahi of album: Pyaasa2010-09-28 17:53:32
Intoxicating voice of Geeta Duttji.......

For song Kannan Madurai of album: Golden Marvels2010-09-26 17:31:53
Marvelous rendering...Tharunam parthu un nenjam irangi neeyagilum en peyar sol.............lovely........

For song Melluko Sringara of album: Sri Annamayya Lahiri2010-09-26 17:15:05

For song Kavi Raja Kavita Ke Ab of album: Navrang2010-09-26 17:11:30

For song Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyalia of album: Suvarna Sundari2010-09-26 17:04:15
Thank you Latha........exquisite choice as usual .:))

For song Lift Karadey of album: Kabhi To Nazar Milao2010-09-26 14:38:47
***************************** Kabse banda maang raha hai ! Kabse line pe kadha hai.....!!

For song Kabhi To Nazar Milao of album: Kabhi To Nazar Milao2010-09-26 14:31:49
Jo nahin kaha hai kabhi tho samaj bhi jao....tender feelings........

For song Meter Down of album: Taxi 92112010-09-26 14:21:49
oh oh great singing.......:)

For song Meri Ankhon Se Koi Neend Liye Jata Hai of album: Pooja Ke Phool2010-09-26 08:03:32
gentle and beguiling missive of love.. Wonderful addition to my collection.thanks friend

For song Pankh Hote To Ud Aati of album: Sehra2010-09-26 07:22:20
Raag bhopali..........enchanting

For song Tere Sur Aur Mere Geet of album: Goonj Uthi Shehnai2010-09-26 06:55:12

For song Ankhon Mein Tum Dil Mein Tum Ho of album: Half Ticket2010-09-25 08:55:25
Lively .Naughty Madhubalaji .........

For song Mitwa Tu Kahan of album: Imaandaar2010-09-25 08:40:57
lovely singing by Sadhana Sargam.........

For song Shanthi Nahi of album: Immortal Bajans Vol.ii2010-09-25 08:03:08
Jape naam madhavka hum tho nirantar.........aha...

For song Ee Kshnam Oke Oka Korika of album: Ela Cheppanu2010-09-24 16:41:50
lovely song

For song Jurm E Ulfat Pe of album: Ela Cheppanu2010-09-23 18:37:04
Yes a classic in Raag Gaur Malhar.........beautiful song

For song Tujhe Dil Ki Baat Bata Doon of album: Main Sundar Hoon2010-09-23 12:25:18
Can songs be cute?!.This one is!

For song Kabhi Na Kabhi Kahin Na Kahin of album: Sharabi2010-09-23 11:39:34
Great expectations !!

For song Konjanal Poru of album: Aasai2010-09-22 11:44:24

For song Malai Meethu Vazhum of album: Sri Venkatesa Suprabatham2010-09-21 15:55:12
Good Song! But based on the same ragamalika like Kurai ondrum illai Shivranjani, Kapi and sindhu bhairavi

For song Ennullea of album: Valli2010-09-21 09:18:26
Great singer.....Really hard to digest the fact that she is no more.........she will live on through her songs........kept alive by her loving fans.....Thanks Buddy for the dedication

For song Aval Appadi Ondrum Azhagillai of album: Angaadi Theru2010-09-20 09:37:19
Aval appadi ondrum azhagillai
avalukku yaarum yinai illai
Aval appadi ondrum colour illai
Aanaal athu oru kurai illai
Aval perithaai ondrum padikka villai
Avalai paditheen mudikavillai
Aval uduthum udaigal pidikavillai
Irunthum gavanikka marukka villai
Aval naai kuthi yethuvum valakka villai
Naan kaaval irunthaal tadukka villai
Aval bommaigal anaithu urangga villai
Naan bommai poole pirakka villai
Aval kuunthal ondrum iiramillai
Antha kaatril tulaintheen meela villai
Aval kaiviral moothiram thanggam illai
Kai pidithidum aasai thuungavillai
Aval sontham yindri yethuvum illai
Yenekku yethuvum illai
Aval pattu pudavai endrum aninthathillai
Aval sudithar poola yethuvum sirantha thillai
Aval thittum poothum valikka villai
Antha akkarai poole veeru illai
Aval vaasam rooja vaasamillai
Aval illamal swasam illai
Aval sontham bantham yethuvum illai
Aval sontham indri yethuvum illai
Aval sontham indri yethuvum illai
Yenekku yethuvum illai

For song Kaththirunthu Kaththirunthu of album: Vaidhegi Kathirunthal2010-09-19 17:41:45
every syllable dipped in pain................even pictarization is as if u see everything thru a haze of pain.

For song Kaalai Nera Poonkuyil of album: Amman Kovil Kizhakale2010-09-19 17:35:22
Sweet! Abhogi...........

For song Thangaratham Vanthathu of album: Kalaikkoil2010-09-19 17:29:21
pure gold........Abhogi .............

For song Naan Indri Yaar Varuvaar of album: Maalaiyitta Mangal2010-09-19 17:24:53
Arputham.........Abhogi again!!

For song Aagaya Venilavae of album: Arangetra Velai2010-09-19 16:59:26
Classic number in Darbari Kanada.......beautiful .........inimai inimai!!!!

For song Malare Mounama of album: Karna2010-09-19 16:51:55
A treat in Darbari Kanada...........lovely!!

For song Maa Ka Aanchal Ladle of album: Maa Ka Aanchal2010-09-19 08:58:04
Beautiful lyrics.........jhitni tumko pyaas lagi utna barasa pyaar mera! lovely !

For song Sree Maha Ganapatim Bhaje Ham of album: Sidhi Vinayakam (vol-1)2010-09-15 14:25:58
lovely......Thanks Ambika

For song Ododiye Varuvan of album: Varuvaan Vadivelan2010-09-07 18:54:50 comforting......vadidum payirukku van mazhai pole.kandrin kural ketta thai pasu pole.:))

For song Endhan Kuyil Engey of album: Kannukul Nilavu2010-09-05 11:33:20

For song Do Deewane Shaher Mein of album: Gharaonda2010-09-04 17:56:19
Castles in the air!! lovely endearing song!!

For song Ek Akela Is Shaher Mein of album: Gharaonda2010-09-04 17:51:51
jeene ki wajah tho koyi nahin marne ka bahana doonta hai! wah Gulzar saab!!

For song Srimannarayana of album: Balaji Pancharatnamala Sri Annamacharya Samkirtanas Vol-12010-09-04 08:49:35
Sreepadame sharanam

For song Bo Sambo of album: Explosions 22010-09-04 07:21:45
Rapturous ........slowly building to a crescendo........Nithyashree handles it beautifully!!!

For song Naatha Hare of album: Ganamrutham2010-09-04 07:12:20
Sublime........extremely restful..........

For song Poovey Vaai Pesum of album: 12 B2010-09-03 08:57:42

For song Sakiye Neethan Thunaiye of album: Andhimandharai2010-09-03 08:25:10
சகியே நீ தான் துணையே
விழிமேல் அமர்ந்த இமையே
ஆதவன் போனால் அகல் தான் ஒளியே
சகியே நீ தான் துணையே
விழிமேல் அமர்ந்த இமையே
இனம் தெரியாமல் இணைந்தோம் கிளியே
சகியே நீ தான் துணையே
விழிமேல் அமர்ந்த இமையே

பூமிக்கு நீரிடம் பேதங்கள் இல்லை
பூவுக்கும் கற்றுக்கும் வாதங்கள் இல்லை
நான்கு கண்கள் கலந்த பின்னாலே
நால் வகை வேதங்கள் தடுப்பதும் இல்லை (சகியே நீ )

பூமியைக் கேட்டா வான்முகில் தூவும் ?
பூக்களைக் கேட்டா வண்டுகள் பாடும் ?
வீதியைக் கேட்டா தென்றலும் வீசும் ?
சாதியைக் கேட்டா காதலும் தோன்றும் ? (சகியே நீ )

காதலின் ராஜ்ஜியத்தில் விசித்திர வழக்கம்
கண்களை வாங்கிக்கொண்டு இதயத்தை கொடுக்கும்
ஒரு விழிப்பார்வை உயிரையும் எடுக்கும்
ஒரு விழிப்பார்வை உயிரையும் கொடுக்கும்
இருவிரல் தீண்டினால் சாதி தடுக்கும்
இதய்ங்கள் தீண்டினால் எது நம்மைப் பிரிக்கும் ? (சகியே நீ )

For song Oru Naal of album: Andhimandharai2010-09-02 17:18:52
Brilliant.......Lyrics by vairamuthu sir!!

For song Suttum Vizhi of album: P Unnikrishnan Live Part 22010-09-02 14:50:22

For song Radha Sametha of album: Krishna Karnamrutha2010-09-02 13:49:37
Divine rendering!

For song Tum Jiyo Hazaron Saal of album: Sujata2010-09-01 17:15:25
Blessful? ;))

For song Gokulashtami of album: Vakacharthu (devotional Songs On Lord Sreekrishna)2010-09-01 10:51:05
Superb. Thanks .r :))

For song Salangai Katti of album: Vaa Vaa Kanna2010-09-01 05:58:55
Excellent! beautiful!

For song Meri Ankhon Mein Bas Gaya Koi Re of album: Bombay Talkies R K Films Vol 32010-08-31 16:27:06
beautiful.........lovely song!!

For song Chinuku Thadiki of album: Nee Sneham2010-08-31 09:02:47
Very melodious song.though I don't understand the meaning!..........Thanks friend

For song Thenpaandi Cheemayilae of album: Nayagan2010-08-31 07:54:19
What a song the lyrics and the voice offer such a lot of comfort and solace!! .....masterpiece..........shocking movie it was.........a portrayal of the underworld don!!

For song Dheere Se Chupke Se of album: Falguni Pathak - Dil Jhoom Jhoom Nache2010-08-28 13:08:24
Dreamy number

For song Meri Chunar Ud Ud Jaye of album: Falguni Pathak - Dil Jhoom Jhoom Nache2010-08-28 12:45:20
Mellow......extremely musical...........

For song Saravana Poigaiyil of album: Ithu Sathiyam2010-08-27 18:11:29
HONEY!! Both lyrics and the voice!!!

For song Paruvam Enathu of album: Aayiratthil Oruvan2010-08-27 16:49:41
Superb......Refreshingly youthful!!

For song Paattu Varum of album: Naan Aanaiyittal2010-08-27 16:30:01
Sweet melody!!

For song Raat Kali Ek Khwab Men Aai of album: Buddha Mil Gaya2010-08-26 13:45:08

For song Nagumomu (chaarulatha Mani) of album: Mangalyam2010-08-26 06:32:35
Wonderful singing.......Divine Song!!........

For song Yeh Dil Na Hota of album: Jewel Thief2010-08-25 16:52:43

For song Azhagu Deivam of album: Kavadi Sindhu2010-08-25 13:56:48

For song Teri Ore of album: Singh Is Kinng2010-08-25 12:26:27
Shreyaaaaaaaaaa!! :))

For song Bheegi Bheegi Faza(revival) of album: Jaiye Ap Kahan2010-08-25 09:33:10
kya gana hai....full of life...... paglapan chanchalta......

For song Ek Pyar Ka Naghma Hai of album: Shor2010-08-25 09:03:37
Lessons of life....melodiously revealed!! Jeevan ka matlab tho ana aur jaana hai! kya baat hai!!

For song Yedu Thanthanadi of album: Chithiram Pesuthadi2010-08-24 17:52:34
Sublime.............The world has lost a great musician..........
Yedu thanthanadi Thillayile adai pada vandenadi avan ellayile........superb

For song Teri Yaad Ne Mara of album: Albela2010-08-24 16:26:04
Just great ......simply beautiful

For song Teri Yaad... Yaad of album: Bewafa2010-08-24 16:23:16
what a voice!! great!

For song Marukelara of album: Ultimate2010-08-24 13:10:29
Interesting but the instruments drown the voice of the singer :)
On the whole one is left with the feeling that they need to wind up the concert and leave the stage in a hurry ):

For song Na Bole Na Bole Re of album: Azad2010-08-24 07:06:52
Beautiful..Lovely ........Raag Bagheshri

For song Chah Barbaad Karegi Hemen of album: Kundan Dard Vol 1 (cx)2010-08-24 06:57:26
Masterpiece...Raag Bageshri

For song Bedardi Daghabaaz of album: Bluff Master2010-08-24 06:41:48
Another gem in raag Bageshree!!

For song Ghadi Ghadi Mera Dil Dhadke of album: Madhumati2010-08-24 06:33:27
Raag Bagheshree.....lovely melodious song.......

For song Jao Jao Nand Ke Lala of album: Rungoli2010-08-24 06:30:29
Raag Bageshree very musical ! wonderful rendering by Lataji!!

For song Ganesha Shodasha Namaani of album: Sacred Chants Vol V2010-08-24 05:51:45

For song Mellappo Mellapo of album: Azhagiya Thamizh Magal- M.g.r. Duets Vol.22010-08-23 10:30:04

For song Aadivannabhishekam of album: Madhumaasam2010-08-23 05:48:32
Madhura Ganam....

For song You Are Not Alone of album: History2010-08-22 17:36:32
Greatest! He has left a void that can never be filled..........Tnx buddy for the dedication........a song to be cherished

For song This Is Chennai Namma Chennai of album: Namma Chennai2010-08-22 17:32:35
Enna pattu idhu??? Madras nalla madras is anytime better:))

For song Madras Nalla Madras of album: Anubhavi Raja Anubhavi2010-08-22 17:29:52
Aha.........ippo chennai agivittade!!

For song Parvai Ondre of album: Golden Hour Jaishankar - Makkal Kalaingar2010-08-22 17:06:42
Beautiful song...........TMS sir could change his voice not onlyto suit the actor but the co singer it compliments Easwari amma's voice so well!!

For song Mil Gaye Mil Gaye Aaj Mere Sanam of album: Kanyadaan2010-08-22 15:23:47

For song Koi Hamdam Na Raha (revival) of album: Aaja Re Pardesi2010-08-22 14:13:20
Thank you Mr. Manoj! great song! though a bit sad!

For song Ram Naam Ladva of album: Anand Utsav - Celebrating The Existence2010-08-22 09:48:42
Divine .Very melodious......flavor of Garba..beautiful song of Secularism...

For song Jinke Hirdaya Shri Ram Base of album: Anand Utsav - Celebrating The Existence2010-08-22 09:02:41
Wah.sabse achchi naam Ram naam sabse achchi daan kanyadaan,,,,,,,,,sabse achchi kaam matrupithake seva........aha beautiful song..thanks Ojha ji

For song Inji Idupazhagav - 2 of album: Devar Magan2010-08-22 06:17:30
Lovely song! great acting by everyone!! Kamal as usual is Epitome of versatality

For song Oru Raja Raaniyidam of album: Sivantha Mann2010-08-21 16:53:47
Musical Story!!!

For song Manikka Veenai of album: Maanikka Veenai2010-08-21 16:51:55
Exactly my thoughts Mr. Siva........Ironical to have Susheelama as the artist and Rajesh Vaidhya as just composer!!!

For song Kalaiyae En Vaazhkkayin of album: Meenda Sorgam2010-08-21 16:46:07
simply great!!

For song Forever And For Always of album: Shania Twain - Greatest Hits2010-08-21 12:29:47
One of the sweetest song I have heard here!! Thanks buddy!!

For song Sri Maruti Stotram of album: Sri Ramaraksha Stotram2010-08-21 05:18:30
Transcending experience........Thank you Hummaa

For song Kurai Ondrum Illai (lakshmi Kataksham) of album: Lakshmi Kataksham2010-08-20 18:09:29
mana niraivai tharum arpudamana padal,,,,,,,,,

For song Nee Irangayenil of album: Lakshmi Kataksham2010-08-20 17:47:28
Raaga: Atana.....Adi taala

For song Govullu Thellana of album: Sapthapadhi (tlg)2010-08-19 13:36:59
Lovely............just guessing at the meaning though.thanks Nagasiromaniji

For song Keep The Faith of album: Dangerous2010-08-19 08:48:16
Thanks Buddy! Lovely song............the inherent message is lovelier!!!

For song Jhoom Ke Gaa Yun Aaj Mere Dil of album: Patanga2010-08-19 06:26:33

For song Kitna Haseen Hain Mausam of album: Azad2010-08-19 06:07:19
Mellow.....melodious too!!

For song Raja Enbar of album: Bhuvana Oru Kaelvikkuri2010-08-19 05:21:14
Deivattil unnai kanden dinam dinam poojai saiden.nilavukku kalangam endru vilagi nindren.........what wordings!

For song Chinnapura Ondru of album: Anbe Sangeetha2010-08-19 05:16:36
Too Good! A true geetanjali...........another excellent blending of lyrics,,,,composing and singing..............Thanks dear friend for the dedications

For song Krishna Kesava Krishna Govinda (dhasavathara Mangala Geetham) of album: Narayana Geetham2010-08-19 05:08:08
superb~~ Sarva Dukkha Nivarini.......... Thanks .........

For song Chhupa Kar Meri Ankhon Ko of album: Bhabhi2010-08-18 16:34:23

For song Chali Chali Re Patang of album: Bhabhi2010-08-18 16:31:35
Breezy and pure fun!!! may the kite fly high!!!

For song Majha Dev Pandhari of album: Gajalele Abhang2010-08-18 14:43:31
************************ Kay sangu?

For song Sundar Te Dhyan of album: Gajalele Abhang2010-08-18 14:40:16
Avade niranthar techi roopa!! Lovely description of vittala....sundar he gane!!

For song Hari Bhajanavin Kaal Ghalvu Nako Re of album: Naklat Saara Ghadle - Marathi Sugam Sa2010-08-18 14:15:01
so similar to a song in not waste time without remembering HARI

For song Paditthadhinaaal of album: Padikkatha Medhai2010-08-18 10:33:40
Endrum kuzhandaii pol vazhnduvittal tunbam thondruma.......kavi sir.aha!!

For song Eppadi Paadinaro (unni) of album: Melodious Moods Of P.unnikrishnan Vol 22010-08-17 15:58:15
Kaurnai kadal perugi kadhalinal urugi thanithamizh sollinal inidunai anudinam..........aha pure adoration..........

For song Saavi Rahe of album: Melodious Moods Of P.unnikrishnan Vol 22010-08-17 15:33:23
melodious singing!

For song Tere Bina of album: Guru2010-08-17 08:54:27
Catchy and light...........Thanks Buddy!!!

For song Nee Aandavana of album: Vaaname Yellai2010-08-17 05:45:04
lovely song Thank you T.Sankar ji

For song Tujhe Dekh Kar Jagwale of album: Sawan Ko Aane Do2010-08-16 17:38:37

For song Kya Khoob Lagti Ho of album: Dharmatma2010-08-16 16:40:13
Utterly feminine...........insatiable hunger for compliments :)

For song Jeevan Se Bhari Teri Ankhen of album: Safar2010-08-16 15:09:12
Another Kishoreda and Indeewarji combination.....Kishore da ki awaaz lafzon mein jeevan bar de!!! Bhar bhar sunnekho majbur kare!!!

For song Zindagi Ka Safar of album: Safar2010-08-16 14:59:23
Zindagi ko bahut pyar hamne kiya maut se bhi muhabbat nibhayenge hum Wah Indeewar ji kya kehne!! Kishore da lajawaab !! Truly an evergreen Number !
Thank you Syed Salman Ali Saab!!

For song Na Mono Lage Na of album: Safar2010-08-13 06:10:26

For song Ek Tu Hi Bharosa of album: Pukar2010-08-11 10:17:01
Great song!! who is the male singer?

For song Naan Ennum of album: Azhiyatha Kolangal2010-08-11 09:58:52
lovely music........there is a hindi song with a similar tune......
Na jya lage Lataji I think.Thanks Ts Ji

For song Varnam of album: P Unnikrishnan Live Part 12010-08-10 16:21:07

For song Bolava Vithal Pahava Vithal of album: G.h-kishori Amonkar-gaan Sarswati2010-08-10 06:02:56
What a composition!!...what a rendering!!!..leaves you feeling totally transported to a different world........

For song Maharaj Gouri Nandana of album: Astavinayak And Other Hits2010-08-10 05:27:38
Aha...ati sundar...

For song Kalla Malar of album: Kulamagal Radhai2010-08-09 16:50:52

For song Aj Din Chadeya of album: Love Aaj Kal2010-08-09 07:58:03
Kaise khuda hai tu? bas namm ka hai tu....teri itni bhi na chali :) kamal ka lyrics hai~~

For song Zindagi Is Tarah of album: Murder2010-08-09 06:13:45
Drag ):

For song Kaho Na Kaho of album: Murder2010-08-09 06:06:41

For song Kya Karoon? of album: Wake Up Sid2010-08-08 14:52:16

For song Wake Up Sid! of album: Wake Up Sid2010-08-08 14:49:53
meanigful and melodious has to read between the lines!!! versatile lyricist ..........not bound by time

For song Kabhi Yun Bhi To Ho of album: Wake Up Sid2010-08-08 14:42:25
What a song .wishful thinking of a lovelorn heart.....
Let the cold gentle breeze passing through your house pick up your fragrance and carry it to my house.........Javed Akhtar ji aap ka jawaab nahi...........
Thanks Suhasini

For song Mayakkum Maalai Pozhuthey of album: Gulebakavali2010-08-08 11:01:32
Achingly sweet and dulcet voice of Jikky mam and sweet affable voice of Raja Sir........what a combination!!

For song Aasaiyinale Manam of album: Maasila Unmai Kadale Golden Hits Of A M Rajah2010-08-08 10:53:39
Ambrosial? :)

For song Devi Namaskara Slokam of album: Sri Lalita Sahasranamam Ashtotram And Trisathi2010-08-08 03:41:48
lovely can feel the peace..shanthi..staling over you! most restful........the one word 'mathru roopena '

For song Vanna Therodum of album: Paattali2010-08-07 15:14:08
Sounds like SPB

For song Mere Mehboob (pyaar Ka Rang) of album: Loveria (compilation)2010-08-07 13:40:14
Good! Totally different voice......

For song Ravivarman Oviyamo of album: Pudhu Vayal2010-08-07 12:40:01
Beautiful song....Exquisite lyrics......

For song Kurai Ondru - Fusion of album: Theertham2010-08-07 12:28:04
Divine .....Thanks @mbik@

For song Raga Bibhas (santoor) of album: Shubh Prabhat2010-08-07 05:37:36
Rejuvenating ...thank u chitan sir

For song Naanamo of album: Golden Hour - M.g.r. - Hit Duets Vol. 12010-08-06 17:31:56
An Evergreen Duet!!

For song Naan Petra Selvam of album: Golden Hits Of T.m. Sounderarajan - Muthu Kulikka Vareegala2010-08-06 16:34:10
This song to my selvam :) Etta irande ninaithalum, inikkum manakkum un uruvam........ Aha

For song Male Manivanna of album: Live At Music Academy 19902010-08-06 07:03:34
Superb.Aha. Madhuram..

For song Unakena Iruppen of album: Kaadhal2010-08-05 17:01:08
Offering Solace.Totally en-capsuled in love..beautiful! Naanendral naane illai! Neethane naane aanen? Kudos to Joshua Sridhar! and yes stunning performance by Haricharan

For song Nadakamellaam of album: Madurai Veeran2010-08-05 15:46:46
Aadum Vizhi Paadum mozhi.....mayakkum padal!!

For song Nanda En Nilaa of album: Nanda En Nilaa2010-08-05 15:12:19
Good singing......... but lacks the ususal verve and style of SPB....could be bec of lyrics and composing? *

For song Rote Rote Hansna Seekho of album: Andhaa Kaanoon2010-08-05 13:07:44
Kishoreda kya gaate te aap!! Bahut Khoob!

For song Sangeethave of album: Legends Of Dr.rajkumar Vol 42010-08-05 05:43:25

For song Hai Junoon of album: New York2010-08-04 16:45:53
Apne hisab se dil ki kitab pe kuch to likho............:) Inspiring

For song Pottu Vaitha Mugamo of album: Legends Padmasree S P Balasubramanyam Vol 12010-08-04 12:31:37
lalala lalala lalala lalala Superb Singing!!

For song Ram Siya Ram of album: Jai Siya Ram2010-08-04 05:23:22

For song Japo Naam Japo Naam of album: Bhajan Path- - Bhajan Prabhat-vol - 22010-08-04 05:15:07
Ram ke naam se subha shuru ho! aur shyam ke naam se shyam.....wah

For song Hawa Dheere Se Aana of album: Sujata2010-08-03 18:03:51
beautiful lullaby........kitne madhur awaz hai!!

For song Krishna Mugundha of album: Haridoss2010-08-02 16:56:07
Aha.what a heritage we have...thanks Chitan sir

For song Seekho Na of album: Shubha Mudgal - Ab Ke Sawan2010-08-02 16:48:16
Amazing it is.Thank you Latha.......

For song Taron Men Sajke Apne Suraj Se of album: Jal Bin Machhli Nritya Bin Bijli2010-08-02 09:40:20
What a beautiful concept......amber sara laga kilne........adorned in stars the earth is on its way to meet the SUN
WOW.....what a wonderful way to greet the dawn..

For song Tiruvadi Charanam of album: Celtic Moods2010-08-02 06:42:12
Edutha jananam kanakku ezhuda tholyadhu......kodutha manida janmam veenagi......adutha vanda ennai thallal agadhu...Harahara endru sonnalum podadho?..Superb.beautiful....lovely singing by Arunamma
Inda oru pattu day is made.thanks Hummaa.....

For song Ram Kare Allah Kare of album: Aap Ke Deewane2010-08-01 07:03:22
Thank you Sanjoy Saab wonderful dedication on a special day.

For song Baar Baar Din Ye Aaye Happy Birthday To You of album: Farz2010-07-31 15:06:59
Behad sureela shub kamnayen!!! lovely

For song Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya of album: Spiritual Gems Of Pandit Jasraj2010-07-31 05:49:11
Ecstatic..transcendental.........Thank you Ojha Sir

For song Feel Alright of album: Colonial Cousins2010-07-30 15:00:08
Right on is chad kayo paapi bichua.....

For song Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyar Hum of album: Hum2010-07-30 07:30:35

For song Dil Ne Yeh Kaha Hain of album: Dhadkan2010-07-30 07:24:44
Super :)

For song Annapoorna Shtakam of album: M S S - Concert Album - Vol 22010-07-30 06:08:06
Bhiksham dehi..mata Annaporneshwari.........

For song Sri Lakshmi Ashtakam of album: Sri Thalaapaka Annamacharya Samkirtans2010-07-30 05:48:35
Divine rendering!

For song Paarththu Paarththu of album: Manappandhal2010-07-29 07:19:03
superb.........meimarakka seyyum padal,

For song Dheere Dheere Bol Koi Sun Na Le of album: Gora Aur Kala2010-07-29 06:21:17
Mukesh's voice ideal for such romantic songs too!! Normally one associated him with sad songs!!
Baaton ke badle ankhon se le kaam varna hum hojayenge badnaam great lyrics!!

For song Edhuta Nilichindhi of album: Vaana2010-07-29 06:01:03
Thank you Latha.....
The kannada version is my favourite........what a song! Will cherish this dedication always...
Anisutide yaako indu......

For song Krishna Nee Begane Baaro of album: Krishna Nee Begane Baaro2010-07-29 05:39:50
Different and yet lovely!! Muddhu Rangayya.......kaduve ekkayya?

For song Kaalaiyil Dinamum of album: New2010-07-28 13:43:59
Changing facets of wife's role....

For song Raagamaaligayaay of album: Krishna2010-07-28 06:40:32

For song Jaya Jaya (dr M Balamurali Krishna) of album: Great Masters Series Raghu Nandhana2010-07-28 06:21:34

For song Rama Rama Anaraada of album: Dr M Balamuralikrishna2010-07-28 06:14:37
Energizing Energetic performance.... wow

For song O Rama Sreerama of album: Dr M Balamuralikrishna2010-07-28 05:53:20
Emi Ruchira..........aha.......divine singing

For song Thava Virahe Vanamali of album: Radhika Krishnan2010-07-28 05:40:05
Beautiful Song
Dr's . rendering adds impact to it highlighting the love of Krishna for Radhe!!

tava virahe vana mAli, sakhi, sidati, rAdhe!
vasati vipina vitAne, tyajati lalita dhAma
luThati dharaNi zayane, bahu vilapati tava nAma,
manasi calita virahe, nizi nizi rujamupayAti

For song Kangal Ennum of album: Chithirappavai2010-07-27 07:01:15
unnai unakke arimugam seyyum..........lovely........

For song Sri Mahaganapathi of album: Live At Music Academy 19902010-07-27 03:36:23
Classic. What a rendering....Thanks Hummaa

For song Vathapi Ganapathim of album: Sangamam Vol 12010-07-27 03:32:10
GOD! Hummaa?

For song Dil Ki Kashti Bhanwar Men Aai Hai of album: Palki2010-07-26 16:39:41

For song Kaun Hai Jo Sapnon Mein Aaya of album: Jhuk Gaya Aasman2010-07-26 06:34:42

For song Bhooloka Vaikundam of album: Narayana Geetham2010-07-26 05:48:24

For song Orunaalum of album: The Belief2010-07-26 05:43:09
Calming, easeful,,,,divya sneham!! Thank you Preetha.........

For song Sri Ranganatha of album: Sri Venkatesa Suprabatham2010-07-25 16:59:14
Pottri pughzhdene en Rangane..........Beautiful song........

For song Poovukkul of album: Jeans2010-07-24 16:44:19
one of suja's best!!!

For song Thulli Thirinthadoru Kaalam of album: Payanam A Journey Isaignani Illayaraaja Vol 22010-07-24 16:25:31
Vazhkindra vazhvellam neerkumizh pondradu.what a sobering thought!!!
lovely song Thanks Ts sir

For song Idhu Enna of album: 22010-07-24 05:53:27
Vali thanga valimai illaye...........what a song .....

For song Enna Vegam Nillu Bama (remix) of album: 22010-07-24 05:47:41
wow....nice number!!!

For song Ennai Pol Pennallavo of album: Paartha Njabakam Illayo - Hits Songs From Tamil Films2010-07-24 05:18:12
Aha......what a rare find!!

For song Ennai Thalatta Varuvala of album: Kadalukku Mariadai2010-07-24 05:08:17
Great Melody!!

For song Ennai Eduthu of album: Padagotti2010-07-24 05:05:59
Edirparpum emattrapum mari mari pradhipalikkum varigal..superb singing

For song Aaj Mausam Bada Beimaan Hai of album: Loafer2010-07-23 18:04:40
WAH...........Rafiji why can someone not resurrect you! kash aapko meri umar bhi lagjati

For song Chup Gaye Sare Nazare of album: Do Raaste2010-07-23 17:50:31
Sweet!.......... good note to end a day!!

For song Laga Chunari Men Daag of album: Dil Hi To Hai2010-07-23 17:09:40
kya gaana hai aur kya gaate hain.WAH .........just suuuuuuperb!!

For song Chhukar Mere Manko of album: Yaarana2010-07-23 08:11:16
One of my favourites... melodious singing by Kishoreda.Thanks Latha!!

For song Thaai Madiyil of album: Krishna2010-07-23 07:11:28

For song Ashta Lakshmi Stothram of album: Mahishasura Mardhini2010-07-23 06:32:40
Good! must listen to MS ji and also bombay sisters!! just wonderful

For song Mahalakshmi Karunarasa of album: Lakshmi Kataksham2010-07-23 05:58:04

For song Samajavaragamana of album: Explosions2010-07-20 14:34:40
The background music is explosive , overshadowing unni's sweet voice ):

For song Enna Paarvai of album: Kathalikka Neramillai2010-07-20 07:18:56
Aha singers combo!! makings of an evergreen melody.

For song Navarathiriyil (punnagaimannan) of album: Iru Kodugal2010-07-20 06:58:13
wrong song........It was supposed to be punnagai mannan poovizhi kannan ):

For song Maathamo Aavani of album: Golden Hour S P Balasubramanyam All Time Hits Duets2010-07-20 06:49:26
What a duet!!!!....lovely!!!

For song Utha Utha Sakalajan (bhupali) of album: Bhupali Ani Pahatechi Bhaktigeete - 22010-07-20 05:02:02
Divine....Ganapati Vandana early morning.........

For song Kanmaniae Radhaienum of album: Varusham 162010-07-19 10:36:38
Rapturous.....what a performance!!

For song Minnalae Nee of album: Legends Padmasree S P Balasubramanyam Vol 52010-07-19 10:26:09
Kanneeril thee valarthu kathirukkiren.....beautiful wordings!!!

For song Vishwanathashtakam of album: Divine Melodies2010-07-19 04:00:14
Divine.....Beautiful rendering.......Labathe cha moksham.......

For song Shiva Tandava Stotram of album: Divine Melodies2010-07-19 03:53:54

For song Zindagi Ke Safar Mein of album: Aap Ki Kasam2010-07-18 16:57:49
Time and tide waits for no one!!

For song Mindathedi of album: Sujatha In A Romantic Mood2010-07-18 11:03:00
Extremely sweet..........Thanks Malathi!! .....Ini ammayay naan padam marandu poya thalolam......superb

For song Dheera Dheera Dheera of album: Magadheera2010-07-18 10:53:06
Very Melodious thank you Suhasini

For song Kudagu Malai of album: Karakaattakaran2010-07-18 10:50:35
masterpiece it is

For song Idhu Oru Pon Maalai of album: Nizhalgal2010-07-18 07:10:56
Can have scoop after scoop...thigattadha inippu!!!!

For song Neerajadala of album: Classical Moods2010-07-18 06:18:32
Ebullient, euphoric.....Thank you Chitan Sir

For song Na Jiya Lage Na of album: Anand2010-07-17 18:08:30
Lovely Song. Classic! lovely Raaga....Raag Malgunji....

For album: Gangayaar2010-07-17 15:21:55
Utterly Divine songs an enduring collection..........

For song Veppamaram of album: Saamy2010-07-17 11:24:28
nor heard .........nice it is

For song Thaththi Thaththi Nadandhuvarum of album: Boommai2010-07-17 11:11:47
Aha..........inda pattu ithanai naal engurundadu? what a find!!

For song Kaaathoduthaan Naan of album: Velli Vizha2010-07-17 10:57:48
Here it is:
kaadhodu dhaan naan paaduvaen
manadhodu dhaan naan paesuvaen
vizhiyodu dhaan vilaiyaaduvaen - un
madimeedhud haan kan mooduvaen
valarndhaalum naaninnum sirupillaidhaan - naan
arindhaalum adhu kooda nee solliththaan
unakkaetra thunaiyaaga enai maatra vaa - kula
vilakkaaga naan vaazha vazhi kaatta vaa
paalootta oru pillai azhaikkinradhu
naan padum paattai oru pillai rasikkinradhu
enakkaaga iru nenjam thudikkinradhu - idhil
yaar kaettu en paattai mudikkinradhu

For song Raag Charukeshi of album: Velli Vizha2010-07-15 17:09:19
A very familiar raaga........the song........Shyam teri bansi pukare radha naam..........comes to my mind

For song Ja Ja Re Balamwa of album: Basant Bahar2010-07-15 06:45:31
Gem it is Latha and it is in raag Jhinjhoti..............

For song Chhup Gaya Koi Re Door Se Pukar Ke of album: Champakali2010-07-15 06:41:34
Dard bari geet in raag Jhinjhoti....Ankhiyon se neend gayi manva se chainre.......beautiful .........

For song Jaoon Kahan Bata Ae Dil of album: Chhoti Bahen2010-07-15 06:31:30
Lord!! Hummaa do something

For song Saiyan Be Imaan of album: Guide2010-07-15 06:28:59
Raag Jhinjhoti......wah

For song Koi Hamdam Na Raha of album: Jhumroo2010-07-15 06:17:10
Lovely........Sad yet very melodious raga...Jhinjhoti!! great singing by Kishoreda

For song Neeradasama of album: Aruna Sayeeram 22010-07-15 06:08:23
Neela Krishna yegi.........Divine....thank you Nagasiromani.....

For song Thenmadurai Vaigai Nadhi - 2 of album: Dharmathin Thalaivan2010-07-14 17:50:07
Soothing Melody

For song Manikya Veenayumayen of album: Onv Kurup Hits Vol .i2010-07-14 17:20:04
Oh What a find!!

For song Dekha Ek Khwab of album: Silsila2010-07-13 15:20:34
Dreamy.......... .Phool bhi ho darmiyan tho phasle huey...........

For song Phoolon Ke Dere Hai of album: Zameer2010-07-13 14:10:53
Cool, breezy ..scented too!! Totally refreshing experience!!!

For song Zindagi Ki Kahani of album: Sirf2010-07-12 05:05:23
Gam ke saaye me palti kushi hai....superb melody .Haar se har jaana nahin hai......wah....inspiring Story Of Life

For song Tum Mile of album: Tum Mile2010-07-10 08:20:00
Pure Jadooooooooo!

For song Jago Mohan Preetam of album: Jagte Raho2010-07-09 12:45:04
Excellent! Raag Bhairav..........It is Jago Mohan Pyare! not preetam

For song Swapnagal Swapngal of album: Suvarna Malarukkal Vol. I2010-07-08 17:56:27
What a find! Yesudasji and Sahana!!

For song Yeh Sham Mastani of album: Kati Patang2010-07-07 17:50:49
Ever Green Melody.will never die out!! Deadly Duo Kishore da and R.D. Burman Saab

For song Over The Edge of album: Freedom - Akon2010-07-07 15:30:38
Wonderful........No matter no matter how far u fall down......Don't worry .I got You!!! ....... .lovely........

For song Unna Yenaku of album: Azhagar Malai2010-07-06 17:38:02
Hamsadhwani......lovely song.

For song O Chand Jahan Woh Jaye of album: Sharada2010-07-06 17:14:06
Raag Hamsadhwani

For song Chupke Chupke Raat Din of album: Nikaah2010-07-06 06:27:05
Excellent it is Latha !! Thank u

For song Salvation - Mukti - of album: White -music Of The Himalayas2010-07-06 06:02:41
Invigorating and Refreshing

For song Subramanyena of album: Golden Collections2010-07-05 06:21:49
Superb.. Suddha Dhanyasi ragam

For song Sham E Gham Ki Kasam of album: Dil Ki Duniya2010-07-03 06:34:17
Soft rendition filled with longing.....beautifu..thanks for this gift Lathaji!!

For song Badli Se Nikla Hai Chand of album: Sanjog2010-07-03 06:05:32
Deadly .what a song! another immortal creation in Nat Bhairav :) Thanks Hummaa It's been wonderful exploring and finding songs!!

For song Tere Naina Kyon Bhar Aaye of album: Geet2010-07-03 05:53:49
Beautiful Song in Nat Bhairav.......very melodious....

For song Tu Hai Mera Prem Devta of album: Kalpana2010-07-02 07:00:27
Todi again...what a depth of feeling!!!.....mein Ganga tu mera kinara..wah....lovely.....

For song Nee Irangayenil of album: Lakshmi Kataksham2010-07-02 05:27:51
Total surrender...pleading for asylum and refuge....
Adhuvum eppadi ...pottri pughazhndhu ......Kenji beautiful!!!!

For song Padhmanaba Paahi of album: Sheik Chinnamoulana - Nadhaswaram2010-06-30 13:36:39
Aha Divine.....Thank u friend!

For song Gumm Summ Gumm of album: Paa2010-06-29 15:05:44
Thanks Rathi what a song!!! great lyrics

For song Solai Kkuyilae of album: Ponnu Oorukku Pudhusu (tml)2010-06-29 06:33:00

For song Narayaniyamaam of album: Val Kannadi2010-06-29 05:16:51
Divine Narayanan Namam! both for hearing and chanting!!!Sarvasvame....

For song Mann Chandre of album: Connections - A R Rahman2010-06-28 13:12:28

For song Kuzhalaaga of album: Sri Krishna2010-06-27 05:40:24
Ekkam!! so explicitly revealed~~ sarvam krishnarpanam

For song Kanna Kanna of album: Sri Krishna2010-06-27 05:31:35

For song Kannae Unnaal of album: Ambikapathi2010-06-27 05:05:02
what a jodi!! beautiful!! wonderful repartee!! One always enjoys the underlying kurumbu and humour!!

For song Kare Kare Badra of album: Bhabhi2010-06-27 04:57:13
Megh Malhar...Exquisite!

For song Tu Paas Hai of album: Premium Collection2010-06-26 18:22:43
Extremely Romantic! & Totally Love lorn

For song Thullatha Manamum of album: Kalyana Parisu2010-06-26 17:43:26
Thunba kadalai thandum podhu thoni avadu panacea for all illness......

For song Samsaaram Samsaram of album: Legends - A M Rajah Vol-12010-06-25 10:40:11
Vazhkayin saarathai inimayaga eduthu uraikkum padal....uravodu unna vendum.oorodu vazha vendummm.periyorai paniya vendum siriorai kakka vendum.....succintly put.these two lines tell all!! Thank U Chitan Sir

For song Dil Jo Na Keh Saka of album: Bheegee Raat2010-06-24 16:42:57
The song merits your undivided attention.........u just can't work...totally spell bound ...........all pervading,,,,,,,,,

For song Paon Padun Tore Shyam of album: Bheegee Raat2010-06-22 17:08:27
Rare gem

For song Tilak Shyam (achor, Jod of album: New Offerings From Pt. Ravi Shankar2010-06-19 15:50:29
Absolutely wonderful but a bit too lengthy !!

For song Ek Sawal Main Karoon of album: Sasural2010-06-18 18:03:51
lajawaab geet!!!

For song Teri Pyari Pyari Soorat Ko of album: Sasural2010-06-18 18:00:12
wah.beautiful....hosh uda de!!!

For song Kana Kaanum of album: Agni Satchi2010-06-14 16:27:37
lovely song

For song Mamava Pattabhirama of album: Vinaraada Naa Manavi - Priya Sisters2010-06-14 10:17:19
Excellent Thanku @mbik@

For song Majhi Chal O Majhi Chal of album: Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke2010-06-14 09:28:24
Awesome....extremely melodious and totally upliftng soothing.....inspirational and motivational

For song Idhu Oru Ponmaalai of album: Endrum Iniyavai Hits Of Ilaiyaraaja2010-06-14 07:10:32
well said friend.It does perk you up......u just feel lilke skipping along.....

For song Antha Sivagami Maganidam of album: Iru Maanganipol Makkal Kalaingar2010-06-13 17:31:38
Enna inimayana kural..........

For song Pachchai Maamalai (divya Prabandam) of album: Brindavan2010-06-12 16:16:25
Lord Vishnu..........Perazhagu!!.........divine.Karolli vannan .....

For song Nayan Hamare of album: Annadata2010-06-11 11:48:10
sapne sapne hote hain aur sachayi haqeeqat...sapne kabhi sach nahi hote .so well sung by mukeshji!

For song Kurai Onrum Illai of album: Annadata2010-06-11 09:56:52
and will rule for many years to come....

For song Pani Lllaatha of album: Golden Hour - M.g.r. - Hit Duets Vol .112010-06-10 17:55:56
Isai illadha vazhkaya?

For song Anjali Anjali of album: Legends Padmasree S P Balasubramanyam Vol 42010-06-10 17:52:27
un padal tamil isaikku ore anjali :)) Tamil vanda disai parthu uyir does one write like this!!!

For song Chittukurivi Chittukurivi of album: Town Bus2010-06-10 17:35:53
Inimai sweet!!! Takes the cake for melody and simplicity......

For song Kandaen Kandaen of album: Town Bus2010-06-09 17:43:25
superb singing.......Thank you Shyama Priya....

For song Ni Sa Ga Ma Pa Ni Sa Re Sa of album: Anand Mahal2010-06-08 13:16:26
Aha......lovely singing........that is what has made this song so memorable.....what a voice!!

For song Shukran Allah of album: Kurbaan2010-06-08 09:32:27
lovely lovely lovely lovely

For song Bad Romance of album: Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster Vol 12010-06-08 09:16:24
Psycho..........totally gone off the rocker!! Good singing though!!

For song Andholikavahane of album: Swathithirunal Krithis (vol-1)2010-06-07 17:49:11
Lovely song.....well sung....anandam needum ananda bhairavi

For song Kabhi Bekasi Ne Mara of album: Alag Alag2010-06-07 17:36:35
Great lyrics..gila maut se nahi hai mujhe zindagi ne mara WAH

For song Pullang Kuzhal Kodutha of album: Sri Krishna Ganam2010-06-07 12:25:13
Kannanukku Kanikkai.....pure bliss

For song Unkannil Neer of album: Sri Krishna Ganam2010-06-07 11:56:56
Vietnam veedu.........loved the movie and great songs....what a family........classic......
verane nee irundhai adil naan vizhndu vidadirunden giving credit where it is due......

For song Yaarai Nambi of album: Sri Krishna Ganam2010-06-07 11:54:00
matchless .be it the singer or the lyricist.......viyatnam veedu oru kaviyam

For song Paatum Naahe of album: Sri Krishna Ganam2010-06-07 11:49:49
Ethanai yugangal analum elloraiyumkattundu kettkavaikkum padal.....pramadham ....great singer.very very versatile.......

For song Deivam Irupathu of album: Sri Krishna Ganam2010-06-07 11:43:31
excellent song from Saraswati sabhadam....what lyrics....ponnum porulum niraindavar nenjum poyyil valarnda kaadu....Ennum Ezhuttum niraindavar nenjum iraivan thigazhum veedu....aha....

For song Olimayamana of album: Sri Krishna Ganam2010-06-07 11:39:56
What a song.soo inspirational....unbeatable.beyond compare......

For song Chellakkiligalam of album: Sri Krishna Ganam2010-06-07 11:35:10

For song Angey Maalai of album: Sri Krishna Ganam2010-06-07 11:31:59

For song Dayavillayaa Dayaalo of album: Maharajapuram Santhanam In Ecstasy2010-06-05 08:31:58
Melodious singing..lovely.....

For song Sarasijanabha Nin Charana Sevaya of album: Stothra Maala2010-06-05 08:16:13
Wonderful song.Thanks Ambika

For song Sri Anjaneya Stotram of album: Prayers To Hanuman2010-06-05 05:34:53
Apara karuna murthim!! asadyam tava kim vadah.......Nothing is impossible if u have the grace of Lord Hanuman..

For song Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatham of album: Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatham2010-06-05 03:27:49
sada venkatesham smarami smarami.....This divine creation is priceless and beyond ratings of mere mortals

For song Jane Kahan Gaye Woh Din of album: Mera Naam Joker2010-06-04 17:59:58
Reminiscences........good and Bad............

For song Jhanak Jhanak Tori Baje Payelia (revival) of album: Re Man Sur Mein Ga2010-06-04 17:11:53

For song More Than That of album: Backstreet Boys Hits2010-06-04 12:42:31
very good song!

For song Beautiful Ft. Colby O'donis And Kardinal Offishall of album: Freedom - Akon2010-06-04 11:45:17
What a song! what a voice!!!.......BEAUTIFUL U brightened my day!!!

For song Ghum Suhm Ghum Suhm of album: Collaborations 22010-06-04 11:23:19
very melodious.......

For song Surili Akhiyon Wale of album: Veer2010-06-04 11:19:47
SUPERB......Tu bhi akhiyon se kabhi mere akhiyon ke sun..wah

For song Rishte Naate of album: De Dana Dan2010-06-04 10:01:33

For song Piya Tose Naina Lage Re of album: Guide2010-06-04 06:07:45
what a dance sequence it was....beautiful.....

For song Sunayana Sunayana of album: Sunayana2010-06-04 05:48:45
Unconditional love.......beautiful song...Rajeshwari was the actress and she had really big beautiful eyes......her movie dulhan wohi jo piya man baye is good too!!

For song Om Devimahalakshmi of album: Sree Mookambika Devimanthram2010-06-03 17:06:24
lovely voices..........

For song Kannathil Muththamittal of album: Kannathil Muthamittal2010-06-03 17:00:56
memorable movie and glory to the little girl....chella mazhayaum nee.....chinna idiyum nee....totally heart stealing........enadhu selvam nee enadhu varumai nee......

For song Aadathu Asangaathu of album: Nandalala (piththkkuli Murugadas )2010-06-03 16:47:36
Melodious Konjal.......:))

For song Adathe Asangathe Vaa of album: Thaye Yeshoda Oothukadu Krithis (classical Vol-6)2010-06-03 16:46:17
A popular very well.......

For song Munthuthamizh (thiruppugazh) of album: M P N Brothers2010-06-03 16:36:37

For song Aeri Main To Prem Diwani of album: Nau Bahar2010-06-03 14:36:07
simple straight from naino ke deepak liye sanjoy..........

For song Jai Jai Shyam Radheshyam of album: Jal Mahal2010-06-03 14:15:30
Very melodious....lovely song.......

For song Samyamakannoru of album: Jal Mahal2010-06-03 14:02:31

For song Bhooli Huyi Yadon of album: Sanjog2010-06-03 13:27:41
sabhla hoon gir gir ke.mujhe aur na girao wow painfilled......

For song Thirutheril Varum of album: Naan Vaazha Vaippen2010-06-03 13:22:05
Good! paced song.

For song Mere Dil Kabhi To Koi Aayega of album: Main Chup Rahungi2010-06-03 06:30:03
Sweet Expectation......Dil ko ashwasan......badlega daur.......wah......

For song Kya Mil Gaya Bhagwan of album: Anmol Ghadi2010-06-03 06:20:47
lovely......:) lilting melody.........but a different song!!! Again a goof up Hummaaaaaa

For song Awaz De Kahan Hai of album: Anmol Ghadi2010-06-03 06:16:21
Captivating voice........

For song Hum Hain Is Pal Yahan of album: Kisna2010-06-02 17:30:14
Superb Lyrics.......

For song Manadirkkugandadu of album: Kisna2010-06-02 17:05:32
Superb Rendering.....

For song Kuzhaloothi of album: Classical Moods2010-06-02 07:59:17
I was searching for Chitraji's rendition!! Thanks a million Rathi........This song has a special significance for me!

For song Thumani Maadathu of album: Krishna - A Musical Reflection2010-06-02 06:43:01
Excellent! lovely. Thanks Rathi

For song Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar of album: Arth2010-06-01 13:18:00
Soothing rendition.......

For song Koi Yah Kaise Bataye of album: Arth2010-06-01 13:15:13
soul searching questions

For song Kaliyugathil Pirandha of album: Gnana Paadalgal (vol 1)2010-06-01 06:51:37

For song Mella Mellane Bandane of album: Sampradaya Bhajanamrutham (vol 1)2010-06-01 06:47:01
Mella mella bandhu......nilladhe odi hoda..:) Kalla ........ Thunta....superb in its utter simplicity.......

For song Deena Sharanyane of album: Sampradaya Bhajanamrutham (vol 1)2010-06-01 06:44:01
Beautiful.thanks Latha........

For song Unnai Paadum Paniyondru of album: Sampradaya Bhajanamrutham (vol 1)2010-06-01 06:41:21
Thaniyada thamizh mogam.........Rings a bell ........God after my own heart........lord muruga.anaikindra karam...ninaikindra manam.aha..... thanks srini sir.

For song The Flute Song of album: O Meri Munni2010-05-31 17:49:32
catchy.....u want to break out into a dance!!!

For song Chithirai Maatham of album: Raman Eththanai Ramanadi2010-05-31 13:26:40
what a fast lilting youthful melody!!

For song Tu Jo Nahin Koi Mera of album: Tanhaiyan2010-05-31 13:20:15
Heart rending........and a rare song indeed! Thank you M.K. Sir!!

For song Numb of album: Live In Texas2010-05-31 13:08:22
want to hear it again again.thanks Raj

For song Main To Tum Sang Nain Milake of album: Man Mauji2010-05-31 12:59:08
Melody queen........may she reign for a long time............Thanks Lathaji!!

For song Thamizhukkum Amudhendru of album: Puratchi Kavignar Bharathidasan Sange Muzhangu2010-05-31 12:35:29
Indha thamizhin inimayai adhigarikkum kural susheela ammavin kural......

For song Home of album: Loaded With Superstars Loaded With Hits2010-05-30 13:33:30
Going home! the place where I belong.woderful!

For song Chori Chori Tori Aai Hai Radha of album: Hum Hindustani2010-05-30 09:57:03
superb......hriday mera dole :)

For song Ankhon Se Jo Utri Hai Dil Men of album: Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon2010-05-30 09:42:50
khanoo se uthri hai dil mein ap ashaji!! kya baat hai aap ki awaaz ki

For song Aasman Ke Neeche (revival) of album: Cafe Bollywood - Tbd - 12010-05-30 07:09:01

For song Azhakooril of album: Thirumalai2010-05-30 06:28:56
what a trio! Suja, SPB sir and V super...... thanks preetha :)

For song Azhakooril of album: Thirumalai2010-05-30 06:28:24
what a trio! Suja, SPB sir and V super...... thanks preetha :)

For song Veenaberi (abheri) of album: M S S - Guru Guha Vani - Vol 12010-05-30 06:18:57

For song Karpanai Endralum of album: M S S - Guru Guha Vani - Vol 12010-05-30 06:14:23
masterpiece........thanks Chitan sir

For song Mishra Shivranjini of album: Legends - Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma Vol-22010-05-30 06:05:45
Lovely....Good for intriospection! popular hindi song in this raga is
Jane kahan gaye o din!

For song Bhogeendra Shayinam of album: P Unnikrishnan Live Part 12010-05-29 15:24:04
Wonderful treat!! CLASS

For song Ean Enakku of album: Naan Avan Illai (new)2010-05-29 11:34:09
I know what you mean Preetha:) there is a timeless ness to this song.....u cannot slot it......will be an evergreen melody!!!

For song Yeh Dil Aur Unki Nigahon Ke Saye of album: Prem Parbat2010-05-29 09:45:26
Raag Pahadi :))

For song Yeh Wadiyan Yeh Fazayen of album: Aaj Aur Kal2010-05-29 09:35:02
Aha ..vadiyan,, Fazayen aur Rafi ssab ke Awaaz........Raag Pahadi!!

For song Rula Ke Gaya Sapna Mera of album: Jewel Thief2010-05-29 09:26:44
why are sad songs piercingly melodius? Raag Pahadi........

For song Bee Gees & Celine Dion - Immor of album: One Night Only2010-05-29 09:02:10
We dont say Good touching.thanks preetha

For song Ab Ke Sajan Sawan Mein of album: Chupke Chupke2010-05-28 17:02:28
Hauntingly melodious....teasing......light!! hilarious movie :))

For song Pal Pal Dil Ke Pas of album: Baliwood 2 - Nitin Bali2010-05-28 16:55:12
Dreamy.I think remixes are not up to the mark but you can listen to them in the absence of the original :))

For song Mahaprabhav Asobhitham of album: Kadam Puzha Devi Kripa2010-05-28 12:40:42
Divine.superb.extremely melodious.Thank you malathi

For song Thillana Nadaswaram of album: Thillaanaa Mohanambaal2010-05-28 10:17:37

For song Band Music of album: Thillaanaa Mohanambaal2010-05-28 10:02:02
Outstanding it is Even today it keeps you rooted to the seat!!

For song Ragithandeero of album: Purandharadasar Krithis2010-05-26 17:44:27
The simple divine compositions of swami Purandara Dasa gets to u all the he blesses the family that gives him bhikshe.....

For song Brahma Mokate of album: Priyavadhana2010-05-26 17:36:41
Shrihare antratma......absolutely divine......

For song Kalyana Naal Paarkka of album: Parakkum Paavai2010-05-25 11:41:36

For song Poyyile Piranthu of album: Anandajyothi2010-05-25 11:36:37
Exquisite.. What a play of words...

For song Anbulla Maan Vizhiye of album: Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum2010-05-25 11:16:58
Here it is Geethanjali :)
Anbulla maan vizhiye
asayil oar kadidham
naan ezuthuvanthenna vendraal
uyir kaadhalil ora kavidhai
anbulla manavaney asayil oar kadikadham
athai kaigalil eazuthavillai
iru kanngalil eazuthivanthean
Nalam nalam dhana mullai malarey
sugam sugam dhana muthuchudarey
Nalam nalam dhana mullai malarey
sugam sugam dhana muthuchudarey
iLayakanniyin idai melindhadhoa
edutha edupiley nadai thalarndhadhoa
vanna poongodi vadivam kondadhoa
vaadi kaatriley vaadi nindrathoa
Anbulla maan vizhiye
asayil oar kadidham
naan ezuthuvanthenna vendraal
uyir kaadhalil ora kavidhai

Nalam nalam thaney nee irundhal
sugam sugam thaney ninaivirundhal
Nalam nalam thaney nee irundhal
sugam sugam thaney ninaivirundhal
idai melindhadhu iyarkai allavaa
nadai thalarndhadhu naanam allavaa
vaNNa poongoadi peNNmai allavaa
vaadavaithathum unnmai allavaa
Anbulla maan vizhiye
asayil oar kadidham
athai kaigalil eazuthavillai
iru kanngalil eazuthivanthean

For song Kuththu Vilakku of album: Pachchai Vilakku (tml)2010-05-25 11:08:46

For song Thamizhukkum Amudhendruper of album: Panchavarnakkili2010-05-25 09:40:27
Inba thamizhay inidana kuralil pada .kettal.Inbam perugam...

For song Logo Na Maro Ise of album: Anamika2010-05-25 07:28:27
one of my favourites :)

For song Nan Oru Vilayattu of album: Concert Series Vol Ii (nithyashree Mahadevan2010-05-24 17:53:31
oru pugal indri un thiruvadi adaindene .un thiruvullam irangadha?

For song Malar Pola of album: Ammavukku2010-05-24 17:42:05
Thank you Srini sir...wonderful prayer......palar pootri parattum gunam vendum......Thaye.......

For song Manasa of album: Munna (tlg)2010-05-24 07:06:34
Very Musical......superb singing by Sadhana Sargam.........but understood not a word ):

For song Yeh Desh Hai of album: Stumped2010-05-24 06:56:57
aha ..mera des mahan! :)

For song Pind Diyan Galiyan of album: Punjeeri2010-05-24 06:43:56
Beautiful ! Rememebring one's roots.......The childhood days.........The games played...... not that I could understand the complete song just the gist of it! Thanks Latha

For song Amazing Grace of album: He Touched Me2010-05-24 06:23:26
Thanks Chitan Sir! All ways greatful for every grace bestowed on me!
when we sit and contemplate we realise that we have more blessings to count..........
which reminds me of another favourite of mine "Kurai ondrum illai"
Enda bashai la sonna enna? finally it all means the same......... Thanks again for yet another beautiful dedication

For song Mere Banne Ki Baat Na Poochho of album: Gharana2010-05-23 12:17:12

For song Kya Hua Yeh Mujhe Kya Hua of album: Jis Desh Men Ganga Behti Hai2010-05-23 12:14:32
Fabulous..........the Duo at it again!!!

For song Aap Se Pyar Hua Aap Khafa Ho Baithe of album: Aabroo2010-05-23 12:01:41
Now where was this hiding? lovely .Thanks Hummaa. Mein yahan rehne lagi hoon!!

For song Koi Ladki Koi Ladka of album: Seeta Aur Geeta2010-05-23 11:56:52
Agreed :) Ab aise geet kahan ):

For song O Sathi Chal of album: Seeta Aur Geeta2010-05-23 11:47:50
what a pair! both the singers and the actors!! :))

For song Yeh Raat Yeh Barsaat of album: Awam2010-05-23 11:37:32 sensitive.....MK's voice is like a whisper wow.

For song Woh Hanske Mile Ham Se of album: Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi2010-05-23 11:32:47
kyo khud kho muhabat ka hakdar samaj baite.wah......the pain comes thru in ashaji's voice......beautiful song...

For song Aji Chale Aao of album: Halaku2010-05-23 11:27:41
Sweet duo!!

For song Haye Re Haye Tera Ghunghta of album: Dhongee2010-05-23 11:24:54
what a mix up! ........I am listening to haye re hay neend nahin aye :))

For song Dil Hai Mera Dil of album: Paraya Dhan2010-05-23 11:05:21

For song Sajna O Sajna of album: Do Kaliyan2010-05-23 10:48:42
wrong film too! hummaa ji isn't it about time that these mistakes are set right?

For song Kanavu Kanum Vazhkai Yaavum of album: Neengal Kettavai2010-05-23 07:27:14
kasme vade pyar wafa sab...............a song in hindi set to the same tune

For song Devanu Kepathy of album: Swathithirunal Krithis (vol-1)2010-05-23 06:31:07
Raaga ke pathy kanada.bhajan ke pathy veena...........ruthike pathy vasantha....giri pathy well written and beautifully sung

For song Pralayapayodhi of album: Sri Jayadeva S Ashtapathi Vol-12010-05-23 06:24:59
Sung with intense feeling...........capaple of helping one to visualize all the ten avataras of Lord Vishnu.......

For song Inthaku Nuvvevaru of album: Snehithuda2010-05-23 05:54:34
musical! shreya too good!!

For song Maamavasada of album: Swathithirunal Krithis (vol-1)2010-05-23 03:43:19
Sublime......sedate and soothing

For song Savirahe of album: Sri Jayadeva S Ashtapathi Vol-12010-05-22 17:44:53
Total Bliss!

For song Hanumana Prana of album: Sri Ramanjaneya Yuddha2010-05-22 15:03:47
He Raghava , Pavana, meghashyama.........utterly divine beautiful

For song Selfish Girl of album: A Girl Like Me2010-05-22 07:24:48

For song Angel of album: Flipsyde - We The People2010-05-22 07:08:00
A tribute......moving........

[Verse 1]
Now you've been up and you've been down
Stayed strong even though daddy wasn't around
My momma through the thick and the thin beginning to end
And though I be sinning you keep me livin' with that love that you givin'
It's unconditional hey the sun shines when I see a smile on ya face
My momma with the money and jewels the record and tours
I'd give it away if I could make your days happy days
And when my hearts broke and can't cope I'm comin' on home
To remember the reason why I was born
Cuddle up inside your heavenly arms you help me weather the storm
You love music so I put it in song

She's an Angel workin' on God's train
She's an Angel workin' on me
She's an Angel workin' on God's train
She's an Angel workin' on me

[Verse 2]
I wasn't born wild you know you raised me right
But the roads of Alabama called me into the night
From the coke and the weed and extacy
I'm lost in the streets but you still remain next to me
The blood that I bleed it flows through your veins
Even in my lowest point I can still hear your words to my brain
First time I was arrested mommas love was tested
I couldn't contest it so here's my confession you're my blessing
You're the reason I believe you're the reason I sing
You're the reason angels tangle me in heavenly things
It's been a long road so hard and cold
But you keepin' me warm with your heart of gold

She's an Angel workin' on God's train
She's an Angel workin' on me
She's an Angel workin' on God's train
She's an Angel workin' on me

[Verse 3]
You're the light at the end of the tunnel the break of the day
After the darkest night chasing all the evil away
You're my flowers and sunshine cherries and red wine
Diamonds they can't find shining through hard times
You're the angel on Earth the proof there's a God
The reason to keep on going you're my light in the dark
The first star in the sky and the last to leave
And when I'm travelin' through the night I feel your light on me

She's an Angel workin' on God's train
She's an Angel workin' on me
She's an Angel workin' on God's train
She's an Angel workin' on me

For song Pachcha Kili of album: Iru Thilagangal2010-05-22 05:59:34
Superb.......viralgall pesikiradhe!! :))

For song Intaparaamukha of album: Composition Of Mysore Sri Vasudevachar2010-05-22 05:54:30
Fast paced and stunning performance...........

For song Charanam Charanam of album: Rama2010-05-22 05:26:01

For song Rama Rama of album: Daily Bhajans2010-05-21 16:58:46

For song Palvadiyum Mugham of album: Thaye Yeshoda Oothukadu Krithis (classical Vol-6)2010-05-21 16:54:13
Bhakti paravasam.....

For song Unnaiyallaa of album: Himagiri Thanaye Devi Krithis (classical Vol-7)2010-05-21 16:49:34
Entrancing..............Manam niraindadu what an experiance!

For song Superblind of album: Robbie Williams - Reality Killed The Video Star2010-05-21 10:55:02
sweet song! soothing voice

For song The Climb - Miley Cyrus of album: 2009 Billboard Top 50 So Far 08-20092010-05-21 07:37:28
Keep Going.....Great Song

For song Sidhi Vinayakam of album: Vatapi (vinayaka Krithis) Vol 12010-05-21 06:37:34
That is the word I was looking for....Trance ..........if a song is capabel of taking a pamaran like me to the trance like state then, there is nothing to be said abt the there? That is the highest accolade one can pay a singer........

For song Palkkadal of album: Romeo2010-05-21 05:31:41
Startling performance..awe inspiring.......

For song En Idhayam of album: Singam2010-05-21 05:23:17
yes very good singing by Suchitra

For song Sidhi Vinayakam of album: Vatapi (vinayaka Krithis) Vol 12010-05-21 05:12:10
Great rendering........absolutely flawless...moving....
When some one sings, normally he is lost in communication with the deity that he/she is evoking. There is no time, then to be aware of minor technicalities.
If one concentrates on it than it is devoid of bhava.. and he will not be able to transfer the bhakti to the listeners..... everything is lost then.
There are no tears in the eyes of the listeners...they are not moved....
Every one turns into critics.....
There is regional differences in pronunciation of pa, bha.tha, dha, ka, ga, but can we not rise above it.?
Not everyone of us is equipped to comment on the intricacies of a rendition . I am not... for me it has always been the bhava lyrics, raga and the voice......
Thanks for the dedication Chitan Sir and for inviting me to comment!!

For song Arjuna Vishada Yogam (chap - 1) of album: Srimad Bhagavad Geeta (vol 1)2010-05-20 14:57:30
Awesome it is.Thank you Srini Sir

For song Ullathai Thirandhu of album: Ulavu Thurai2010-05-20 11:37:55
what a tribute !...........superb................

For song Ulagathin Roopam Nee of album: Emberumaanae2010-05-19 09:07:00
Geethayin saaram....beautiful...........manadhukkul niranda dai kannanai vellilyil true....thanks Srini sir

For song He Govind He Gopal of album: M.s.subbulakshmi - Main Nahin Makhan Kha2010-05-19 05:24:31
He hridayi vihari...madhura bhajan.........

For song Bade Armanon Se of album: Malhar2010-05-18 06:45:34
jab bhi sunti hoon kho jati hoon!! superb song

For song Malae Manivanna of album: Live Waves From Melbourne Vol 12010-05-18 06:05:20
wrong song...........):

For song Satre Vilagi - Poorvi Kalyani of album: Sanjay Subrahmanyam - Lilting Melodies2010-05-18 05:48:33
Wonderful composition...heartening to know lord is equally devoted to his devoteee!!

For song Mahre Hiwda Mein Nache Mor of album: Hum Saath Saath Hain2010-05-17 17:15:49

For song Tu Kahan Ye Bata of album: Tere Ghar Ke Samne2010-05-17 13:44:08

For song Tujhe Apne Paas Bulati Hai of album: Patita2010-05-17 13:39:16
charming and alluring..........both voice and words :))

For song Dont Worry Be Happy of album: The Ultimate Collection - Pop 50 Of The Best Hits2010-05-17 12:28:36
how consoling...........great .......................Isn't the offer of the telephone number Irresistible :))

For song Kahin Ek Masoom Nazuk Si Ladki of album: Shankar Husain2010-05-17 08:19:56
You dare not comment! lest u spoil the magic...............priceless! Thanks Latha

For song Kalvare of album: Raavanan2010-05-17 08:17:04
subtle and sweet!!

For song Hit The Floor of album: Meteora2010-05-17 06:36:54

For song Rama Kanavemira of album: Swati Mutyam2010-05-15 18:10:07
Ramaneeyame.........Beautiful Raaga.....and so well sung by SPB sir Aha..........

For song Geeth Dhunik of album: Paramapurusha Jagadeeswara (swathithirunal Krithis Classical Vol-8)2010-05-15 05:40:54
Kya kahoon mein......sukh mayi geeth...........

For song Malayoram Veesum Kaatru of album: Paadu Nilave2010-05-15 05:24:49
Ennoda thai thandai pattu thanamma! thiruppi kekkanam pola irukku........:))

For song Oru Chempaneer of album: Sthithi2010-05-15 05:13:52
Every time I listen to this song I tend to interpret it differently......that is the way with poems
just as you say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so is the beauty of the song.........
Translations can never match the exact meaning!
Friends Lathaji and Chitan sir have succeeded in helping
a non malayalee like me to understand and appreciate the song...beautiful isn't it

For song Umbrella of album: 2007 Top 202010-05-14 05:59:46
You could stand under my the sun shines we will shine together.....

For song The Sweet Escape of album: 2007 Top 202010-05-14 05:52:49
I wanna get away! :) ye ho ye ho

For song Alarsara of album: Paramapurusha Jagadeeswara (swathithirunal Krithis Classical Vol-8)2010-05-14 03:16:46
Deep divine.all encompassing love...and what a voice.......majestic and yet melodious

For song Ninne Ninne of album: Sashirekha Parinayam2010-05-13 18:05:11
melodious alas did not understand a word of it

For song Adi Nee Oru Super Figaru of album: Kodambakam2010-05-13 07:07:17
Kalathukku thagunda lyrics...........:) virasam.....enjoyed it.......

For song Chinnakutti Nathanar of album: Aaravalli2010-05-13 06:53:39
wow....nice........paints a very vivid picture of whole family travelling.....:)
Thanks chitan sir!

For song Yaaradi Nee Mohini of album: Eesaa2010-05-13 06:48:27
Comic.......but good for a remake......which was totally unexpected!! :)

For song Neerengey Naanengey of album: Jnaala Mudalvane Vinayakane2010-05-13 06:40:11
wonderful!........ Immortal indeed! Thank you Mr. Srinivasanchari

For song Vellai Pookkal of album: Kannathil Muthamittal2010-05-13 06:25:34
White for purity and peace..and innocence.......exquisite song Thank you Ananth sir

For song Santhosha Methan of album: Santhanam (tml)2010-05-12 15:09:03
pongi pozhigindra magazchi........ inda padalai ketkum pozhudu!!

For song Brathuku Nee Kosame of album: Inti Guttu2010-05-12 14:39:29
I am a fan of Jikky too!! melodious singing........thanks Chitan sir

For song Thullioodum of album: Periya Idatthu Penn2010-05-12 13:10:38
super melody....Romantic

For song Kanni Moola Ganapathi of album: Irumudi2010-05-12 06:57:12
New artist (for me) somewhere there is a slight resembalance of Sirgazhi Govindarajan sir....very slight though

For song Anandamrita of album: Aruna Sayeeram 22010-05-11 17:04:17

For song Kurai Onrum Illai (ragamalika) of album: Hari Bola2010-05-11 16:40:24
Vendiyadai thandida venkatesan nindrikka vendiyadu verillai...........I love you VENKI

For song Iniyumezhuthatha of album: Chandni-immortal Malayalam Gazals2010-05-11 16:02:47
Soft melodious. No stress .words just seem to slip lightly off the tongue......light....thanks Malathi.for introducing another facet of malayalam songs

For song Jaya Jaya Padmanabha of album: Unnikrishnan2010-05-11 06:34:38

For song Maadhava Keshava of album: Maharajapuram Santhanam In Ecstasy2010-05-11 06:04:28
Doesn't play...only buffers!!! :)) Hummamamma

For song Yen Mugam Paraiyya of album: Om Saravana Bhava2010-05-11 06:00:52
Endrum un mugam kandrida urigi thavithenayya!! superb lyrics beutifully rendered by the maestro

For song Aparadhi Nanalla of album: Maharajapuram Santhanam Vol 22010-05-11 05:52:11
Kapata nataka suthradhari......neene..the intimacy Swami Purandara dasa shares with his creator.......divine total surrender

For song Kuzhaloothi Manamellam of album: A Vintage Collection2010-05-11 05:31:52
Delightful.......pullinam kooda.......asainthadi odivarum!! very descriptive.....Nilavolli, kuzhalosai.azhage uruvai aadum kannan....aha ......

For song Aarumukhan of album: Mulla2010-05-10 17:17:34
Karagam and kavadi....devout

For song Amaithiyana Nadiyinile of album: Parakkum Pandhu Parakkum2010-05-09 18:53:01
superb...truly relaxing

For song O Mere Sanam of album: Sangam2010-05-09 16:18:14

For song Re Man Sur Mein Ga (revival) of album: Re Man Sur Mein Ga2010-05-09 14:33:54
Raag Kalyan Fantastic song

For song Poochho Na Kaise Maine (revival) of album: Re Man Sur Mein Ga2010-05-09 14:16:15
Raag Ahir Bhairav...excellent singing

For song Azhaga Azhaga of album: Anubhavam2010-05-09 06:20:47
Great Poet Ambujam ji...uses internal rhyming, alliteration, so beautifully!! adds to the inherent rythm in the song.........padi padi unnai pottrum paniyum enakku pavazhvai thirandu anjal endru arullayo.... .......aha

For song Notes of album: Maestro`s Popular Melodies2010-05-08 17:27:24
Awesome is the correct word.... lovely ....weren't these notes played in Thillana Mohanambal? a small bit? (nadaswaram)

For song Sri Soundarya Lahari of album: Soundharya Lahari2010-05-07 14:58:43
You get the feeling of being born again.....feel totally cleansed in and out.........Shobana 's recitation is so soothing and melodious......pure ......feel blessed to hear it........humbling feels totally insignificant .........ecstatic

For song Tamburi of album: Arunodhayam2010-05-06 05:39:37
Aha......Hari mooruthy nodidava....vittalane nodidava vaikuntake oodidava.........the singer really helped to get a glimpse of Hari......pure bliss (May he scale greater heights and bring solace and happinesss to millions with his singing) Thanks a lot G. Ananth Sir for this wonderful dedication.......

For song Sevesrikantham of album: Quartet Genius Songs Of Swathi Thirunal2010-05-06 05:23:54

For song Oru Chempaneer of album: Sthithi2010-05-06 05:20:34
Implicit love in every syllable.....what a song.....Never expressed but felt ........Beautiful lyrics Thanks to my dear friends G. Malathi and
Chitan Sir!

For song Chanda Ko Dhundne of album: Jeene Ki Raah2010-05-05 14:48:25
Kya film thi yaar! Alll songs were hits

For song Ek Banjara Gaaye of album: Jeene Ki Raah2010-05-05 14:46:07
Wah kya gaana hai......Kagaz ke phoolon kho bhi jo mehkakar diklaye

For song Yaro Ivar Yaro of album: Popular Melodies Of M.s. Subbulakshmi2010-05-04 15:17:54
What an imgination! superb

For song Vanthadhu Vanthadhu of album: Kili Petchu Ketka Vaa2010-05-04 10:27:19
Kuyilin kural killiyin pechchu :))

For song Keladi Kanmani of album: Puthu Puthu Arthangal2010-05-04 10:24:06
leaves you spell bound and speechless.......searing lyrics........

For song Do Nainon Mein Ansoo Bhare Hai of album: Khushboo2010-05-03 16:43:11
Ego clash of a different kind.brought out so beautifully in this movie Kaise naino mein nindiya samay.aansoo dhula deti hain.....Gulzar sahab ke lyrics .......

For song India Ponnu Thango of album: Kandasamy2010-05-03 06:22:31
Allegra is a girl's name...meaning Jaunty and Joyful.........apt indeed the song is Jaunty and Joyful.....

For song Thuli Thuli Mazhaiyaai of album: Paiyaa2010-05-03 06:04:45
Very pleasant mazhi thuli madhiri :)

For song Vanga Kadal Ellai of album: Sura2010-05-03 06:03:26
LOUD Kadhil poo illai! Idi muzhakkam ):

For song Yen Jodi Manjakkuruvi of album: Vikram2010-05-03 05:57:35
Versatile singing it is....u think he whistled too?? :))) Akkapporu than!!

For song Chotta Chotta Nenaiyudhu of album: Taj Mahal2010-05-03 05:34:27
Enna kural idhu? thenil thoyttu eduthadai pola.......deadly voice!! deadlier composing!!

For song Shanthi Nahi of album: Immortal Bajans Vol.ii2010-05-03 03:26:01
Kya tum sunate ho nirgun kahani hamare samaj bhich aati nahi hai.......:) how honest ............Basi dilke andhar mein mohan ki murat.......kati pal kati dhooru jaati nahin hai......wah.........soothing inherent hunger for hari

For song Sabdhamayi of album: Sooryan2010-05-02 15:41:03

For song Hum Nahin Jhoomte Hai of album: Jaani Dost2010-05-02 12:27:09
O aha o aha........

For song Ankhon Mein Kya Ji of album: Nau Do Gyarah2010-05-02 11:57:18
Like a refreshing gentle breeze............

For song O Mere Dil Ke Chain of album: Together Experience The Magic Of Music - R D Burman2010-05-02 11:37:05
Dil ke chain laut aya........what a singer Kishore da was!!

For song Bo Sambo of album: Explosions 22010-05-02 11:32:30
I like it! Nithyasheree has carried it off well!!

For song Unkannil Neer of album: Explosions 22010-05-02 05:43:14
Vietnam veedu.........loved the movie and great songs....what a family........classic verane nee irundhai adhi naan vizhndu vidadirunden

For song Ammadi Ponnukku of album: Explosions 22010-05-02 05:35:43
Aha.....I think this is from Raman Ethanai Ramanadi...

For song Saamajavaragamana of album: Saamajavaragamana - Raga Hindolam - G.n.balasubramaniam2010-05-02 05:12:13
wonderful......thanks Latha for the meaning! :)

For song Pallavi of album: Shantham Live -22010-05-02 05:06:58
Great for inner peace......

For song Singaara Velane of album: Konjum Salangai2010-05-01 17:40:41
kuralum nadaswara isayum...aha.......mangalamana sangeetha mazhai......

For song Petra Thaaidhanai of album: Sigaram2010-05-01 17:31:49
urukkamana padal.......more like a pledge to Lord Shiva..... a prayer

For song Taliona Taale (garbo) of album: Mangal Fera (guj)2010-05-01 17:18:19
sweet melody........

For song Kesariyo Rang Lagyo of album: Mehndi Te Vavi Malve-raas -garba-lokgeet (guj)2010-05-01 17:14:52
Back to "Navratri" :) can never forget them......

For song Poonam Ni Pyari Pyari Raat of album: Khamma Mara Vira (guj)2010-05-01 17:12:34
superb.. simple folk lore....

For song Vellipani of album: Bharathiyar Songs (rajesh Vaidhya)2010-05-01 13:41:48
Enna nadam....enna vegam!! excellent

For song Ajeeb Dasan of album: Zindagi Ek Safar Churaliya Ii2010-05-01 13:15:22
not ajeeb dasan but ajeeb dastaan!! we do find ajeeb mistakes here in Hummaaa :))

For song Indraikku Ean Intha of album: Vaidhegi Kathirunthal2010-05-01 11:13:09
Aha Anandame I like the classical touch..........Ragam Abhoghi????

For song Sakalakalaavaaniye of album: Divine Melodies2010-05-01 05:20:58

For song Vellai Thamaria (vasundhra) of album: Carnatic Classical Vocal Vasundhara Rajagopal2010-05-01 05:10:19
********Geetham paadum kuilin kuralil Killiyin Navil irrupidam kondal.....Saraswathi deviyin irrupidathai ellam kurum padal

For song Nigahen Milane Ko Jee Chahta Hai of album: Dil Hi To Hai2010-04-30 17:12:00
Sunte jane kho ji chahta hai......Wah yes it is heady lethal combination......

For song Gangaram Ki Samajh Men Na Aaye of album: Pehchan2010-04-30 16:54:54
Super ....

For song Jane Anjane Yahan Sabhi Hai of album: Jane Anjane2010-04-30 16:48:24 an opportunity to listen to this after so long! Tnx Hummaa........

For song Titli Udi Ud Jo Chali of album: Suraj2010-04-30 16:44:59
Great Song....

For song Mere Naina Sawan Bhadon of album: Mehbooba2010-04-30 16:22:05
Dada Kishore it is.Humaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

For song Indru Poi Naalai of album: Sampoorna Ramayanam (tml)2010-04-30 05:15:38
wow.Ravananin mana explicitly revealed......

For song Kalaimagal Thunai Kondu (mannavan Vanthanadi) of album: Thiruvarutselvar2010-04-28 14:58:59
wrong song in the wrong album.......hummaaa idhay gavanikka all illaya?

For song Annakkilli of album: Endrum Iniyavai Ilaiyaraaja (tamil Film Songs)2010-04-28 10:57:37

For song Ammadi Ponnukku of album: Raman Eththanai Ramanadi2010-04-28 10:08:33
Agreed Julius sir and shivaji sir and K.R Vijaya mam's acting ..great team and superb acting......most memorable movie.....

For song Summa Kidantha of album: Thambi2010-04-27 05:30:38
oh o ho oh oooo ho ho......lovely melodious singing.....

For song Vizhiyil En Vizhiyil of album: Vellithirai2010-04-27 05:26:06
Andha sambhal meedum unakkaga sila pookal pookume ....great lyrics.......painful ....

For song Sudum Nilavu of album: Thambi2010-04-27 05:12:04
Very Melodious ....N o wonder!!.......... it is ReethiGowlai! :)

For song Kabhi Neem Neem of album: Yuva2010-04-26 17:04:20
This voice would have suited madhubala a has the same pyaari teasing quality......mann behakani vali awaaz

For song Enna Paarvai of album: Kathalikka Neramillai2010-04-25 11:01:19
Superb Song .Extremely melodious and lively

For song Ore Kelvi of album: Panithirai2010-04-25 10:48:06

For song Avalukkenna of album: Server Sundaram2010-04-25 10:12:20

For song Ninnaiyae Radhi Yendru (unni) of album: Bharathiyaar Songs Vol 12010-04-24 13:51:59

For song Ninaitha Varam of album: Kadhal Rojave2010-04-24 07:05:38

For song Engiruntho Vanthaan of album: Bharathiar Songs2010-04-23 17:01:59
Beautiful composition, great singing..... paadalai ketka tavam saiyya vendum.. Kannanal petru varum nanmaiellam pesi mudiyadu.........Bhakti paravasam ootum padal..... kavi kannanai mandhirai nanbanai daivamai parkirar

For song Thulli Thulli of album: Chippikkul Muthu2010-04-23 07:10:26
Melodious song........awesome lyrics too.needi mattum urangadu nenje nee thangu.......

For song Anbaale of album: Pasanga2010-04-23 07:02:54
Great Song ........Inspiring and motvating lyrics..

For song Boliye Surili Boliyan of album: Bhupinder - Gr. Hits2010-04-23 06:55:32
Surili Nagma........

For song Gopala Gokula (jayashri) of album: Anubhavam2010-04-23 06:04:58
A Beauty!!

For song Prabhu Tero Naam Ishwar Tero Naam of album: Hum Dono2010-04-20 05:41:32
sirf yeh gana sunnese har bigadi ban jaye.:) what a melodoius rendering. Most favourite devotional song in hind!!

For song Thaayaagi of album: Melodious Moods Of P.unnikrishnan Vol 22010-04-20 05:38:17
very melodious! Unni is capable of turning even simple songs into momorable songs

For song Orumaiyudan - Viruttham - Arutpa of album: Divine Melodies2010-04-20 05:31:30
Madhi vendum nin karunai vendum noyatru naan vazha vendum........super

For song Kallaarkum Katravarkkum of album: M S S - Nada Suda Rasa - Vol.32010-04-20 05:24:10

For song Kanukkul Nooru Nilava of album: Vedham Puthithu2010-04-19 06:00:26
Arputhamana migavum inimayana padal.....vanakku ellai yaar pottadu? vazhkkai ku ellai naam pottadhu..........

For song Alaipaayuthe of album: Nandalala (piththkkuli Murugadas )2010-04-19 05:23:16
Too good! and yes his voice needs no accompaniment

For song Kurai Ondrum Illai (rajesh Vaidhya) of album: Seven Eleven Rajesh Vaidhya2010-04-18 04:49:40

For song Uthe Sabke Kadam Dekho Ram Pam Pam of album: Baton Baton Mein2010-04-17 05:53:52
Haso aur hasaya karo...............Where was this song hiding ???

For song Paisa of album: De Dana Dan2010-04-17 05:50:31
like it..........

For song Teri Ore of album: Singh Is Kinng2010-04-17 05:42:46
Hai rabba Shreya..........kya Awaaz hai!!

For song Tera Hone Laga Hoon of album: Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani2010-04-17 05:26:23
Gentle ..likefloating in an airy boat!!! Insidious......

For song Oh By God of album: Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani2010-04-17 05:23:29
Ek baar sun sakte second time ): it just becomes SHOR

For song Prem Ki Naiyya of album: Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani2010-04-17 05:16:35
lively.....and very good dancing too!! Neeraj and Suzzane ROCK

For song You Are My Heart, You Are My Soul of album: All Time Great Party Anthems - 22010-04-16 11:51:37
so much like Usha chechi!! :)

For song Sandana Manankamazh of album: Sabarimalai Kaattukkulla2010-04-16 11:11:46
great!!! Ama ama ama ..:)

For song Yeh Hawa Yeh Raat Yeh Chandni of album: Sangdil2010-04-15 18:33:13
Thanks Latha.....maja aagaya.......what a voice!!

For song Hai Isi Mein Pyar Ki of album: Sangdil2010-04-15 16:09:37
Darbari Kanada lovely Anpadh

For song Darbari Kanada (gat) of album: Ustad Vilayat Khan- Sitar2010-04-15 15:14:26
Enthralling Experiance.......My education in music continues and my friends are playing a memorable role in it!! :) Thanks for the dedicaton dear friend

For song Kai Veesi of album: Nandhalala2010-04-15 05:26:46
udhirum illayil sirippai parkum kavi!! Iyarkaikku anjal........A tribute to nature!!

For song Mozhi Illamalae of album: Pokkisham2010-04-15 05:22:51
Grief Stricken......expresses agony........Bhoolagame ini azhindal enna? wow

For song Ennuir Thoizhi of album: Kangalal Kaidusei2010-04-14 15:25:07
Inimayana padal! Great singers both of them!!

For song Jeenewale Muskura Ke Jee of album: Chhote Nawab2010-04-13 10:45:20
Musical and lively

For song Kaise Likhoge Mohabbat of album: Kabhi Aanso Kabhi Khushboo Kabhi Nagma2010-04-13 06:40:27
Fantastic singing........melodious voice

For song Agar Tum Mil Jao of album: Zeher2010-04-12 07:43:54
Shreyas melodious voice and the lyrics!! ......what a combo

For song Ulagil Yentha Kathal of album: Naadodigal2010-04-12 05:58:27

For song Uyiril Pookum Kadhal of album: Naadodigal2010-04-12 05:47:42
Unarvai parpadedhu uravin suzhnilai! Great lyrics

For song Naiharwa of album: Road, Movie2010-04-11 13:52:05
This is song by Kabir das.
Here Naiharwa which means "Fathers house" "Maika" Soothing.lovely song
Check out the lyrics for meaning

For song Ragasiyamana Kadhal of album: Kodambakam2010-04-11 05:26:33
Fantastic Song..........the background music.the (chirping of birds) lyrics and the singing.......superb

For song Chiku Chiku Boom Boom of album: Masilamani2010-04-10 13:35:12

For song Idhayam Oru Koyil - 1 of album: Idhaya Koyil2010-04-10 13:26:00
Atma ragam ondril than adum uirgal true

For song Aaina Mujhse Mere of album: Daddy2010-04-10 12:18:01
sasthe daamome roz kudha bikhte hain.........pain filled.........superb

For song Kankulire Kandu of album: Padmatheertham - Volume 12010-04-10 12:08:35
very melodious

For song Nallathor Vennai of album: Mahakavi Bharathiyar Manadhil Nirkum Paadalgal (vol 2)2010-04-08 15:51:14
superb thought provoking song!! must listen to Unnikrishnan's rendering of the same,,the best so far!!!

For song Ini Namakkoru of album: Supreme Classics2010-04-07 03:49:01

For song Kaalaiyil Dinamum of album: New2010-04-06 17:21:31
vaali sir's lyrics.ARR's composing and unni and Sadhana's singing ..heavenly..

For song Ek Nazar Mein Bhi of album: Taxi 92112010-04-05 16:31:02
Meine bhi suna hai :)) great song

For song Re Man Sur Mein Ga of album: Lal Patthar2010-04-05 13:38:14
Very Good Song , especially for someone who is being initiated into Hindustani Music!!!

For song Vannam Konda of album: Sigaram2010-04-05 12:22:45
Lovely beats.lively and melodious at the same time......

For song Sama Gana Lolane of album: Bombay S Jayasree 22010-04-04 17:52:04
Alapana is bit long and drawn is wonderful!!! Exemplary Rendering by Jayashree again!!

For song Muqabla Hum Se Na Karo of album: Prince2010-04-04 16:48:03
throwing down the gauntlet Great Movie

For song Aao Kanhai Mere Dham of album: Mere Jeevan Saathi2010-04-04 15:58:00

For song Yeh Dil Aur Unki Nigahon Ke Saye of album: Prem Parbat2010-04-04 14:33:27
What a melody! Thanks Hummaa

For song Aasman Pe Hai Khuda of album: Phir Subah Hogi2010-04-04 14:31:02
lovely!! Hey Bhagwan!!!

For song Kalyanarama of album: Golden Collections2010-04-04 05:52:33
just superb!!

For song Jhalukina Jhalukina Lokar of album: Bhaagyachakra2010-04-03 16:05:18
wah! rare find!

For song Pacha Manja of album: Thamizh Padam2010-04-03 11:30:13
O o ho

For song Ragam Tanam Pallavi of album: Master Piece - Vol.ii (t V Sankaranarayan2010-04-02 18:02:10
Excellent! humbling experiance.truly a master piece

For song April Morning of album: Mind Body Soul2010-04-02 17:42:19

For song Aatama Therottama of album: Singakkutti2010-04-02 13:00:57
sariyana sadirattam..but melodious coz of Anuradha.......

For song Anbendra Mazhaiyile of album: Minsara Kanavu2010-04-02 12:48:26
Most moving and simple adoration to God!!

For song In Achcham Achcham Illai of album: Indira2010-04-02 12:41:12
Inspiring and motivating..for a better tomorrow :))

For song Kai Zhala of album: Aatma - Colonial Cousins2010-04-02 06:37:58
what a fast paced number.!!!!!.....kai pahuna kai zhala? ....
Keshavache madhavache kai mi karu :))

For song Dheem Dheem Dhirena of album: Aatma - Colonial Cousins2010-04-02 06:33:06
Dheem Dheem Dhirena.......Angel woman!!

For song Mata Pita of album: Aatma - Colonial Cousins2010-04-02 06:31:08
what a song. quiet words, loving hands...........

For song Guiding Star of album: Aatma - Colonial Cousins2010-04-02 06:24:28
Trust my heart or trust my mind? wow..great

For song Sevvaanaththil Oru of album: Naangu Killadigal2010-04-02 06:09:36
Nalla Karpanai.....:))

For song Deivame Deivame of album: Deiva Magan2010-04-01 18:48:14
one of a kind

For song Ae Meri Ankhon Ke Pahle Sapne of album: Man Mandir2010-04-01 16:46:29
Wonderful!! meeti lori

For song Thodi of album: Dancing Melodies - Thillanas2010-03-31 17:54:08

For song Tere Liye of album: Veer Zaara2010-03-31 16:38:35
Can't find appropriate words.every thing seems to fall short of what one wants to really convey!! Dreamy??

For song Etijanma - Part-2 (unni) of album: Geetham2010-03-31 03:56:42
Stunnig performance

For song Tumhavar Keli Mee Marji Bahal of album: Pinjara -chandanachi Choli Ang2010-03-30 18:23:38
Extremely Moving

For song Shyam Teri Bansi Pukare of album: Geet Gata Chal2010-03-30 17:26:56
kaun nahi bansi ka dhun ka gulam!!

For song Ponchh Kar Ashq Apni Ankhon Se of album: Naya Raasta2010-03-30 17:19:25
Zindagi bheek mein nahin milti...........cheeni jati hai Jeene ki raah!!!

For song Barsaat Mein Humse Mile of album: Barsaat2010-03-30 16:20:11
lovely .u can just feel the joy exploding....Rain Dance??!!!!

For song Margazhi Thingal of album: Sangamam2010-03-29 16:40:38
Just a song/dance sequence...... but the under currents and play of emotions!! wow!! superb

For song Thenkizhakku Cheemayile of album: Kizhakku Cheemayile2010-03-29 14:02:37
superb song.........
kayapatta sondadikku kanner vitta a sayam pona vazhkai ilum saram irukku .great!!
Gives meaning to one's life

For song Pachchamala Poovu of album: Kizhakku Vasal2010-03-28 19:18:27
lilting melody......very good song!!

For song Kaadu Potta Kaadu of album: Karuthamma2010-03-28 18:20:36
Graphic in its rendering and yes powerful lyrics

For song Oruneramengilum of album: Kannanam Unni Vol Ii2010-03-28 18:11:21
Soothing.........soft ..melodious

For song Eedattra Paththiniyin of album: Thanga Padhumai2010-03-28 18:04:53

For song Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho of album: Arth2010-03-28 16:13:22
Discerning! able to know the pain/ misery behind the smile!! superb lyrics!!

For song Pullai Piravi of album: Concert Series Vol Ii (nithyashree Mahadevan2010-03-28 14:13:10
Beautiful!! pullai, kallai, edhuvai prindalam brindavanthi pirakkavendum...aha.......

For song Dasana Madiko - M.s.subbulakshmi of album: M S S - Manimandapam Concert-vol.22010-03-28 14:05:04
Dur bhuddigalennavella humble prayer.......

For song Aasai Patta of album: Vyaabaari2010-03-27 17:57:53
Extremely Touching....heart goes out to those who have never experianced mothers love and concern
pedai pol aval iruppal medai pol unnai valarpall......

For song Tum Mujhe Yun Bhula Na Paoge of album: Pagla Kahin Ka2010-03-27 11:04:08
zindagi yaad me guzari hai....great lyrics

For song Suno Zindagi Gaati Hai of album: Pagla Kahin Ka2010-03-27 10:56:51
la la la la alluring.....

For song Mumma of album: Dasvidaniya2010-03-27 03:01:16
Tu gussa karti hai achcha lagta hai.........mumma...........Tu dhuaaon ka hai ghar ..lovely.

For song Uyirile En Uyirile of album: Vellithirai2010-03-26 16:05:55
Very intense! for all its soft rendering..the pain comes through ......

For song Purvaiya Ke Jhonke Aaye of album: Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye2010-03-26 15:57:57
Bewitching voice....

For song Oh Buttefly of album: Payanam A Journey Isaignani Illayaraaja Vol 22010-03-26 14:04:11
Free spirit..........

For song Phir Miloge Kabhi of album: Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi2010-03-26 13:53:46
great song

For song Khwab Ho Tum Ya Koi Haqeeqat of album: Teen Devian2010-03-25 17:50:19
phir pukaro mujhe phir mera naam lo!!

For song Saiyan Be Imaan of album: Guide2010-03-25 17:34:03
most memorable performance by every one!! what a movie! voice that reveals all the nine emotions superlative

For song Sau Saal Pahle of album: Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai2010-03-25 17:03:59

For song Ilavenirkala of album: Manam Virumbuthe Unnai2010-03-25 16:29:52
Magical......u feel that even commenting on this sing would break the spell!! super :) Hariharan's voice can certainly cast a spell

For song Kaattru Veliyidai of album: Mahakavi Bharathiyar Manadhil Nirkum Paadalgal (vol 3)2010-03-24 20:01:59
Bharathiyar was an incurable Romantic

For song Ramanamamu of album: Bhadrachala Ramdass Krithis2010-03-24 17:05:55
Amirtham ........ Iv erandezhuthe uyir ragum

For song My Heart Is Beating of album: Julie2010-03-24 16:03:57
Great find.what a treasure!!! Thanks Hummaa

For song Tumhin To Meri Puja Ho of album: Suhagan2010-03-24 16:02:49
jahan dekhoon tumhe dekhoon!! wah

For song Ga Rahi Hai Zindagi of album: Aanchal2010-03-24 15:23:18
sweet! Incredilbly so!

For song Jane De Gaadi Teri Jane De of album: Aanchal2010-03-24 15:20:53

For song Kanigal Kondu Tharum of album: Brindavan2010-03-23 18:05:05
Aaj ke sham ..jayashreeke naam!!!

For song Rim Jhim Rim Jhim of album: 1942 A Love Story2010-03-23 13:08:53
Great song! greater singing!!

For song Pyar Hua Chupke Se of album: 1942 A Love Story2010-03-23 12:54:41

For song Meettatha Oru Veenai of album: Poonthottam2010-03-21 18:18:14
lovely song..........Reethi Gowlai

For song Tere Pyar Ka Aasra Chahta Hoon of album: Dhool Ka Phool2010-03-21 16:52:57
Khona bhi padta hai pane se pehle...........a word of caution!!!!

For song Tu Mere Pyar Ka Phool Hai of album: Dhool Ka Phool2010-03-21 16:44:56
The agony of child born out of wedlock......mother wanting to shield the child.......heartrending............ real tearjerker

For song Gudiya Kab Tak Na Hasogi of album: Dosti2010-03-21 15:36:00
pyari payari gudiya ko pyari baton se manana........cho sweet!

For song Chahoonga Main Tujhe of album: Dosti2010-03-21 15:31:01
Outstanding song..yaar and yaari immortalised..

For song Tum Apna Ranjhogham Apni (revival) of album: Jana Tha Tumse Door - Gha2010-03-21 10:59:36
Shifiting roles....the concern .the love...... an exceptional song...........

For song Haye Re Tere Chanchal Nainwa of album: Oonche Log2010-03-21 10:06:32
aur wonderful lyrics bhi!!!! One of the best.........

For song Tum Bin Jeevan Kaise Beeta (revival) of album: Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din2010-03-21 09:33:06
Gum ke bawar mein kya kya dooba......pain filled..revealing.....

For song Come Hither, My Love of album: Colours Of Krishna - Instrumental Krishna Themes2010-03-20 17:09:52
Sublime..thanks a lot Preetha........
Sounds like Krishna nee begane baro......

For song The Thing That Should Not Be of album: Metallica - Master Of Puppets2010-03-20 16:42:52
Insanity is

For song Mil Hi Gaye of album: Mr Romeo2010-03-20 16:06:29
Very Romantic.......

For song Thendralodu Udan Piranthaal of album: Raja Raja Cholan2010-03-20 06:00:28
Aha.......Kaviyam.....transported to the era of chola samrajyam.....

For song Bhaja Govindam of album: Bhaja Govindam Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam2010-03-20 03:27:13
great. very clear pronunciation

For song Ethanai Periya of album: Aasai Mugam2010-03-19 12:10:16
lessons and values........

For song Karuppu Nila of album: En Aasai Machan2010-03-19 11:25:39
wonderful song..........nenjai varudum pattu........

For song Oru Kanam Oru Yugamaga of album: Nadodi Thenral2010-03-19 11:10:59

For song Gopaala Jaagelaraa of album: Bhale Ammayilu2010-03-19 11:03:23
Harmonious symphony

For song Tumhen Yaad Karte Karte of album: Amrapali2010-03-17 16:07:48
sensational movie ,excellent songs.......superb singing

For song Suprabhatham of album: Suvarna Malarukkal Vol.ii2010-03-17 14:48:12
one of old malayalam hits!! .....chamaram veesum meghangale!! wow what imagination ahaha.....ohoho

For song Ninaithu Ninaithu of album: 7 G Rainbow Colony2010-03-17 14:16:17
soul stirring words but mispronounced aliyumo..? for azhiyumo?

For song Poovinai Thirandhukondu of album: Ananda Thandavam2010-03-17 14:11:23
great lyrics .lovely music...... vidiendra attrile midhakindra illaygal naam wow

For song Tere Naina of album: Chandni Chowk To China2010-03-16 16:13:21
Wonderful.......and yes the song sort of grows on you.....very musical.made more so by the singers,,,,,,pure melody

For song Tu Is Tarah Se Mere Zindagi Main of album: Aap To Aise Na The2010-03-15 17:03:09
Ye Zindagi hai safar aur tu safar ki manzil hai..........kya baat hai......wonderful

For song Evaro Athanevvaro of album: Abhi2010-03-15 16:18:09
very jazzy and musical ..... great

For song Thooliyile of album: Chinnathambi2010-03-15 14:52:45
Arputhamana pattu

For song Uyirum Neeye of album: Pavithra2010-03-14 17:14:13
what a tribute and to crown it all Unni singing it!!! wow

For song Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol of album: Jogan2010-03-14 16:07:07

For song Tu Kitni Achhi Hai of album: Raja Aur Runk2010-03-14 15:49:28
For My mom on this special day!!!She is very sweet with a voice to match and very childlike in her behaviour

For song Intha Veenaikku Theriyadhu of album: Rayil Sneham - Hit Single From The Tv Serial2010-03-13 15:54:08
my favourite raaga too.Sahana! and was most watched serial

For song Kisi Patthar Ki Murat Se of album: Hamraaz2010-03-12 15:32:30
Irada nek hai par shayad insan galat hai!!

For song Kannodu Kaanbadhellam of album: Jeans2010-03-12 14:45:32
correct Latha an Awesome song ! and Nityashree has a piercing voice without being shrill!!

For song Brochevarevare of album: Swaminatha - Priya Sisters2010-03-12 13:11:41
wrong song ):

For song Kannanai Pani (unni) of album: Melodious Moods Of P.unnikrishnan Vol 22010-03-12 11:00:25
Bhakta sahayanai........lovely lyrics

For song Thiruvilakkai of album: Jaya Jaya Devi2010-03-09 12:45:28
Prosperity and abundance.daiveega ganam.....

For song Duniya of album: Raageshwari - Duniya2010-03-09 02:08:21
Haan Duniya suchhmuch nasheeli and Rangeeli,,,,,Motivating song......

For song Mohanarama of album: Maharajapuram Santhanam Vol 12010-03-09 01:42:26
Thank you Grace and Shyama Priya for all the explanations mohana Redition too........

For song Yake Nirdayanadeyo of album: Purandaradasar Krithis - Maharajapuram Santhanam2010-03-09 01:13:34
Ellashtu dayavilla....yakke nirdayanadayo.shrihariye?

For song Noduvude Kannu of album: Purandaradasar Krithis - Maharajapuram Santhanam2010-03-09 01:06:31
superb adoring krishna with all the senses

For song Sri Chakra Raja Simhasaneswari of album: Maharajapuram Santhanam Vol 22010-03-09 01:01:28
The song is also "Nithya Kalyani" ever green........Adai kalam neeye Amma ........

For song Chinnanchiru Kiliyae (sowmya) of album: Bharathiyar Songs (s.sowmya)2010-03-09 00:42:54
Sedate singing,,,,,,beautiful

For song Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana 1 of album: Andaz2010-03-08 13:19:26
Awesome song.

For song Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Dil of album: Bees Saal Baad2010-03-08 12:47:46
Haunting it is!!

For song Thottu Thottu of album: Anubhavam2010-03-07 17:06:22
Aha!!! kattunkadangadha kadal alay pol thulli............

For song Jo Jo Rama of album: Aruna Sayeeram 22010-03-07 12:10:24
Jo jo endru solluvaday thotillai attuvadai pol .......extremely soothing and comforting

For song Odi Odi Vilayadu of album: Masilamani2010-03-07 06:12:08
Ayyo idhu oru patta?

For song Sippi Irukkuthu of album: Thaen Sindhude Vaanam Hits Of S P Balasubramanyam2010-03-07 05:12:36
yeah! kamal and sridevi........I think the movie is varumayin Niram Sivappu!! and singing pair.....speechless
Mayakkam thandadu yar? Thamizho .Avalo.........

For song Honthon Mein Aisi Baat of album: Jewel Thief2010-03-06 17:10:18
furious pace , fast beat and lightening moves by vaijayantimalaji wow

For song Sapnon Ka Saudagar Aaya of album: Sapnon Ka Saudagar2010-03-06 11:48:06
Great song! what lyrics!! ....can imagine Rajkapoor and Hema malini I t was her debut film in hindi I think

For song Kabhi Kabhi Aditi of album: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na2010-03-05 13:02:33

For song Joggers Park of album: Joggers Park2010-03-05 11:45:32
U said it all........amazing performer........lively anytime anywhere.....most endearing persona

For song Jai Jai Shiv Shankar of album: Aap Ki Kasam2010-03-05 07:24:00

For song Mettuppodu of album: Aap Ki Kasam2010-03-04 17:47:27
melodious......wonderful beat...... superb Saxophone.....what a combo.ahhaaaaaaaa

For song Tholijanma of album: New Generation Series (balaji Shankar)2010-03-04 08:40:17
Thank you Latha for the explanations.Beautiful song rendered beautifully

For song Apne Liye Jiye To Kya Jiye of album: Badal2010-03-03 13:27:58
************************** gr8

For song Agar Mujhse Mohabbat Hai of album: Aap Ki Parchhaiyan2010-03-02 12:53:34
sada hasti rahe ankhen sada ye hont muskuraye.........wonderful.........

For song Main Jahan Chala Jaoon of album: Banphool2010-03-01 16:23:21
What a find! thank you Hummaaa

For song Door Hai Kinara of album: Saudagar2010-03-01 16:20:51
soothing and motivating at the same time.......a few home truths?

For song Tum Kahan of album: Shiamak Davar - Dil Chahe2010-02-26 04:42:37
Touching..dard bari geet

For song Maalai Nehram of album: Aayirathil Oruvan2010-02-25 12:15:11
peace after storm...It is better to have loved and lost and not loved at all!!Beautiful words.........nenjathai uduruvum kavidai
The Music and composition is nothing to rave about but the lyrics Oh boy!

For song Nil Nil Nil of album: Paatu Padava2010-02-25 09:25:26
Gets a bit grating towards the end ):

For song Enthan Nenjil of album: Payanam A Journey Isaignani Illayaraaja Vol 22010-02-25 09:08:44
lovely song from I think Kalaigyan.(Kamal's Movie)

For song Paarttha Gyabagam of album: Pudhiya Paravai (tml)2010-02-24 13:31:45
Ever Green number

For song Enna Thavam of album: Parthipan Kanavu (new)2010-02-22 16:49:58
yavum isai agumada kanna. What a wonderful concept!! Superb singing by Harini well supported by Srikanth

For song Aap Ke Haseen Rukh Pe of album: Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi2010-02-21 05:34:59
oh what a find.Real treasure this song

For song O Panchhi Pyare Sanjh Sakare of album: Bandini2010-02-21 04:56:46
pinjare ke maina pankh mere bekar........ a soul longing for freedom so explicitly revealed lovely

For song Naya Zamana Aayega of album: Naya Zamana2010-02-20 16:30:07
Hopes and Dreams .That is what keeps us all going! Aaj nahi tho kal mehakegi kwabho ki mehafil

For song Aj Din Chadeya of album: Love Aaj Kal2010-02-20 15:37:05
Tenu Dil da vasuta.......great lyrics

For song Ee Sanje Yakagide of album: Geleya2010-02-17 17:26:19
Great singing.......beaten the language barrier Sonu has brought out the longing pain of seperation in the song so beautifully~~

For song Ponaal Pogattum of album: Paalum Pazhamum2010-02-17 16:09:10
Ultimate Realization.......The background music is such that one can clearly visualize the scene.....In a crematorium or a burial ground after the loss. of a dear one......superb!! Medicine for skin and bones and not for death...

For song Azhagae Sugama of album: Paarthale Paravasam2010-02-16 02:33:40
Aha sugamana sahana raagam.........Idhay kettal ellame sugam than

For song Achchi Lagti Ho of album: Kuch Naa Kaho2010-02-15 09:24:04
tender..affectionate.....budding love........just superb

For song Sajna O Sajna of album: Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye2010-02-14 16:49:56
superb :) Haste rahe hum dono ..........

For song Aao Tumhen Chand Pe Le Jayen of album: Zakhmee2010-02-14 09:00:52
pyara sa safar chand ke ore!!!

For song Na Ja Kahin Ab Na Ja of album: Mere Hamdam Mere Dost2010-02-13 16:21:04
WOW!! smooth as silk what a voice!

For song Paarthathum Karainthen of album: Yaathumaagi2010-02-07 16:06:29
gentle.sensitive..melodious.......the voices compliment the lyrics....

For song Shenbagame Shenbagame - Female of album: Enga Ooru Pattukaran2010-02-06 08:39:14
master piece.....

For song Vaaraamal Irupparo of album: Immortal Bajans Vol.ii2010-02-04 01:47:24
oru kaal varuvaro.........longing and expectation

For song Mere Toote Huye Dil Se of album: Chhalia2010-02-03 18:08:33
wrong song, wrong singer.....but lively and fun.....sounds lilke hemant Kumar

For song Aayo Kahan Se Ghanshyam of album: Buddha Mil Gaya2010-02-03 17:04:22
the song plays thru out the film.....superb singing

For song Om Saravanabhava of album: Deva Deva - Dr.semmangudi R.srinivasa Iyer2010-02-02 12:13:13
Glorious Rendering

For song Paluke Bangaramaye of album: Fusion Ramadasu2010-02-02 09:50:36
I was first introduced to this song when I heard the great Dr.BMK sir sing it! Later heard it in the movie shanakrabharanam....
These fusions dilute the very essence of the song.........

For song Inbam Engey of album: Manamulla Maruthaaram2010-02-02 06:27:07
Nalla Arivuraigal..

For song Sathiyame of album: Neela Malai Thirudan2010-02-02 06:13:09
The songs and the movies all had a social message in them. lovely lyrics and very well sung.....

For song Mayakkum Maalai Pozhuthey of album: Gulebakavali2010-02-02 04:45:49
Highly Romantic.........

For song Tareef Karoon Kya Uski of album: Sonu Nigaam-rafi Resurrected2010-02-01 15:25:12
This song he is closer to the original than the others in the album........Great attempt.Tarif Karni padegi

For song Dil Tadap Tadap Ke Kah Raha of album: Madhumati2010-02-01 14:27:55
Elevating experiance.....

For song Dost Dost Na Raha Pyar Pyar Na Raha of album: Sangam2010-02-01 14:01:17
Eteranal Triangle?

For song Mujhe Kitna Pyar Hai Tumse of album: Dil Tera Deewana2010-02-01 13:50:46
A so so song ....... sort of flat sounding . lacks the Rafiji Lataji's Magic

For song Alaipayuthey of album: Explosions2010-02-01 03:45:47
Looks like the song has been composed and sung specifically for a dance recital !!!

For song Bachpan Ke Din of album: Sujata2010-01-31 16:40:49

For song Yamunatheeram of album: Anand2010-01-31 12:04:16
Extremely melodious . Thank you dear friend Latha for the song and the transalation.

For song Oru Maatram of album: Naalai2010-01-31 11:59:59
Lovely vidyasamana padal than

For song Pudichirukku of album: Saamy2010-01-31 11:49:40
Enakku inda pattu pidichirukku....Good Movie

For song Yeh Zameen Ga Rahi Hai of album: Teri Kasam2010-01-30 15:37:58
Kushiya hi kushiyaan!!

For song Nithirayil Vandhu of album: Teri Kasam2010-01-28 14:40:05
Exquisite rendering very melodious

For song National Anthem - Collective Vocal Version of album: Jana Gana Mana2010-01-27 06:47:56
chitra and Dr. Bala Murali Krishna...........and who else superb.....

For song Mere Tumhare Beech Mein of album: Jhuk Gaya Aasman2010-01-26 16:19:45

For song O Chand Jahan Woh Jaye of album: Sharada2010-01-26 16:08:01
sweetness personified. I love this song......

For song Awaarapan Banjarapan of album: Jism2010-01-25 14:51:07
pain filled song........extremely moving

For song Himagiri Thanaye of album: Himagiri Thanaye Devi Krithis (classical Vol-7)2010-01-24 16:02:48
I agree whole heartedly with all your comments Mr. Chithan.what a powerful voice.very original rendering.sung as it should be

For song Aaj Main Upar of album: Khamoshi2010-01-24 08:18:58
lovely........ready to take on the world

For song Pranavakaram of album: Thaye Yeshoda Oothukadu Krithis (classical Vol-6)2010-01-24 08:08:10
What a performance!!

For song Jhuke Jo Tere Naina of album: Kangan2010-01-20 16:58:39
sweet and soft melody

For song Poonthen of album: Enchanting Melodies2010-01-20 10:38:24
Honeyed tones of Chitra is absolutely mesmerising........

For song Do Raaste of album: Do Raaste2010-01-19 17:07:37
aur do zubaan?..........

For song Apni Apni Biwi Pe of album: Do Raaste2010-01-19 17:05:57
somewhat similar to mere angane mein tumhara kya kaam hai!!

For song Singaara Punnagai of album: Mahadevi2010-01-17 17:22:19
Beautiful, pleasing, melodious lullaby

For song Tillana of album: Magnificent2010-01-17 14:22:00
Truly magnificient

For song Kanmani Anbodu of album: Guna2010-01-17 06:00:45
unnarchipoorvamana pattu.anubhavithu padum Janaki amma and Kamalji.
Padalai kettkum pozhuthellam azhugai varugiradhu........

For song Katrin Mozhiye of album: Mozhi2010-01-15 17:55:16
pughazha mozhiye illai ***********************

For song Vellai Thamarai of album: Bombay S Jayasree 22010-01-15 04:50:32
padum un kuralilum irruppal :) exotic singing

For song Vaazhkkai Ennum of album: Poompuhar2010-01-11 10:57:26
lessons on how to lead your life...........succintly put!! Kaligyar has not minced words..........

For song Brindhavani of album: Dancing Melodies - Thillanas2010-01-10 11:53:27
Foot Tapping melody........ada thoondum thilana

For song Barsat Ki Raat of album: Barsaat Ki Raat2010-01-09 14:12:08

For song Panchhi Banoon Udti Phiroon of album: Chori Chori2010-01-09 13:56:13
soaring, free spirit............

For song Na Chhedo Kal Ke Afsane (revival) of album: Yeh Jeevan Hai2010-01-09 12:50:59
lovely theme.......sung with subtle variations.........forget the past KAL.........forget the future....KAL for the present..........excellent!!

For song Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gum of album: Call Center2010-01-09 11:46:01

For song Dil Ibadat of album: Tum Mile2010-01-07 17:56:47

For song Kannal Pesum Penne of album: Mozhi2010-01-07 15:45:30
superb lyrics......touching entreating.all the emotions so clearly revealed by the singer!!!!
siru thavarai thavari saiden.......... erandu thavarukkum ulla vidyasaththai than evvlavu azhagaga padi irukkirar........SPB sir u r great!!!!!

For song Koi Phool Na Khilta of album: Paise Ki Gudiya2010-01-07 09:33:01
Suuuuuperb song.............koi baat hi na hoti agar tu na hoti wah...........

For song Kitne Ajeeb - Female of album: Page 32010-01-06 17:29:37
selfish true ...........agreed the world is strange and the relationships stranger!!!

For song Na Ja Mere Hamdam of album: Pyar Ka Mousam2010-01-06 10:40:27

For song Raghupatheseetharamaa of album: Sai Swarnamalika2010-01-05 15:43:44
Good. soft ,soothing and melodious bhajan

For song Kuraiyondrumillai of album: Arai Enn 305il Kadavul2010-01-04 14:48:04
Irull koda oli veesum thuninday selvai............Great .........examplery attempt.......used the original song so well......**********************************

For song Dil Ko Hazar Bar of album: Murder2010-01-04 11:28:36

For song Pattu Varum of album: Golden Hour - M.g.r. - Hit Duets Vol .112010-01-03 13:22:42
Highest accolade! Very Romantic

For song Aaj Madhosh Hua Jaye Re of album: Sharmilee2010-01-03 12:34:03
E gana har ek sunnewale ki hosh uda degi...........what a voice!!

For song Kitne Sapne Kitne Arman of album: Mere Jeevan Saathi2010-01-03 12:21:36
yahoooooooooooooo..........beyond one could sing like him......

For song Chala Jata Hoon of album: Mere Jeevan Saathi2010-01-03 12:11:36

For song Jo Tumko Hopasand Wohi Baat Karenge of album: Safar2010-01-03 03:01:05
How comforting!! Hum zindagi ko aap ki sougad karenge............superb

For song Sreekrishna Kamalanadho (sreekrishanshothara Sathanamasthothram) of album: Chanting Rhythms Vol - 2 (krishna)2010-01-02 16:26:39

For song O Mehbooba of album: Sangam2009-12-31 17:40:03
milta hai har ek rasta jakar tere ghar se!!! wah............beautiful

For song Tum Gagan Ke Chandrama Ho of album: Sati Savitri2009-12-31 17:09:01

For song Ini Oru Kanam of album: Brindavan2009-12-31 14:05:31
Marakkathan mudiyuma? Fantastic singing..........

For song Azhaga Azhaga of album: Anubhavam2009-12-30 17:36:28
Azhagana Padal .......Azhagaga padiyullar!!

For song Kangalil of album: Uzhavan2009-12-29 11:35:02
very potent stuff.the multiple roles a woman plays and the solace she offers by just being there!!

For song Neelameghalolavarna of album: Kalabham Tharam Kanna2009-12-26 02:52:08
yarrum ille enikku vere ishawara..beautiful...........

For song Sreeramarama of album: Sreeramarama2009-12-26 02:45:00

For song Ye Dil Tum Bin Lagta Nahin of album: Izzat2009-12-24 12:11:35
Dard se bari hui nagma..........Hazaron gam hai is duniya mein

For song Unse Mili Nazar Ke Mere Hosh Ud Gai of album: Jhuk Gaya Aasman2009-12-23 17:25:00
pure magic.....:)))

For song Will You Be There of album: Dangerous2009-12-23 15:55:26
What a song and the promise in the last two lines.........
Through My Joy And My Sorrow
In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow
I'll Never Let You Part
For You're Always In My Heart.

For song English Notes of album: Gajavadana2009-12-23 02:16:26
yes from Thillana mohanambal.......oriiginally composed in shankarabarnam by the famous Mani Iyer Sir,,,,,,,,(pls do correct me if I am wrong)

For song Vazhve Mayam of album: Vazhve Mayam2009-12-22 16:05:04
Too morbid ..............thai kondu vandadai noi kondu pogum neramamma............

For song Kalayami Raghuramam of album: Stothra Maala2009-12-19 17:06:22

For song Madhuram Gayathi of album: Chaithrageethangal2009-12-19 16:36:17

For song Ithramelenne Nee of album: Novel2009-12-19 14:32:04
If only?............

For song Harivaraasanam of album: Gangayaar2009-12-19 14:24:07

For song Kaatriniley of album: Selected Krithis Of M.s.subbulakshmi Cd-12009-12-18 13:13:40
I dedicate this song to my one can sing it as she does!!!

For song Vandhaen Vandhaen of album: Pancha Thantiram2009-12-18 12:02:23

For song Namo Anjaneyam(sthuthi) of album: Hanuman Chalisa2009-12-16 16:49:34

For song Kunnathae Konnakyum of album: Pazhassi Raja2009-12-14 11:52:55

For song Sundari Neeyum of album: Michael Madana Kamarajan2009-12-13 03:23:35
very melodious..withan underlying thread of comic!!!..the movie was pure comedy

For song Om of album: Om - The Supreme Power Of Chanting2009-12-13 02:39:17
Let the sound wash over you.lose yourself in it.....u gain tremendous inner peace and feel totally rejuvenated........Thanks Mr. Chithan.........and all friends for your insights.....

For song Olave Jeevana of album: Aaha Mysooru Malliage (romantic Duets Of P B Sreenivos)2009-12-12 16:55:34
immortal melody

For song Halliyaderenu Siva of album: Legends Of Dr.rajkumar Vol 22009-12-12 16:54:24
muddada maathu.........

For song Purav Suhani Aai Re of album: Purab Aur Pachhim2009-12-11 17:56:16
Off beat............

For song Sweet 16 of album: Beat It If U Can Part 22009-12-11 11:59:57
Mind Blowing............

For song Velavane of album: Varuvaan Vadivelan2009-12-11 02:33:32
superb ........... Ellimayaga konji konji padugirar

For song Aathangara Maramae of album: Kizhakku Cheemayile2009-12-10 07:37:01
Incredible composition.........

For song Aayiram Aayiram of album: Brindavan2009-12-10 04:24:49
Anandam......... Kutti Krishnan leelaigal......

For song Oru Thanga Rathathil of album: Endrum Iniyavai Hits Of Ilaiyaraaja2009-12-10 03:30:17
Pasathai pozhiyum padal..........beautiful..........

For song Yengiruntho Vanthaan of album: Mahakavi Bharathiyar Manadhil Nirkum Paadalgal (vol 3)2009-12-09 17:29:14
Nanbanai, Mandhiriyai, nallasiriyarai, deivamai , sevaganai...............Kannan is surely all that and more .......and when you find your beliefs being reflected in lyrics.........I would give anything to meet Bharathiyar.......

For song Pahisri of album: Tribute To The Trinity (shyama Sastri-thyagaraja-dikshitar)2009-12-09 16:23:06
Stunning rendering..

For song Jaane Kyun of album: Dostana2009-12-08 05:31:40
The song has the mind, body and soul tapping away!! Jaane Kyun?? :))))

For song Mere Paa of album: Paa2009-12-07 15:43:34
Wow.felt it was being whispered right into the ears! was taken aback,,,,,,,,laudable attempt .................It took a few minutes that he was telling paa about maa.......lovely lovely

For song Ovaru Pookkalumea of album: Autograph2009-12-07 06:38:40
Uplifting........pulls you up if you are down and out!!

For song Krishnathulasi of album: Haripooja2009-12-07 01:30:37
Total Bliss....deva nin padma padam thunai aagane...........

For song Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho of album: Chaudhvin Ka Chand2009-12-06 11:22:48
zaroor kisiki kwabh hi hogi...........

For song Kannane Kandittum of album: Vandeham Harikrishna2009-12-06 07:05:26
Superb.insatiable hunger for the divine being.........

For song Kannanu Njanenthukodukkan of album: Vandeham Harikrishna2009-12-06 05:30:19
Ingane padiyal madhiyallo......Isn't she blessed with the most wonderful voice........

For song Velli Mani of album: Iru Malargal2009-12-05 08:53:36
superb song.........

For song Azhagae Azhagu of album: Raja Paarvai2009-12-05 06:50:59
Potent Stuff............Eye of the beholder???????

For song You'll See of album: Susan Boyle - I Dreamed A Dream2009-12-04 11:04:52
Atta Girl!.....that is the spirit..............what a song.........It takes more strength to cry.........WOW

For song Thamizha Thamizha of album: Roja - Tamil2009-11-29 12:56:28
Desh......and Hariharan and Rehman..........what a combination.......

For song Un Kannil Neer Vazhindhal of album: Vietnam Veedu2009-11-25 17:18:45
This Song never fails to bring tears in my eyes..........pasa mazhai? Reveals deep love without flaunting it...........

For song Sri Annapornashtakam of album: Sri Thalaapaka Annamacharya Samkirtans2009-11-25 11:12:08
Let there be properity and abundance everywhere!!

For song Endha Oor Endravane of album: Kaattu Roja2009-11-25 02:20:59
Expressive.......milestones in life!!! plus reflecting ups and downs in love life!!
oru kallil irandu mangai :) what a poet

For song Andhi Mazhai of album: Master Pieces Of Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja2009-11-24 17:25:47
Hi Sara
The Movie is Raja Paarvai........added the lyrics too

For song Kya Khoya of album: Nayi Disha2009-11-24 12:29:39
Great!! A totally new facet of the leader hitherto unknown...........

For song Vinnodum of album: Chithiram Pesuthadi2009-11-21 11:06:06
Isai amudhudan idhu. :) The void he has left behind can never be filled.great musician......

For song Hey Kutti Munnale of album: Indhu2009-11-21 10:25:39
Idhai paatoda sekka mudiyuma???? Sahikkalaye!!!

For song Badi Sooni Sooni Hai Zindagi of album: Mili2009-11-17 13:50:41
The hurt and the suffering comes through........superb singing........

For song Avalukkum Thamizh Endruper of album: Pancha Varna Kili2009-11-17 10:54:09
oh what a mixup ............. Edho ninaivugal ,kanvugal manadile malarudhe is being heard!!!

For song Chinnanchiru Kiliye of album: Mahakavi Bharathiyar Manadhil Nirkum Paadalgal (vol 3)2009-11-15 09:30:07
What confidence..........superbly sung......

For song Unnai Ondru of album: Pudhiya Paravai (tml)2009-11-15 09:06:59

For song Krishnaya Vasudevaya of album: Krishna Hare Jaya Krishna Hare2009-11-14 14:08:06

For song Sudum Nilavu of album: Thambi2009-11-13 04:45:35
Captivating mix of lyrics music and voice..........SUPERB

For song Kaettapozhuthil of album: Serene Moments2009-11-11 15:18:47
Midhamana isai mazhayil ninaindhadu pol..................Arputham...........

For song Dasana Madiko - M.s.subbulakshmi of album: M S S - Manimandapam Concert-vol.22009-11-11 14:36:34
Seeking eternal enslavement......and M.S ji got it..............

For song Beemahaa Maruthi of album: Immortal Bajans Vol.ii2009-11-10 13:43:22
powerful.musical rendering...........

For song Marghazi Poove of album: May Madham2009-11-09 17:34:49
Refreshing...........specially so after a day's hardwork!!!

For song Duniya Mein Kitna Gham Hai of album: Amrit2009-11-09 12:32:28
How true...........

For song Janaabe Ali of album: Bardaasht2009-11-09 12:17:54
Powerful Beat..........

For song Hari Guna Gaavatha of album: Sampradaya Bhajanamrutham (vol 1)2009-11-08 15:46:42
simple.........effective and extremely pleasing........

For song Kannarakandene of album: Classic Melodies2009-11-08 13:58:36
Enna bhagyam !!!

For song Engum Nirainthaaye of album: M S Subbulalakshmi Specials2009-11-07 13:50:12
Gold Nugget!! a rare gem!!

For song Kanaka Saila of album: Tribute To The Trinity (shyama Sastri-thyagaraja-dikshitar)2009-11-07 13:04:55
Arputham......u can lose yourself.....shut the world out!!!

For song Raa Raa of album: Chandramuki2009-11-06 12:00:18
Jo did her best.the malayalam version which is the original........has a tamil song .......very good one too! Not available in Hummaa? Shobana is in a class of her own!! owes it to her lineage

For song Kunguma Poove of album: Maragatham2009-11-06 11:28:03
Class........sooo natural and genuine!!!!!!!!! :)

For song Main Jagoon Sari Rain of album: Bahurani2009-11-05 13:58:33
Pure Honey...........mixed with concern and love...........unbeatable combination

For song Main Kyon Na Nachoon of album: Paigham2009-11-05 13:07:53
Feeling L ightheaded? !!! Lovely song

For song Hothon Se Chhu Lo Tum of album: Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat2009-11-04 06:32:48
The lyrics is superb and the song made memorable by the soothing voice of Jagjit Singh this song

For song Aaja Piya Tohe Pyar Doon of album: Baharon Ke Sapne2009-11-03 12:27:51
spell bound...........

For song Mano Ya Na Mano of album: Shankar Mahadevan - Breathless2009-11-02 14:19:08 beat........but good

For song Ninnu Vina (ritigowla) M S Subbulakshmi of album: Hari Bola2009-11-01 12:48:00
Exactly.........what a treat!!

For song Yeh Thandi Hawayen of album: Premnagar2009-11-01 12:01:29

For song Yahan Main Ajnabi Hoon of album: Jab Jab Phool Khile2009-11-01 11:29:29
Touching.....simple......down to earth..........lost too!

For song Ye Samaan Samaan Hai Pyar Ka of album: Jab Jab Phool Khile2009-11-01 11:24:32

For song Yeh Sama Yeh Ritu Yeh Nazaren of album: Do Kaliyan2009-11-01 11:09:01

For song Bachche Man Ke Sachche of album: Do Kaliyan2009-11-01 11:02:25
How true.....endearing song..........

For song Andhe Deysathil of album: Priyamana Thozhi2009-11-01 05:03:47 in the eyes of the beholder? :)

For song Enna Thavam of album: Sikkil M Chandrasekhar - Songs On Kris2009-10-31 17:23:46

For song Easwara Jagatheeswara of album: Hits Of K.j.yesudas Vol 3 (malayalam Film)2009-10-31 15:01:16
Memorable!! wouldn't have missed this experiance for anything!!! Diviinity personified!!!

For song Iniyavale of album: Sivakamiyin Selvan2009-10-31 14:50:35
Pattum inimaiyanadhu!!! padubavrin kuralo thean...........

For song Kahan Tak Yeh Man Ko Andhere of album: Baton Baton Mein2009-10-29 13:29:32

For song Jagadhodharana of album: Sheik Chinna Moulana2009-10-27 16:23:37
Divine .....mangalagaramana nadam.............

For song Kuiyil Pattu of album: Vaimaiye Vellum2009-10-25 07:29:35
Excellent.........wah! isai thean than idhu!!

For song Aasaimugam of album: Gaanam2009-10-25 06:47:45
Charming...........perfect sync.between sisters

For song Siritthu Siritthu of album: Thaai Sollai Thattathey2009-10-20 17:03:32
lovely...........gentle as cooing of birds!!!!!!!!!

For song Madhurashtakam(sanskrit) of album: Sri Venkateswara (balaji)pancharatnamala Vol-32009-10-15 18:13:00
Sweet lord...........Everything about you is sweet........eptiome of sweetness...........and MS ji singing it is like nectar flowing thru u..........filling ur being.....

For song Brochevarevarura ( Khamas) of album: Brochevarevarura ( Khamas) - Sikkil Sister2009-10-15 17:52:46
Pure Bliss......

For song Dhavani Potta Deepavali of album: Sanda Kozhi2009-10-15 13:53:08
Charming.................. Hope she lights up one's life :)

For song Shree Ramraksha Stotra of album: Naman Vol 22009-10-13 02:53:58
simple....soothing and most effective...............

For song Aarodum Mannil of album: Pazhani2009-10-12 06:45:55
Superb....blessed are we to hear such songs and enjoy them..........Am
I happy to be a tamilian............

For song Intha Pachchaikilikkoru of album: Neethikku Thalai Vanangu2009-10-10 15:28:16
The best..........

For song Yun Hi Chala Chala of album: Swades2009-10-09 08:18:58
Motivating and inspiring..........

For song Last Christmas of album: George Michael - 25 Years2009-10-08 17:15:10
once bitten twice shy.........sensible......

For song Careless Whisper of album: George Michael - 25 Years2009-10-08 17:10:36
Iam never gonna dance again the way I dance with you,,,,,,,

For song Mahadeva of album: Anoushka Shanker - Rise2009-10-06 17:00:14

For song Jeet Hi Lenge Baazi Hum Tum of album: Shola Aur Shabnam2009-10-04 12:48:41

For song Nee Irangayenil (jayasree) of album: Popular Devi Krithis2009-09-30 15:11:06

For song Iniyoru Janmam of album: Poomoodam Devi2009-09-25 15:05:09
Ensuring his blessings in the next birth too.........great Song and lovely voice

For song Is Rang Badalti Duniya Mein of album: Raj Kumar2009-09-21 10:11:47
GEM of a song.........absolutely priceless.........

For song Tumne Mujhe Dekha Hokar Meherban of album: Teesri Manzil2009-09-21 10:06:02
Totally speechless and spell bound......

For song Girija Kalyanam of album: Rahasyam2009-09-20 16:22:51
utterly captivating and more like a dance drama,,,,,,,,,,

For song Vennilavukku of album: Poonthottam2009-09-18 18:16:09

For song My Dil Goes Mmmm of album: Salaam Namaste2009-09-13 19:40:33
great song

For song Chiggy Wiggy of album: Blue2009-09-13 13:38:22
lively and a great number.........among the recent ones,,,,,,,,,

For song Hansta Hua Noorani Chehra of album: Parasmani2009-09-12 19:41:58
Sunehera Song............sachmuch............

For song Salamat Raho of album: Parasmani2009-09-12 19:27:30
Rafiji........Blend of soothing honey and exquisite music.......

For song Maa of album: Taare Zameen Par2009-09-11 11:19:29
super.the longing of a child and imminent seperation from the mother portrayed beautifully..........Moms r the best............

For song Gham Ki Dawa To Pyar Hai of album: Amanush2009-09-09 16:02:18
Great Song

For song Aap Ki Ankhon Mein of album: Ghar2009-09-07 16:15:08
Superb.........aur koyi alfaz hi nahin

For song Jalte Hain Jiske Liye of album: Sujata2009-09-04 09:10:41
I agree.....A memeorable performance by Nutanji........Yes the subject handled in this movie was a very sensitive one.....her performance in Saraswati Chandra,,,,,,,,, Bhandini,,,,,,Mein tulsi tere Angan ki to name a few are laudable..........on the lighter vein Tere Ghar ke I grew up watching her films ..........and listening to all these songs......they mean a lot to me.....

For song Ore Oru Lakshyam of album: Gangayaar2009-09-04 03:01:34
Wonderful "GOAL" to have.............

For song Koi Mane Ya Na Mane of album: Adhikar2009-09-03 12:27:21
Sach.....pyaari si geet

For song Azhagu Nilave of album: Pavithra2009-09-02 17:15:18
lovely..........expressing relationship of a mother so beautifully...........

For song Kuzhaloothum Kannanukku of album: Mella Thiranthathu Kadhavu2009-09-01 13:46:47
very very melodious.........what a refreshing voice...........

For song Chinnanchirukiliye of album: Manamagal2009-09-01 12:01:13
Inimayin Ellai...........

For song Maname Muruganin of album: Motor Sundaram Pillai2009-09-01 10:14:37
Excellent.........effortless singing

For song Vatapatra (happy) of album: Swati Mutyam2009-08-29 14:55:49
One of the best lullabies I have ever listened to.........

For song Chale The Saath Milkar of album: Hasina Maan Jayegi2009-08-28 16:05:59
Aap ki Awaz sunkar tho har koyi Ruk jayenge........Wah......Iski Mitas aur dard ............

For song Aaj Kal Paon of album: Ghar2009-08-24 14:48:52
Flight of Fancy!!...........

For song Jao Re Jogi of album: Amrapali2009-08-20 13:49:54
Piercingly Melodious..........gentle recremination

For song Kannamoochchi Eanada of album: Kandukonden Kandukonden2009-08-17 16:24:57
Enna kural!! Pure Honey..........just slidesin and pervades your whole being............

For song Maanida Sevai Dhrogama of album: Unnal Mudiyum Thambi2009-08-12 09:29:29
Intense.......and full of feeling..............

For song Skandha Sashti Kavacham of album: Unnal Mudiyum Thambi2009-07-30 05:58:25
Ivar paadi idhay ketka vendrum............original

For song Sri Mahaganapathe of album: Master Piece Vol I (maharajapuram Santhanam)2009-07-28 07:40:26
The fusion distorts the original song...............the essence and the depth of feeling that the orignal song depicted is just not there...

For song Chanda Hai Tu Mera Suraj Hai Tu of album: Aradhana2009-06-08 09:05:15
Ultimate....... depicting the love for one's son....... wonderful...piercing.......

For song Uyirum Neeye of album: Pavithra2009-06-05 07:48:12
sensational..... homage to mothers

For song Un Samayalaraiyil of album: Dhill2009-05-19 05:12:01
puts everything in the right perspective doesn't it?..............:))